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LETTER WRITING -- a few letters

I am posting a few letters.  --Arpit Surana has asked letters format.  Hope you will find it useful.
best wishes.   You have to use your imagination, think from different angles and write letters.  Avoid spelling mistake.  Also avoid Grammatical errors.  Let your hand writing be at its best. 



 You are Branch Manager of a Bank. Write a letter to Head office recommending installation of ATMs in your Office premises and also in the Extension counter in an Engineering college. Elaborate the progress your branch will be making on account of this move.

Phone; 2465876                                                                                 
                                                                                                             Date: 16.2.2013

To                                                                                Thro
The General Manager                                                   The Regional Manager
Popular Bank Ltd, H.O.                                                Lucknow,
Mumbai                                                                         Uttar Pradesh

Dear Sir,

Sub: Request for installation of ATMs in our office premises and
Maharaja Engineering College, Varanasi premises


Our Branch has been making a lot of progress since 2012 April. The deposits of the branch as on 31st March 2012 was Rs.24 crore and advances was Rs.12 crore. The deposit position of the branch as on the last week – Friday 15th February 2013 is given below:

Total Deposits – Rs. 26 crore (target for March 2013 Rs. 27 crore)
Total advances - Rs. 14.5 crore (target for March 2013 Rs. 14 crore)

Many of our customers have expressed the need for having our bank's ATM in our office premises since it would facilitate their withdrawing cash any time they need. Similarly the professors, lecturers and students of Maharaja Engineering College, Varanasi where our branch extension counter is there, have also requested us to instal an ATM in their college premises.

We also feel that establishing ATMs in these two places will improve customer service at our counter since people interested in drawing small amounts need not stand in the queue in our office and also extension counter. This will enable us to concentrate on improving our clientele base and further enhance our business position. There are four ATMs of other banks but our customers desire to use our ATMs for convenience and sentimental reasons also.

Kindly issue orders for installation of ATMs as requested above.

Yours faithfully,


cc. to Regional Manager, Lucknow – with a request to recommend the above to Head Office.

Letter to bank requesting extension of business hours
You are the Chairman of local Business Establishments Committee. Write a letter to the Manger of local Bank branch requesting that banks' working hours should be increased by one hour in the evening to
facilitate depositing of cash by your members into their account. Give additional reasons justifying your request.

CHENNAI 600003

Ref. Popularbank/5/2011                                                 Date: 14th February  2013

The Manager
Popular Bank Ltd
Park Town, Chennai 600003

Dear Sir,

Sub: Request for extension of business hours by one hour more per day


As you are aware many members of our Export Promotion committee maintain their current accounts with you for a long time. Our committee has also opened its current account with you in the first week of April 2012.

The service rendered by your staff members is very good. However we find that your branch functions from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm and 2.30 to 3.30 pm only. Many of our members collect cash from their buyers and return to their shops only by 3.30 pm and hence are not able to remit that day's collection into their bank account immediately. They are forced to retain the collections overnight in their office posing risk of robbery and allied problems.

Many customers have requested to take up with you so that you bank branch functions for one more hour every day i.e. 10.00 am to 2.00 pm and 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm. Correspondingly one hour more service can be extended on saturdays aslo. In case this request is accepted it will not only help your existing customers. Many of our members who do not have their accounts with you will also be opening their accounts and your business position will improve considerably.

We are sure that your bank management will consider our request favourably.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Altaf Hussain)
Format for letter writing - Customer to Bank
Write a letter to the Bank Manager seeking time for payment of EMI.
 From Ramesh Ramamurthy
No.10 Bazullah Road
Shenoy Nagar
Chennai 600084`                                                                        Date:  16.2.2013

The Manager
State Bank of India
Shenoy Nagar Chennai
 Dear Sir,
 Sub: My Education Loan A/c No. SHN/23456/2007-- EMI repayment
 I availed Education Loan of Rs.6 lakhs in the year 2007 from your branch for study in SMR University. I completed my B.Tech degree in March 2012. I attended campus recruitment tests conducted at the University. But I could not get placed since I had lesser percentage of marks than they insisted upon. After completing the degree I am applying to various software companies for recruitment and am hopeful of getting employed shortly. In the meantime I have received your letter dated 1st February 2013 asking me to pay EMI. My father has retired from government service two years ago and we are living on his monthly pension. My mother is home maker. Under the circumstances, I am unable to repay the EMI as per schedule. Kindly grant me holiday for further six months period.

I am hopeful of getting employed in a software company or in a nationalised bank by that time and I will commence paying my EMI of Rs 9000/ p.m. from May 2013. I am sure you will consider my request favourably.

Thanking you,

 Yours faithfully,


Formats for letters -- Customers to Bank
Write a letter to the Bank explaining delay in payment of EMI. First let me write a letter as if written by a company to the Bank.

 R.S. Enterprises 
 (Dealers in Televisions, washing machines, music systems, home theatres...) 
 15 North Usman Road T.Nagar Chennai 600017
 Ref. IB/Term loan/1/2011                                                                         Date: 16 th February 2013
 To The Manager
Fifth Third Bank
North Usman Road branch
 Chennai 600017
 Dear Sir,
 Sub: Our Term Loan account -- Request for EMI postponement
 We would like to thank your Bank management for having sanctioned us term loan of Rs. 200 lakhs, using which we were able to decorate our show room and provide AC and other facilities. We availed the term loan on 16th August 2012 and started the work in right earnest. However on account of delay in execution of work at different levels the full decoration of the shop could not be completed. In spite of that we commenced our sales show room on 15th January 2013 and are receiving good number of enquiries.
 As you are aware there is a lot of competition faced by us from other leading companies like Vivek & Co, Vasanth & Co, Shah & co etc. and we are employing MBA graduates as Sales Marketing personnel to push up our sales. Our team is visiting different business establishments, offices and is canvassing for more sales of television, home theatres, music systems etc. We are hopeful of improved sales in the next few months -- say by July 2013.
 We were given a holiday of 6  months for payment of EMI (Equated Monthly Instalments) of Rs.5 lakhs. Our first EMI will have to be paid by 16th Febryary  2013. Since the complete decoration work could not be completed on time and sales having not picked up well as per our estimates, we are unable to pay our EMI from February 2013 . We request you to give us a further holiday of six months and we shall commence remitting our EMI starting from August  2013. We have been paying the interest on loan debited in our account regularly by debit to our cash credit account.
 In view of the reasons explained above, we are sure you will consider our request for postponement for payment of EMI to August  2013.
 Thanking you,
 Yours faithfully

 (General Manager(Finance)

 cc.to H.O.Fifth Third Bank, Anna Salai, Chennai 600002

Letter Writing

You are director of a small limited company engaged in construction business.  Please write a letter to your Bank requesting for credit facilities for expanding business.  (SBI Associates PO – August 7, 2011 exam.)

                                         LETTER PAD
                                                                                                                                                    Telephone:0427 – 2552322

                     25, KOTTAI MARI AMMAN KOVIL STREET
SALEM, 6360001

Ref. Philbank/234/2011                                                                                         Date:    February 16,   2013
The Manager
Phil ..   Bank
Arunachalam Street
Dear Sir,
       Sub:   Request for Secured Overdraft limit of Rs. One crore
We have our current account in your bank for the last five years.  We are engaged in construction business and  are having a turn over of over Rs.ten crore in our account during the last financial year.
Ours is a private limited company incorporated in 2007. We are constructing small houses costing around Rs. 30 lakhs each and are selling to government employees, public sector employees.
We have taken up a project near Attayampatti.  We have entered into agreement with the owners of the land for offering the site to us for construction of houses to be sold to others and to pay them amounts as and when the proposed houses are sold.
We are enclosing the following documents:
  1. Company's Balance sheet for the year ending March 2010, March 2011 and  March 2012.
  2.  Income Tax assessment orders for the year ending  March 2009, March 2010 and March 2011. Assessment for the year ending March 2012 is awaited.
  3. Project report giving details of projects completed by us so far and details of this project.
  4. Consent letter from Mr. Venkatarma Gounder to offer pesonal guarantee
  5. Details of house property at 7, Vaidyanathan Street, Saradha Nagar, Salem valued at Rs.3 crore for offering as security.
As stated above we are offering property worth Rs.3 crore as security for the above overdraft and we request you to sanction the limit to us early.  We hope this project to be completed in 2/3 years from date.
We are sure you will consider our application favourably and accord sanction early.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
(Gangadharan K.)


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