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 Computer Knowledge

1.         Search menu is available at which of the following buttons?
            a) End               b) Start                         c) Turnoff           d) Restart          e) Reboot
2.         Which of the following displays the address and name of the selected cell?
            a) Name box                  b) Row Heading             c) Formula bar
            d) Task pane                 e) None of these
3.         In __________ generation computer the speed was measured in nanoseconds.
            a) first               b) second          c) third              d) fourth            e) fifth
4.         The process of transferring of files your computer to the computer on the internet is called
            a) downloading               b) uploading       c) FTP              d) JPEG           
e) downsizing
5.         In how many ways can we save a document?
            a) four               b) two               c) three             d) one               e) five
6.         Which of the following can be used to select the entire column in a worksheet?
            a) shift + space              b) ctrl + space               c) alt + space
            d) ctrl + space + 1         e) shift + space + 1
7.         Machine code is a
            a) high-level language     b) software language      c) low-level language
            d) middle - level language                                    e) complier
8.         Objects on the slide that hold text are called
            a) object holders            b) text holders               c) auto layout   
d) place holders             e) data holders
9.         The speedometer of a car represents
            a) digital computer                     b) hybrid computer         c) analog computer
            d) micro computer                      e) mini computer
10.        C ++ is
            a) a procedure - oriented language           b) a problem-oriented language
            c) an object-oriented language                 d) a programme-oriented language
            e) None of these
11.        What is the number of bit pattern provided by a 7-bit code?
            a) 256               b) 128               c) 64                 d) 512               e) 32
12.        Process is
            a) a program is high-level language kept on disk
            b) contents of main memory                    c) a program in execution
            d) a job in secondary memory                 e) None of these
13.        By default the left margin in the Word document is
            a) 1 inch            b) 2 inches        c) 1.25 inches    d) 1.35 inches    e) 1.75 inches
14.        The parity bit is added for
            a) loading          b) indexing        c) updating        d) error detection            e) hashing
15.        Flash memory is the type of ________.
            a) ROM             b) PROM           c) EPROM        d) EEPROM                  e) RAM
16.        MS-Excel contains _______ rows.
            a) 65,500           b) 65,534           c) 65,535           d) 65,536           e) 65,533
17.        The topology with highest reliability is ______.
            a) bus               b) star               c) ring               d) mesh            e) tree
18.        The term gigabyte refers to ______.
            a) 1024 bytes                b) 1204 bytes                c) 1024 megabytes       
d) 1024 terabytes           e) None of these
19.        Hub is applicable in ______ layer.
            a) physical        b) datalink         c) network         d) transport        e) application
20.        The ‘QWERTY’ keyboard ________.
            a) is the most popular keyboard                          b) is the faster keyboard
            c) is the keyboard that is rarely used      
d) is the keyboard having complex key layout       e) None of these
21.        Which of the following IP address classes in reserved for futures use?
            a) Class A         b) Class B         c) Class C         d) Class D         e) Class E
22.        The time during which a job is processed by a computer is _______ .
            a) delay time     b) real time        c) execution time           d) down time
            e) seek time
23.        RATS stands for
            a) Regression Analysis Time Sharing       b) Regression Analysis Time Series
            c) Read Analysis Time Sharing               d) Read Analysis Time Series
            e) None of these
24.        The chip used in computers is made of ________.
            a) Chromium                  b) Silica            c) Iron Oxide      d) Silicon
            e) Aluminium
25.        While running DoS on PC, which of the following commands will be used to duplicate the entire diskette?
            a) COPY           b) DISKCOPY    c) CHKDSK       d) TYPE            e) None of these
26.        The following are the components of database except
            a) user data       b) meta data      c) reparts          d) indexes         e) data dictionary
27.        The amount of a cheque is recorded in magnetic ink, using an
            a) encoder         b) embosser      c) inscriber        d) imprinter        e) None of these
28.        Punched cards use
            a) Alphanumeric code                 b) Hollerith code             c) EBCDIC code
            d) BCD code                              e) ASCII code
29.        CSMA / CD is
            a) an important protocol b) IEEE 802.3                c) IEEE 802.4
            d) Both (a) and (b)                      e) Both (a) and (c)
30.        ________ are raw facts from which _______ is derived.
            a) Data, output               b) Input, information        c) Data, information
            d) Input, output              e) None of these
31.        An algorithm is best described as ______.
            a) a computer language b) a step - by - step procedure for solving a problem
            c) a branch of mathematics         d) All the above              e) None of these
32.        Helping people keep track of things is the purpose of a (n) ____________.
            a) database                   b) table             c) instance        d) record           e) field
33.        The size of commonly used floppy disk is
            a) 4.5”               b) 3.5”               c) 3.25”             d) 4.25”             e) 5.5”
34.        OSI model has ______ layers
            a) 6                   b) 7                   c) 8                   d) 9                   e) 5
35.        Restore command is used to
            a) restore files from disks using the backup command.
            b) restore files which have been deleted
            c) restore files which have been deleted recently.
            d) restore files from recycle bin                e) None of these
36.        For opening and closing of file in Excel, you can use ______ bar.
            a) formatting      b) standard        c) title               d) formatting or title
            e) None of these
37.        ________ is the process of carrying out commands.
            a) Fetching        b) Storing          c) Decoding       d) Coding          e) Executing
38.        Which of the following types of virus are often transmitted by a floppy disk left in the floppy drive?
            a) Trojan horse               b) Boot sector                c) Script            d) Logic bomb
            e) Worm
39.        To move at the beginning of a line of text, press _______ key.
            a) home            b) enter             c) tab                d) page up         e) end
40.        In which of the layers does translation from one character code to another occur?
            a) Transport       b) Presentation c) Session         d) Application    e) Physical
41.        Malicious access is called
            a) unauthorized reading of data                b) unauthorized modification of data
            c) unauthorized destruction of data          d) All the above
            e) None of these
42.        When you work on a document on PC, where is the document temporarily stored?
            a) ROM             b) RAM             c) CPU              d) CD-ROM       e) Flash memory
43.        Ctrl, Shift and Alt are called ______ keys.
            a) modifier         b) function         c) alphanumeric             d) adjustment
            e) specifier
44.        Files deleted from the hard disk are sent to _____.
            a) memory         b) Recycle bin   c) secondary memory     d) motherboard
            e) None of these
45.        IEEE 802.5 standard is used for _______.
            a) Ethernet        b) LLC               c) Token bus     d) Token ring
            e) Wireless LAN
46.        In which of the following topologies, and there are n devices in a network, each device has n-1 parts for cables?
            a) Mesh            b) Star              c) Ring              d) Bus               e) None of these
47.        A notice on the screen that informs you of a problem is called
            a) frame            b) window          c) dialog box      d) message       e) monitor
48.        VDU is used as a (n)
            a) input device   b) output device             c) processing device       d) storage units
            e) control unit
49.        Which of the following items is not used in local area network (LAN)?
            a) computer       b) modem          c) printer           d) cable             e) connector
50.        www is based on which of the following modes?
            a) local server    b) client server   c) 3-tier             d) 2-tier             e) None of these


1.b        2.a        3.c        4.b        5.c        6.b        7.c        8.d        9.c        10.a

11.b      12.c      13.c      14.d      15.d      16.d      17.d      18.c      19.a      20.a

21.e      22.c      23.b      24.d      25.b      26.c      27.a      28.b      29.d      30.c

31.b      32.a      33.b      34.b      35.a      36.b      37.e      38.b      39.a      40.b

41.d      42.b      43.d      44.b      45.d      46.a      47.d      48.b      49.b      50.b


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