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Computer Knowledge
1.         Binary coded decimal (BCD) numbers express each decimal digital as
            a) bit                 b) byte              c) nibble            d) binary digits               e) ward
2.         What happens if a worksheet is not protected?
            a) It cannot be opened                b) It cannot be saved     
            c) It cannot be edited                  d) It can be edited          e) All cells gets locked
3.         What is a Firmware?
            a) A program started in RAM                   b) A program started in a file
            c) A program started in boot sector          d) A program started in ROM
            e) None of these
4.         ‘TWAIN’ is related with which of the following device?
            a) Printer           b) Keyboard       c) Mouse           d) Monitor          e) Scanner
5.         The Internet is an example of _______ network.
            a) star               b) bus               c) hybrid            d) mesh            e) ring
6.         Blueprints are usually created using ________ software.
            a) CGI               b) Paint             c) Draw             d) CAD              e) API
7.         The power of a spreadsheet lies in its
            a) cells              b) formulas        c) labels            d) worksheets   
e) rows and columns
8.         IP address consists of how many bits?
            a) 16 bits           b) 8 bits            c) 30 bits           d) 36 bits           e) None of these
9.         Which storage device is mounted on ‘reels’?
            a) Floppy disk    b) CD-ROM       c) Magnetic disk            d) Magnetic tape
            e) Hard disk
10.        A paint program keeps track of every ________ placed on the screen.
            a) image            b) object            c) pixel              d) colour            e) symbol
11.        Rules of a programming language are called
            a) procedures                b) calls              c) methods        d) login              e) syntax
12.        A primary key can also be called a _________
            a) super key      b) candidate key            c) alternate key             
            d) secondary key                                   e) foreign key
13.        Which shortcut key is used to open a new file in MS - Word?
            a) ctrl + N          b) ctrl + M         c) ctrl + Y          d) ctrl + X          e) ctrl + Z
14.        Bridge operates is which of the following OSI layers?
            a) Physical        b) Network         c) Data link        d) Both (a) and (c)
            e) Session
15.        __________ printer is used for fax machines.
            a) Line              b) Dot matrix     c) Laser            d) Ink jet            e) Thermal
16.        What does AMD stand for
            a) Advanced Mainframe Devices b) Advanced Micro Devices
            c) Advanced Mini Devices                       d) Advanced Major Devices        
e) Advanced Monitor Devices
17.        Foxpro is an example of
            a) DBMS                       b) Relational DBMS                    c) Object-oriented DBMS
            d) Distributed DBMS      e) Knowledge base DBMS
18.        To open the format cells dialog box, we press
            a) Ctrl + 1          b) Shift + 1        c) Ctrl + Shift + 1           d) Alt + 1           e) F 1
19.        ________ provides electronic data interchange facility.
            a) ISDN             b) LAN              c) VAN              d) CAN              e) None of these
20.        An assembly language is a division of
            a) Middle level language b) High level language     c) Low level language
            d) Machine language                  e) None of these
21.        A language based on graphics for use in education is called
            a) PROLOG       b) LOGO           c) COBOL         d) BASIC           e) PASCAL
22.        Which is the most popular medium for direct access to secondary storage of a computer?
            a) Magnetic tape            b) ROM             c) RAM             d) Magnetic disk
            e) PROM
23.        Ethernet uses ________ topology
            a) bus               b) ring               c) star               d) tree               e) mesh
24.        Which of the following produces the best-quality graphics reproduction?
            a) Laser printer              b) Inkjet printer               c) Plotter
            d) Dot matrix printer       e) CAD
25.        A process is another name for
            a) job                b) program                     c) task              d) method          e) call
26.        A computer virus is a software program which has the essential ability to
            a) damage data b) clone itself                 c) hide itself       d) damage program
            e) None of these
27.        Communication between computers is almost always
            a) serial             b) parallel          c) serially parallel           d) direct            e) indirect
28.        the interface of data from a CPU to peripheral devices of a computer is achieved through
            a) interface                    b) commands                c) buffer             d) parts of computer
            e) All the above
29.        DOS cannot retrieve any data from a disk if a computer virus corrupts the _________ of the computer.
            a) directory area             b) data area                   c) BAT files
            d) file allocation table      e) root directory area
30.        Salami attack is a type of attack that operates on
            a) confidential data         b) company data            c) employee data          
            d) financial data             e) None of these
31.        Which of the following is not a part of the operating system?
            a) Supervisor                 b) Job-control program                c) I/O control program
            d) Performance monitor e) None of these
32.        Reel-to-reel tape drives are commonly used with
            a) mini computers          b) micro computers        c) mainframe computers
            d) laptops                      e) personal computers
33.        To select an entire row in the Excelsheet, the shortcut key that is used is
            a) ctrl + space               b) ctrl + arrow key          c) shift + arrow key
            d) ctrl + tab                   e) shift + space
34.        What is the number of maximum columns that can be inserted in a Word document?
            a) 35                 b) 42                 c) 45                 d) 55                 e) 52
35.        ________ are the summarized version of slides that display only titles and main text.
            a) Handouts       b) Outlines        c) Speaker notes           d) Slide sorter
            e) None of these
36.        In _________, the cells are referred by their fixed position in the worksheet.
            a) cell referencing           b) relative referencing      c) absolute referencing
            d) mixed referencing       e) fixed referencing
37.        How many types of data can be entered in a worksheet?
            a) Three            b) Four              c) Two               d) Five               e) Six
38.        Which type of protocol is used for accessing internet / web on mobile phones?
            a) PPP              b) HTTP            c) FTP              d) WAP             e) SMTP
39.        The device which is used to connect the computer to the network media is called
            a) cable             b) hub               c) switch           d) NIC               e) All the above
40.        One KB is equal to _______ bytes.
            a) 100               b) 1000             c) 1024             d) 1048             e) 1034
41.        IEEE _____ standard is used for wireless LAN.
            a) 802.12           b) 802.13           c) 802.15           d) 802.11           e) 802.10
42.        DNS is extremely important for the correct functioning of the Internet. To do so, it
            a) encrypts data             b) maps symbolic names for machines onto their IP address
            c) translates message into machine language      d) All the above
            e) None of these
43.        Which of the following was the first widely used OS with graphical interface?
            a) OS12            b) MVS             c) Mac OS        d) DOS             e) VMS
44.        Lynx is a type of
            a) search engine            b) web index      c) metal-search engine
            d) web browser              e) newsgroup
45.        A computer is a box full of electronic
            a) chips             b) registers        c) circuits          d) switching device
            e) None of these
46.        Which of the following keyboards is the fastest?
            a) QWERTY                  b) Dvorak           c) Alphanumeric             d) Numeric
            e) None of these
47.        Which holes is used to mark the location of the first sector in a soft-sectored disk?
            a) Address        b) Location        c) Label             d) Primary         e) Index
48.        The process of a computer receiving information from a server on the Internet is known as
            a) pulling           b) downloading               c) pushing         d) uploading
            e) transferring
49.        The part of CPU which coordinates the activities of all other components of the computer is called
            a) motherboard              b) coordination board      c) arithmetic logic unit
            d) control unit                e) None of these
50.        Repair which is usually available on Internet without any change, for a known software bug is called
            a) patch            b) version          c) help              d) FAQ              e) tutorial


1.c        2.d        3.d        4.e        5.d        6.d        7.b        8.e        9.d        10.c

11.d      12.b      13.a      14.d      15.e      16.b      17.a      18.a      19.c      20.c

21.b      22.d      23.a      24.c      25.c      26.b      27.a      28.d      29.d      30.d

31.d      32.c      33.e      34.c      35.b      36.c      37.a      38.d      39.d      40.c

41.d      42.b      43.c      44.d      45.d      46.b      47.e      48.b      49.a      50.a


1.c; BCD code represents each decimal digit in four-bits forma. One nibble = 4 bits            
2.d; If a worksheet is not password protected, we can make changes in it.
3.d; Firmware is a software stored in the read - only memory (ROM) chip of the computer and executed whenever the computer has to multiply two numbers.     
4.e; Twain is a widely used program that lets you scan an image using a scanner.
5.d; Internet is an example of Mesh topology. In this, each station is connected with each other.     
6.d; Blueprints are the print of technical drawings created by using computer - aided designing (CAD)          
7.b; Formula is a sequence of values that produces a new value from existing values.         
8.e; IP address consists of 32 bits.         
9.d; Magnetic tape is mounted on reels like audiotape.     
10.c; Every image on the screen consists of pixels.
12.b; In candidate key, one key is considered as a primary key.
14.d; Bridge is applicable in physical as well as data link layer.
19.c; Value Added Network (VAN) service carries electronic mail, access to commercial databases.           
20.c; Assembly language comes under low level language.
21.b; LOGO is a programming language used by children.
22.d; Magnetic disk has the capability to access the stored data directly.  
23.a; Ethernet uses bus topology, in which each station is connected to a single channel.  
24.c; Plotter is used for producing best quality graphical image.    
25.c; A process is a program which is in execution.         
26.b; Virus has the ability to clone itself, so that it can multiply, constantly seeking new host environment.
29.d; File allocation table provides a map of clusters (the basic units of logical storage on a hard disk) in which the file has been stored.
30.d; In financial data, salamis cause small amount of assets to be removed from a large pool
31.d; Operating system does not measure performance.  
32.c; Reel-to-reel tape is one of the basic tape mechanisms mainly used in mainframe computers.
34.c; In Word 2003, there are a maximum of 45 columns.
37.a; Three types of data, ie number/character, text and formulas can be entered in a worksheet.    
38.d; Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is used in mobile phones. A mobile phone has a built-in screen for wireless access to email and web.
39.d; Network Interface Card (NIC) provides physical connection between network and computer station.
42.b; DNS (Domain Name System) acts as a resolutor which maps names onto IP address and vice versa.
44.d; Lynx is a text - based web browser.
46.b; Dvorak keyboard is a type of keyboard with positions for the keys different from QWERTY.
49.a; A motherboard provides a way for hardwares in a computer to communicate with each other.

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