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Time : 60 minutes                                                TOTAL MARKS :  60

1.       Write an essay on any ONE of the four topics given below, in about 300 words:
          a) Uses of Public Library         
b) Smoking Should Be Banned In Public Places
          c) Festivals Of India Abroad    
d) The Qualities Of A Good Citizen      (20 marks)

2.       Attempt a Precis of each of the following passage in your own words, reducing it to about a third of its present length and assigning a short appropriate title. (20 marks)

          Now Jumman had an old relation, a maternal aunt, who had some property. This she transferred to him by a deed on the understanding that she would be well-looked after. So long as the deed remained unregistered, none was so obliging to the old lady as her nephew, none so considerate to her. Her every wish was anticipated and cheerfully carried out. But every thing changed the moment the deed was registered. Jumman who used to wait dotingly on his old aunt now became supremely indifferent. His wife, Kiariman, went even further. She grudged even the little food that the old lady ate. The meal was now served to her without Kariman letting loose a barb or two dipped in gall or poison. The very bread that the aunt ate seemed to be seasoned with the meal of abuse. And this went on mounting. Kariman would say, “How long is the old lady going to live? By giving us a few acres of waste land, she thinks she has bought us. She is a great lady who can’t swallow a morsel without her dal being seasoned with ghee! We could have purchased a whole (village with the money sped on her feeding”.
(202 words)

3.       Your brother Niraj loves to keep himself busy in reading books during his leisure hours. He stays in his study most of the times. Write a letter to your brother advising him not to be a book-worm.                                                                             (20   marfks)


You are requested to read this and try to write in your own words


1.       (a) Uses Of Public Library
          “Some books are to be tasted; other to be swallowed; and some few to be chewed and digested”. These are the oft-quoted words of famous writer, Francies Bacon. In the present - day economic situation, what with inflation and high cost of living and the exorbitant price of books, it has become increasingly difficult for the common man to buy books, however much, he may want to do so.

But one’s interest in books does not diminish. So, if you cannot buy books, how do you satisfy that craving for tasting, swallowing, chewing and digesting them? The answer is-a public library?
          A public library caters to your reading tastes at a reasonable cost which is well within the reach of most people. On becoming a member of such a library, you can borrow books from it for a set period of time. Even if you are not a member, in most libraries you can make use of the reading room and benefit from a large selection of books.
          The variety of books offered by a public library is stupendous. Not only are all the branches of knowledge represented, but within each section there is a wide range of authors and material. Besides, there is a reference section which has the most important books on every subject. At these cannot be borrowed and taken out of the library, they are always available to a person who wants to check up on something at short notice. You can sit and read any book of your choice, make notes if you like, or even get the relevant pages Photostat, for these days most of the big public libraries offer this facility.
          A public library caters to the tastes of all sorts of readers highbrow or lowbrow. The intellectual finds enough in it to occupy his (or her) mind; the professor can browse among the word’s best writers on his particular interest; the student can gather research material and the lay reader all the pleasures of a whole range of imaginative literature from the classics to the latest fiction. And if you want to look up some facts on the flora and fauna of Polynesia, you can simply take down the relevant volume of an encyclopedia and find out all you want. If it is not to be found in one encyclopedia, it is bound to be there in another. After all, it is not practicable to buy all the encyclopedias of the word and store them at home.
          So, if you are a bookworm and of moderate means of income, where else can you find happiness except in a public library?

2.       Title: Ingratitude
          Jumman had an old aunt, She had some property. She gave it to Jumman on assurance that he would maintain her. Before the registration of deed he was hospitable to her but after, registration he neglected her. His wife’s treatment was rose. She abused her while giving even the little food she (aunt) ate and wished her early death. The aunt’s troubles increased every day (66 Words)

3.       ANANDAN.A.                                             2, M K Amman Koil Street                                                                           Mylapore,  Chennai  600004

                                                                             Date: 18.4.2013

          It is said: All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. It is gratifying that you have stood first in the Board Examination. Boy! we are proud of your performance. But sorry, this top position at what cost? If any thing is obtained at the cost of health, is no plus point at all. You know very well that health is wealth. If you lose the true wealth then, you are a loser in the battle of life. Brain is better than brown (muscle power). But mind you, I do not want you to be a wrestler or a body-builder but at the same time I do be a wrestler or a body builder put at the same time I do not wish to see. You sick and ailing.
          Read the much of books what is necessary. A trail and weak person has no place in the society. The weaker must go to the wall. An ailing person is a liability for himself as well as the society. He cannot do any good to anyone. Too much studious is bad-thing. What pleasure do you derive by being a book-worm?
          Leave you bed and books early in the morning. Go to some park or garden. Play one game or the other. Have jogging quite after. Go out for a long walk or a patrol. Enlist your name to a game club. Boy, do play the game of your choice. Take plenty of exercises. Inhale and exhale your breath in the lap of nature. Inculcate the habit of deep breathing. Be in the company of birds, flowers and green grass.
          Cleanse your lungs of all smoke and dirt. Massage your body once a week. All good things of life can best be enjoyed by a healthy person.
          With love,

Yours affectionately,


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