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SBI PO MARKETING - 24.4.2013

51.        Which of the following means of communication is most popular media skills for propaganda among the people?
            a) Magazines     b) Television      c) Radio            d) Outdoor exhibition
            e) None of these
52.        I understand marketing as ___
            a) Only selling               b) meeting human & social needs profitably
            c) to focus on customer d) to focus only on producing goods/service
            e) Only (b) and (c)
53.        The balance sheet of an organisation gives information regarding ___
            a) result of operations for a particular period         
b) the financial position as on a particular date
c) the operating efficiency of the firm        d) financial position during a particular period
e) the operating health of the firm
54.        Which among the following is an example of convenient goods?
            a) Cars              b) Furniture        c) Toys                         d) Soaps           e) TV
55.        What does a customer expect from a retailer?
            a) Often high quality       b) Make product invisible            c) Often high price
            d) Provide no service      e) Often no return policy
56.        Which among the following media has highest Frequency?
            a) T.V               b) Direct mail     c) Radio            d) Newspapers   e) Outdoor
57.        Bonus Packs are generally limited to
            a) low bulk         b) low price products      c) high bulk       d) Both (a) and (b)
            e) Both (a) and (c)
58.        The marketing cost analysis, selling expenses are allocated according to
            a) size              b) customers     c) territories       d) All of the above
            e) None of these
59.        The distribution channel in which there is not intermediary is called-
            a) Zero level channel       b) Direct Marketing Channel        c) Both (a) and (b)
            d) Indirect Marketing       e) Impersonal Selling
60.        Brand Equity can help firm’s revenue flow in
            a) retaining existing customers    b) higher margins due to price premiums
            c) platform form growth               d) competitive advantage
            e) All of the above
61.        Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) means-
            a) a tool for marketing cost analysis        b) a tool for financial analysis
            c) each year, budgeting starts from a scratch
d) each year, percentage of sales            e) Only (a) and (b)
62.        The best advertisement is____
            a) glow sing boards        b) on internet     c) T.V. Media     d) Print Media
            e) a satisfied customer
63.        According to product life cycle theory, the profit is maximum in:
            a) Developed Stage        b) Early stage    c) Matured Stage          
d) Declined Stage          e) None of these
64.        Which of the following express Maslow’s Motivation Theory best?
            a) Importance of motivation of customer development
            b) Why people are driven by particular need at particular times
            c) Where human needs are arranged in a hierarchy
            d) All of the above                      e) Only (b) and (c)
65.        In banks, loans & advances are considered as__
            a) assets           b) liabilities        c) resources      d) cause of expenditure
            e) None of these
66.        ESOP stands for           
            a) Efficient Service of Promises               b) Employees Service Option Projects
            c) Effective System of Projects              d) Employees Stock Option Plan
            e) Essential Security of Police
67.        According to product/market ex­pansion grid which of the follow­ing strategy is suitable for Existing products and new markets:
            a) Product development              b) Market penetration
            c) Market development               d) Diversification e) None of these
68.        Which of the following is a type of e-marketer?
                        a) Brick only      b) Click Only     c) Click and motor marketers
                        d) All of the above                      e) None of these
69.        When a particular need is not being satisfied and no product has been offered is known as 
            a) Latent demand                       b) Existing demand        c) Inefficient demand
            d) All of the above                      e) None of these
70.        Which of the following is related with BCG matrix ?
                        a) Stars             b) Cash cows                c) Dogs             d) Question marks
            e) All of the above
71.        The first step of Marketing Re­search process is
                        a) Preparation, of report              b) Data collection           c) Research design
d) Defining the problem              
e) Analyzing the data
72.        Secondary data in marketing re­search should:
a) Never be used            b) be used after careful evalua­tion
c) be always used          d) None of these            e) Both b and c
73.        Management as a system empha­sis on:
a) Social system            b) Open system             c) Adaptive
d) Dynamic                    e) All of the above
74.        Which of the following is related with communication:
            a) Source          b) Media            c) Encoding       d) Decoding       e) All of the above
75.        The function of management is:
a) Planning        b) Controlling     c) Organizing     d) Directing        e) All of the above
76.        The concept of MBO was intro­duced by :
a) Elton Mayo    b) Mary Parker Folet      c) Henry Fayol               d) F.W. Taylor
e) Peter Drucker
77.        Test marketing in Laboratory is known as :
a) Simulated test marketing        b) Controlled test marketing       
c) Standard test marketing          d) All of the above          e) None of these
78.        According to product/market ex­pansion grid which of the follow­ing strategy is suitable for new  products and existing markets?
a) Product development              b) Market penetration     c) Market development
d) Diversification             e) None of these
79.        Most of the brand manager pre­fer which of the following pro­motional tool?
                        a) Personal selling         b) Direct selling              c) Publicity
            d) Advertising                 e) Sales promotion
80.        Which of the following is a psy­chological barrier in Communi­cation ?
                        a) Faulty translation       b) Premature evaluation              c) Organizational policy
            d) Specialist's language  e) Lack of time
81.        A prospect means
            a) any customer who walks into the bank             b) an employee of the bank        
            c) a customer who is likely to be interested in bank's prod­uct or service
d) a depositor of the bank                                   e) a borrower of the bank
82.        A Call means
                        a) calling on friends                                b) calling on bank employees
            c) calling on prospective cus­tomers         d) to make telephone calls
                        e) calling on relatives
83.        A true marketing requires
            a) Command and order mindset               b) Control mindset          c) Active mindset
            d) Passive mindset         e) None of these
84.     For effective marketing, the salesmen should have which of these qualities?
                a) Creativity       b) Team spirit    c) Motivation      d) Effective communication skills
                        e) All of the above
85.        Market information means
            a) knowledge of shops and ba­zaars         b) knowledge of shopping malls
                        c) knowledge of customer pro­file and product mix
            d) knowledge of various languages           e) None of these
86.        Find the true statement
                                    a) Marketing is a waste of the employees's time
                        b) Marketing is not required in India due to its vast popula­tion
                        c) Marketing involves addition­al work
                   d) Marketing involves team work
                        e) Marketing is not required to­day due to IT advancement
87.                    Which of the following forms the highest share in household sav­ings in India ?
                        a) Deposits        b) Currency       c) Share & Debentures   d) Real estate
                        e) Physical asset
88.        In today's changing banking sce­nario, aggressive promotion of business is necessary where the competition exists on ________________________
            a) branch up-keep                                  b) expeditious service    
                        c) use of advanced digital tech­nology       d) delightful customer service
                        e) All of the above
89.                    In the era of globalisation of busi­ness, M & A means —
                        a) Money & Assets        b) Marketing & Alliances             c) Mergers & Acquisitions
                        d) Means & Acquisition  e) Markets & Acquisitions
90.       For an economic organization like bank, MIS means           
                        a) Middle Income Scheme
                        b) Management Information System         c) Management of Information & Science
                        d) Marketing Information Sys­tem e) Only (b) and (c)
91.        When you desire to promote a customer, who of the following is a customer as defined by a bank ?
            a) A person regularly visiting bank          
            b) A person regularly getting bank drafts issued
            c) A person regularly maintain­ing a loan/deposit account
d) A person regularly getting bank drafts encashed
e) A person functioning as agent for a person maintain­ing a deposit account
92.     Which of the following state­ments is true?
                        a) Marketing makes the compa­ny to go into loss due to high­er expenses
                        b) Marketing is not required in profit-making companies
                   c) Marketing sharpens the minds of the employees
                        d) Marketing is a titne-bound seasonal function
                        e) Marketing is a waste of time
93.        If Marketing is done effectively, which of the following is not re­quired?
                        a) Advertisement            b) Publicity        c) Market Research       
                        d) Market Segmentation                         e) None of these
94.        In a Selling Process in today's world
                   a) only standard products are sold   b) no customization required
c) the seller need not have prod­uct knowledge     
d) the seller should aim at cus­tomer satisfaction
e) only quantum of sales matters
95.        Which of the following is Core marketing concept?
                        a) Needs, wants and demands    b) Marketing offers         c) Value and satisfaction
                        d) Markets                                 e) All of the above
96.        According to product/market ex­pansion grid which of the follow­ing strategy is suitable for new products and new markets:
a) Product development              b) Market penetration
c) Market development               d) Diversification e) None of these
97.        The likely demand for a product in the future in the situation when the customer is aware of it is called:
            a) Latent demand           b) Existing demand        c) Incipient demand
            d) All of the above          e) None of these
98.        Which of the following is a Pricing Method?
            a) Cost based    b) Value based              c) Going rate     d) Skimming
            e) All of the above
99.        Research on pricing policies is concerned with:
            a) Prices           b) Discounts      c) Allowances    d) Price of competitors
            e) All of the above
100.      Which of the following is Experimental research design?
            a) The literature survey   b) After - only design      c) Cross sectional study
            d) The experience survey                                    e) Longitudinal studies 

51.c     52.e     53.b     54.d     55.a     56.a     57.d     58.d     59.c     60.e

61.c     62.e     63.a     64.d     65.a     66.d     67.c     68.d     69.a     70.e

71.d     72.b     73.e     74.e     75.e     76.e     77.a     78.a     79.d     80.b

81.c     82.c     83.c     84.e     85.c     86.d     87.e     88.c     89.c     90.b

91.a     92.c     93.b     94.d     95.e     96.d     97.c     98.e     99.e     100.b


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