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16.     According to the RBI rules, what percentage of wholly- owned foreign banks paid up capital must be held by the residents at all times?
          a)51%           b)74%              c)26%               d)49%              e)76%
17.        Consider the following statements:
A) He is an Indian-American.
B) He recently quit as Director of National Science Foundation in the US administration.
C) He is poised to become the President of the century- old institution Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), which hosts the world's top-ranked school for computer studies.
Identify the person with whom all the above statements are associated.
          a) Renu Khator     b) Subra Suresh       c) S Shankar Shashtry         
            d) Satish K Tripathi  e) Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
18.     The Patna High Court recently quashed the election of MP Dinesh Chandra Yadav in 2009 from the Khagaria Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar and directed the Election Commission of India to conduct a by-poll. DC Yadav belongs to which of the following parties?
          a)BJP            b) JD(U)          c) Congress       d) RJD             e) None of these
19.        Which of the following pairs of banks and their origin is wrongly matched?
          a) UBS —Switzerland                        b) ABN AMR° Bank —USA
          c) Barclays Bank —UK         d) PNB Paribas — France          e) None of these
20.     Which of the following is the primary function of a District Central Co-operative Bank?
                        a) To mobilise deposits from the state government
                        b) To mobilise the resources in the district for financing its members
                   c) To channelise the flow of funds from the state co­operative banks
                        d) Only 1) and 3)            e) Only 2) and 3)
21.     Consider the following statements with respect to a cricket trophy:
a) It was instituted in 1959-60 to commemorate the silver jubilee of the Ranji Trophy.
b) The trophy was name after a former BCCI chairman who remained associated with the board till death.
c) In the 51st edition of the trophy Rest of India defeated Mumbai recently.
Identify the trophy on the basis of the above statements.
          a) Duleep Trophy        b) Deodhar Trophy          c) Irani Cup    
            d) Challenger Trophy      e) None of these
22.     The Indian squad of the specially-abled sportspersons have won the highest tally of medals in the 10th Special Olympics World Winter Games 201311dd in South Korea recently. They have won a total of    medals.
          a)16              b)28              c)31              d) 75                e) None of these
23.     Which of the following may be counted among the benefits received from core banking solutions (CBS)?
a) We do not need to carry cash from one place to another.
b) We can deposit cash in the bank anywhere in the country.
c) Instant updation of account status takes place.
d) All the above              e) None of the above
24.        Which of the following is a correct statement?
a) Service tax is a direct tax levied by the Central Government.
b) Service tax is an indirect tax levied by the Central Government.
c) Service tax is a/an direct tax levied by the State Government.
d) Service tax is a/an indirect tax levied by the State Government.
e) None of these
25.        According to the preliminary data released recently, agriculture, industry, services and manufacturing sectors seem to miss expected targets and the economy is set to have grown at    in the fiscal year 2012-13.
            a) 3.5 per cent                           b) 3.6 per cent               c) 5 per cent
          d) 6 per cent                     e) None of these
26.        With regard to 'Selling' find the most appropriate statement.
a) It is different from marketing.               b) It is a sub-function of marketing          
c) It is the same as marketing                 d) It is more than just marketing
e) None of these
27.        Due to which of the following reasons, marketing in banks has become a necessity?
            a) Liberalisation             b) Nationalisation           c) Urbanisation
            d) Marketing in banks is not necessary as it is 200 years old.
            e) None of these
28.     A Direct Selling Agent (DSA) helps in which of the following?
a) Boosting direct sales                          b) Boosting sales through the net
c) Strengthening Indirect Marketing          d) Strengthening Telemarketing
e) All the above
29.     Marketing is the art of          
          a) buying more           b) selling more   c) paying less d) talking more
            e) None of these
30.     Which of the following is/are the attributes of good selling skills?
          a) Patience                b) Perseverance             c) Empathy
          d) Knowledge  e) All the above
31.        In the marketing jargon, what does a 'lead' mean?
          a)A metal        b) A likely customer       c) A team leader       
            d)A phonecall    e) None of these
32.        A 'Target Group' means
a) A group of sellers       b) A group of buyers       c) A group of products
d) A group of persons on whom sales should be focused
e) None of these
33.        In the context of marketing, what do you mean by market information?
            a) Knowledge of industry b) Knowledge of households
            c) Knowledge of peers                d) Knowledge of customers' choice
            e) All the above
34.        Which of the following is/are correct?
a) Market segmentation can be resorted to by means of segmentation by age.
b) Market segmentation can be resorted to by means of segmentation by income.
c) Market segmentation can be resorted to by means of segmenting geographically.
d) All the above              e) None of the above
35.        Which of the following is/are correct?
a) The target group for Savings Bank Accounts is newborn babies
          b) The target group for Savings Bank Accounts is students.
          c) The target group for Savings Bank Accounts is parents.
          d) The target group for Savings Bank Accounts is businessmen.
            e) All are correct
36.        What is a file?
a) A file is a section of main storage used to store data.
            b) A file is a collection of information that has been given a name and is stored in secondary memory.
            c) A file is the part of a program that is used to describe what the program should do.
            d) A file is another name for floppy disk.               e) None of the above
37.     The main job of a CPU is to            
            a) carry out program instructions             b) store data/information for future use
     c) process data and information               d) Both (I) and (3)
     e) None of these
38.     Which of the following devices can understand the difference between data and programs?
          a) Input device                        b) Output device c) Memory      
            d) Microprocessor          e) None of these
39.        A computer program that will search its database to find items whose content contains all or at least one of the words given to it is called
          a) Search engine        b) Internet Explorer         c) Searching techniques
            d) Particular keywords    e) None of these
40.        _______ indicates how much data a particular storage medium can hold.
          a) access      b) capacity     c) memory         d) storage       
            e) None of the above
41.        Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known as the crime of 
         a) spooling      b) identity theft   c) spoofing        c) hacking       e) None of these
42.     Which of the following are all considered advantages of e-mail?
a) Convenience, speed of' delivery, generality and reliability
b) Printable, global and expensive
c) Global, convenience and Microsoft-owned
d) Slow delivery, reliable, global and inexpensive               e) None of these
43.      To put information in a file on a magnetic disk, or in a computer's memory, so that it can be used later, we    it.
          a) store         b) ship             c) shill               d) centre         e) None of these
44.        Unsolicited commercial email is commonly known as ________
          a) spam        b) junk                        c) hoaxes          d) hypertext    e) None of these
45.     Editing a document consists of reading through the document you've created, then      .
          a) correcting your errors      b) printing it       c) saving it    d) deleting it
            e) None of these
46.     Periodically adding, changing and deleting, file records is called file
          a) updating              b) upgrading   c) restructuring
          d) renewing                 e) None of these
47.     Small application programs that run on a web page and may ensure a form has been completed properly or provide animation are known as  
           a) flash    b) spiders        c) cookies             d) applets        e) sparks
48.      What is the process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to the hard disk called?
                   a) configuration        b) download    c) storage
                         d) upload                         e) installation
49.     Documentation of computer programs is important so that
             a) users can learn how to use the program
           b) other programmers can know how to maintain the program
           c) the programmer can see why the code is written that way while hunting for sources of error
            d) All the above              e) None of the above
50.       What is an e-mail attachment?
            a) A receipt sent by the recipient
           b) A separate document from another program sent along with an e-mail message
          c) A malicious parasite that feeds off your messages and destroys the contents
            d) A list of CC: or BCC: recipients                       e) None of these


   16.B    17.B    18.B    19.B    20.C

21.C    22.D    23.D    24.B    25.C    26.B    27.A    28.E     29.B    30.E

31.B    32.D    33.D    34.D    35.C    36.B    37.D    38.D    39.A    40.B

41.C    42.A    43.A    44.A    45.A    46.A    47.A    48.E     49.D    50.B

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