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1.         The rate on which banks borrow from the RBI is called - 
            a) SLR              b) CRR c) Interest Rate              d) Bank Rate
            e) Repo Rate
2.         As we know the RBI is the apex bank of India, similarly the apex Bank of USA is called-
            a) Federal Reserve         b) The Central Bank of USA        c) Bank of America
            d) Central National Bank of USA                          e) None of these
3.         Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India, imposed President’s Rule in Jharkhand on 18 January, 2013. Under which article of the Indian Constitution was President’s Rule imposed?
            a) Article 352     b) Article 356     c) Article 358     d) Article 360     e) None of these
4.         As reported in various financial newspapers the Government of India is planning to link the prices of diesel and petrol to market prices and may also introduce a graded system of sharing subsidy. If it is done this will be in order to implement the recommendation of which of the following committees?
            a) Murli Deora Committee           b) C.Rangarajan Committee
            c) Kirit Parikh Committee            d) S.Sundareshan Committee     e) None of these
5.         Which of the following Schemes of the Government of India is planned to help farmers by providing a competitive price to their produce?
            A) Minimum support price of agro products
            B) Creating buffer stock of food grains
            C) Making loans available to them on special and subsidized rates of interest
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only C          d) All A, B and C           
e) None of these
6.         Which of the following norms/practices adopted by the banks is/are launched to ensure that the money from illegal activities/sources does/do not come to banks and therefore the economic health of the nation does not get affected?
            A) Know Your Customer             B) Financial inclusion
            C) Branchless Banking              
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only C          d) Only A and B
            e) All A, B and C
7.         As a practice all banks now deduct some amount from their pretax income and set aside in a separate account to create a cushion for the loans which may go bad. This is called-
            a) CRR b) SLR              c) Provisioning               d) PLR
            e) None of these
8.         As we know many Indian Banks are opening their branches in foreign countries these days. What in your opinion is/are the reasons owing to which these banks are willing to open branches in foreign countries?
            A) India has the largest net work of bank branches in the world. Hence other nations also which to take advantage of their services.
            B) Indian Banks get an opportunity to raise foreign currency funds and also the experience funding joint ventures of multinationals. This prompts them to open their branches in foreign nations.
            C) As many foreign banks are functioning in India, India in turn is also required to open equal number of branches in foreign countries. Hence Indian banks are opening branches in these countries.
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only C          d) Only A & B    e) None of these
9.         Who was the Chief Guest during India’s 64th Republic Day on 26 January 2013?
            a) King of Bhutan Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangebuk
            b) Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel
            c) Russian President Vladimir Putin         d) French President, Francois Hollande   
            e) None of these
10.        Which of the following crops need plenty of water to grow?
            a) Jowar            b) Cotton           c) Paddy           d) Bajra            
e) All these need plenty of water.
11.        Which of the following is/are true about the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act?
            A) The Act is now known as Indira Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.
            B) The Act is now applicable to all the district of the country.
            C) Minimum wage fixed under this act is now Rs.250 per day
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only C          d) All A, B & C   e) None of these
12.        Government of India recently approved the national policy on Bio fuels. Which of the following crops is one which is used to make bio-fuels?
            a) Onion            b) Sugarcane     c) Wheat           d) Coconut        e) None of these
13.        Which of the following countries is the largest producer of milk in the world?
            a) China            b) India c) Denmark       d) USA              e) None of these
14.        Which of the following terms is not associated with the game of Hockey?
            a) Bouncer        b) Bully             c) Short corner   d) Goal              e) Penalty corner
15.        58th Ideal Filmfare Awards were given away in Mumbai on 20 January, 2013. With reference to it, which of the following pairs is not correct?
            a) Best Actor: Ranbir Kapoor      b) Lifetime Achievement Award: Yash Chopra
            c) Best Actress: Priyanka Chopra           d) Critics’ Award for Best Actor: Irfan Khan
            e) All are true
16.        Who amongst the following is associated with music and is a maestro of international repute?
            a) Vikram Seth              b) Steve Waugh             c) Salman Rushdie
            d) Ritu Beri                    e) A.R.Rahman
17.        India is providing help to which of the following nations in setting up a Medical College there on the lines of the AIIMS?
            a) Nepal            b) Bhutan          c) Bangladesh               d) Myanmar
            e) None of these
18.        Which of the following is the abbreviated name of the company which produces chemical fertilizer in India?
            a) IASRI            b) BHEL            c) IFFCO           d) FICCI            e) FERA
19.        Which of the following is NOT a foodgrain?
            a) Paddy           b) Jatropha        c) Bajra             d) Jowar            e) Wheat
20.        As we know Government is paying much attention towards the development of watersheds and water bodies in all the areas of the country. What is/are the reasons owing to which Government has to take these special efforts to develop/recharge watersheds and water bodies?
            A) The one single biggest problem of the agriculture in the country is inappropriate irrigation facilities and farmers’ overdependence on the monsoon. Government wants farmers to come out of it.
            B) The water table in some of the areas in the country is going down. This is a matter of great concern for all of us as this may result in severe water problem’ in days to come, Government is serious about it
            C) Around 30 to 35 percent watersheds/water bodies in the country are not being utilized as the quality of the water in these has deteriorated over the years.
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only C          d) All A, B & C   e) None of these
21.        Scientists from NASA, in January 2013, discovered an old star called TW Hydrae, which they believe could create new planets even now. These findings were created using which Space Telescope of European Space Agency.
            a) Galileo          b) Kepler           c) Herschel        d) Darwin           e) None of these
22.        The head office of the World Trade Organisation is located in -
            a) Nepal            b) India c) Japan            d) Australia        e) None of these
23.        Who amongst the following is / was NOT a famous writer of English Languages?
            a) V.S.Naipaul   b) Anita Desai    c) Harivansh Rai Bachchan
            d) Kiran Desai    e) Chetan Bhagat
24.        Which of the following awards is given for excellence in the field of Sports?
            a) Kalidas Samman        b) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award          c) Jananpith Award
            d) Arjuna Award             e) Bharat Ratna
25.        Which of the following trophies/cups is associated with the game of Cricket?
            a) Davis Cup      b) Agha Khan Cup          b) Nehru Trophy             d) Durand Cup
            e) Duleep Trophy
26.        Which country emerged as the best place to be born in 2013 in a now global survey, the results of which were published in January 2013?
            a) Switzerland    b) Norway          c) New Zeland    d) Canada         e) None of these
27.        As per the “Education for All Globa Monitoring Report”, released by the UNO, over half of the total illiterate population of the world lives in just four countries. Which of the following is NOT one of these four?
            a) China            b) India c) South Africa               d) Pakistan
            e) Bangladesh
28.        Which of the following is/are correct about the Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitrak Yojana?
            A) Women/men in the age group of 21-45 years will be stake holders.
            B) All stakeholds a will earn Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 per month as their income.
            C) LPG will be Supplied through a pipeline from the nearest depo to the filling station which will be common for a constellation of 4 to 5 villages.
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only A & B    d) Only A & C    e) All A, B & C
29.        An individual going to Bangladesh will be required to make all his/her payments in which of the following currencies?
            a) Rial               b) Dinar             c) Taka             d) Rupee           e) Dollar
30.        Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani schoolgirl shot by a Taliban gunman 2012, was in January 3013, announced to be awarded the prestigious Tipperary International Peace Prize for 2012. Which country gives this award?
            a) Britain           b) Australia        c) Jreland          d) Brazil            e) None of these
31.        The construction of a dam on which of the following rivers in Arunachal Pradesh has become a matter of concern as some people feel that it will damage the socio cultural environment of the State?
            a) Brahmaputra b) Teesta           c) Gandak         d) Padma         
            e) None of these
32.        As we all know the Government of India had launched “Look East Policy’ a few years ago so that it can have better relations and trade with South East Asia countries. Which of the following nations is considered or called the “Door of South East Nations”?
            a) Bangladesh   b) Myanmar       c) China            d) Afghanistan   e) None of these
33.        India, on January 27, 2013, successfully test-fired which indigenously developed nuclear capable ballistic missile which has a strike range of 700 Km?
            a) Astra - II        b) K-15              c) Nag-IV           d) Prithvi-I          e) None of these
34.        As per the reports published in various newspapers, the Union Minister of Corporate Affairs is planning to introduce a system where two firms may audit accounts of every company. Which of the following may be the impact of this dual audit system, when implemented?
            A) This will bring transparent, independent and objective assessments of the functioning of the companies
            B) This will create a warning or alarming system so that Satyam like episodes can be averted
            C) This will given an opportunity to auditors to learn more about the “inside activities” of the companies and also a better understanding of the business tactics, the companies adopt to beat their competitions.
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only C          d) All A, B & C   e) None of these
35.        Some financial experts and business leaders feel that the present policies of the RBI may result in hardening of the interest rates further.
            A) More and more Indian firms would like to borrow from global markets Instead of domestic ones.
            B) Companies may have to suspend their plans of raising capital needed for extension of business for sometime.
            C) More and more Indian companies would like to open their offices/branches in foreign nations so that they can approach foreign investors easily.
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only A & B    d) Only B & C    e) None of these
36.        ‘To Close a Call’ means _______
            a) To look for new clients            b) Telemarketing            c) To clinch the sales deal
            d) Online marketing                    e) Indoor marketing
37.        Delivery channel means ________
            a) Place from where the products are sold                        b) Courier service          
            c) Distribution agencies              d) Delivery time e) Offsite banking
38.        Market size also means ________
            a) Market planning         b) Market pricing            c) Market space
            d) Market distribution      e) Market channels
39.        A fall in the market share implies
            a) Sales have gone up    b) Profit has gone up      c) Prices are erratic
            d) Competition has increased                              e) Business is wound up
40.        Market share can be increased by increasing ____
            a) Raw Material Cost      b) The staff strength       c) The sales      d) The sales staff
            e) Competition
41.        More number of conversions indicates ____
            a) More sales    b) More purchases         c) More staff      d) More products
            e) More technological progress
42.        Financial Inclusion means _____
            a) Financial statements              b) Financial data            c) Wholesale Banking
            d) Retail Banking                       e) Bringing all poor people under banking net
43.        Which among the following is not such an operation which can be carried out on objects in graphic programme?
            a) Spell check   b) Change size c) Move             d) Delete           e) None of these
44.        A hardware device which converts data into meaningful information is called
            a) Protector       b) Output device             c) Input device               d) Program
            e) Processor
45.        Which of the following can hold data of at least one GB?
            a) Hard disk       b) CD-ROM       c) Floppy dist    d) Floppy disk and CD-ROM
            e) None of these
46.        Which of the following is the smallest measure of storage?
            a) Terrabyte       b) Gigabyto       c) Kilobyte         d) Megabyte      e) Byte
47.        Which of the following is related with persons associated with persons associated with computing process?
            a) Hardware       b) Humanware   c) Software        d) Firmware       e) Peripherals
48.        Which of the following is both output and input devices?
            a) Printers         b) Speaker        c) Modem          d) Monitor          e) Scanner
49.        RAM is a volatile memory because
            a) it can be used for both read and write  
b) any location can be accessed directly into it
c) continuous power supply is required for it to retain data            
d) it does not require continuous power supply                  e) None of these
50.        Which of the following is not an example of storage device?
            a) CD    b) Floppy           c) Hard disk       d) RAM             e) DVD


1.e       2.a       3.b       4.c       5.a       6.e       7.c       8.d       9.a       10.c    

11.b     12.b     13.b     14.a     15.c     16.e     17.b     18.c     19.b     20.d

21.c     22.e     23.c     24.d     25.e     26.a     27.c     28.d     29.c     30.c

31.a     32.c     33.b     34.d     35.e     36.c     37.c     38.d     39.d     40.c

41.a     42.e     43.a     44.e     45.a     46.e     47.c     48.c     49.c     50.d


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