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1.         Who took charge as the new Secretary in the Ministry of Water Resources?
            a) Dhruv Vijay Singh       b) Dr.S.K.Sarkar            c) S.R.Rao        d) Sharad Pawar
            e) None of these
2.         Which film won the BAFTA award for best film?
            a) Argo              b) Life of Pi        c) Anna Karenina           d) Cloud Atlas
            e) None of these
3.         Who is Mr.Taleb Rifai?
            a) Secretary General of World Bank         b) Secretary General of IMF
            c) Secretary General of UNWTO d) Secretary General of ADB
            e) None of these
4.         The Maheshwar Power Project is located in ……………
            a) Maharashtra              b) Madhya Pradesh        c) Karnataka      d) Bihar
            e) Tamil Nadu
5.         The ......... Joint Meeting of UNWTO Commissions for East Asia & the Pacific and South Asia will be held in Hyderabad on 12th and 13th April 2013.
            a) 25th               b) 50th               c) 75th               d) 100th e) 125th
6.         Who was honoured with the posthumous Lifetime Achievement Grammy award?
            a) Bhimsen Joshi           b) Rajesh Khanna          c) Yash Chopra
            d) Pandit Ravi Shankar   e) None of these
7.         The Minister of Railways ….. inaugurated a two day ‘International Seminar’ on “High Speed Trains in India - Issues & Options” being organised by Institute of Railway Electrical Engineers.
            a) Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury         b) Vinay Mittal               c) Pawan Kumar Bansal
            d) Kul Bhushan                          e) Raj Kumar
8.         Zhuang Zedong died in Beijing on 10 February 2013. Who was he?
            a) Badminton Player       b) Footballer      c) Table Tennis Player   
            d) Cricketer                   e) None of these
9.         Who assumed charge of Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport And Highways?
            a) A.K. Upadhyay          b) Harish Rawat             c) Vijay Chhibber          
            d) Nadir Godrej              e) None of these
10.        Which state has bagged National e-Governance Gold Award for 2012-13, for its ‘Sparsh Abhiyan’?
            a) Manipur         b) Mizoram        c) Maharashtra             d) Madhya Pradesh
            e) None of these
11.        National Rail Museum of Ministry of Railways, celebrated its .... Museum Foundation Day on 2nd February, 2013.
            a) 36th               b) 37th               c) 38th               d) 39th               e) 40th
12.        What is Rajratan?
            a) Missile          b) Tank             c) Submarine     d) Ship              e) None of these
13.        Who is Mr.Artur Mas?
            a) President of Catalonia Province of Spain
            b) President of Catalonia Province of Slovakia
            c) President of Catalonia Province of South Africa
            d) President of Catalonia Province of Sudan                      e) None of these
14.        The International Olympic Committee has announced to remove which sport from the 2020 Olympic Games?
            a) Archery         b) Swimming     c) Boxing          d) Wrestling       e) None of these
15.        All India Federation of the Deaf (AIFD) was set-up in ………… with an aim to unite the Deaf in the country.
            a) 1945             b) 1955             c) 1965             d) 1975             e) 1985
16.        Who amongst the following is a famous snooker player?
            a) Jeev Milkha Singh      b) Yogeshwar Dutt         c) Pankaj Advani
            d) Gagan Narang            e) None of these
17.        The Ministry of Information & Board casting has constituted a panel to examine issues of certification under the ……..
            a) Cinematograph Act 1950         b) Cinematograph Act 1951        
            c) Cinematograph Act 1952         d) Cinematograph Act 1953
            e) Cinematograph Act 1954
18.        Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck is a King of……
            a) Nepal            b) Japan            c) Bhutan          d) Malaysia       e) Indonesia
19.        Who inauguarted the New Delhi World Book Fair 2013?
            a) Dr.Karan Singh          b) Francois Richier         c) Dr.Shashi Tharoor
            d) Sheila Dikshit            e) None of these
20.        What is the name of India’s fastest super computer?
            a) Param Yuva I             b) Param Shakti I           c) Param Yuva II
            d) Param Shakti II          e) None of these
21.        National Summit on “Call to Action for Child Survival and Development” hold at Mahabalipuram in ………… on 7-9 February, 2013.
            a) Andhra Pradesh         b) Kerala           c) Tamil Nadu    d) Karnataka
            e) New Delhi
22.        Which of the following is the world’s biggest trading nation in 2012?
            a) US                b) China            c) Japan            d) India e) None of these
23.        Who is Mr.Louis-Georges Arsenault?
            a) Representative UNDP India     b) Representative UNESCO India
            c) Representative USAID India     d) Representative UNICEF India
            e) None of these
24.        Which of the following is the India’s larges software exporter?
            a) Tata Consultancy Services Ltd            b) Infosys Ltd     c) Wipro
            d) Tech Mahindra                                   e) None of these
25.        AERB signed MoU with the Governments of Maharashtra and Odisha for Setting up Directorate of Radiation Safety. What is the full form of AERB?
            a) Atomic Environmental Regulatory Board
            b) Atomic Energy Regulation Board         c) Atomic Energy Regulatory 
            d) Atomic Energy Registration Board       e) None of these
26.        India’s newest stock exchange MCX - SX began trading in equities. What is the name of flagship index of MCX-SX?
            a) SX20 b) SX30             c) SX40             d) SX50             e) None of these
27.        The Federation of Indo-German Societies in India was established in _____ to strengthen the existing friendly relations between India and the Federal Republic of Germany?
            a) 1970             b) 1971             c) 1972             d) 1973             e) 1974
28.        Which bank publishes the Purchasing Manager’ Index in India?
            a) HDFC Bank   b) HSBC Bank   c) Axis Bank    d) Yes Bank      e) None of these
29.        President, Pranab Mukherjee addressed the Conference of Vice Chancellors of Central Universities at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Such a conference was held after a gap of nearly ______ years.
            a) 10                 b) 20                 c) 30                 d) 40                 e) 50
30.        Which state has unveiled its ‘Aerospace Policy 2013-2023?
            a) Andhra Pradesh         b) Kerala           c) Tamil Nadu    d) Karnataka     
            e) None of these
31.        India has the second largest higher education system, the gross enrolment in the country in 2010 was only around 19% which is much below the world average of ........
            a) 29%              b) 39%              c) 49%              d) 59%              e) 69%
32.        The Archaeological Survey of India has discovered prehistoric caves with rock paintings dating back to ……….. years on the Satpura mountain range near Betul on the Maharashtra - Madhya Pradesh border.
            a) 10,000           b) 12,000           c) 14,000           d) 16,000           e) 18,000
33.        Society for the Welfare of Physically Handicapped was set up in ……… with an aim to rehabilitate the orthopaedically handicapped children.
            a) 1952             b) 1953             c) 1954             d) 1955             e) 1956
34.        In which country the 12th Summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was held?
            a) Pakistan        b) Iran               c) Egypt            d) Sudan           e) None of these
35.        India hosted the …….. BASIC Environment Ministers Meeting in Chennai on February 15-16, 2013.
            a) 12th               b) 14th               c) 16th               d) 18th               e) 20th
36.        DRDO is developing Agni - VI ballistic missile. What is the range of Agni-VI missile?
            a) 3500 Km       b) 4000 Km       c) 4500Km        d) 6000 Km       e) None of these
37.        BASIC countries meet ………. times in a year and once a year in each of the four countries by rotation.
            a) Three            b) Four              c) Five               d) Six                e) Seven
38.        Who has been selected for the prestigious Y.Nayudamma Memorial Award for 2012?
            a) A.K.Singh      b) Akhilesh Singh           c) S.L.Malik       d) Lalji Singh
            e) None of these
39.        Krishan Tirath, Minister for Women & Child Development inaugurated the second regional consultation on formulating a national Plan of Action for improving Child Sex Ratio in the country, at …………. on 7th Feb.
            a) Secunderabad            b) Vijayawada    c) Tirupathi        d) Karimnagar
            e) Hyderabad
40.        Solomon Islands, which are recently affected by a powerful earthquake and tsunami, are locate in …….
            a) North Atlantic Ocean              b) South Atlantic Ocean            
c) North Pacific Ocean               d) South Pacific Ocean   e) None of these
41.        During 2011-12, India’s agricultural exports to Canada were US $ 282.10 million. India and Canada signed an MoU for cooperation in agriculture and allied sectors in …..
            a) 2007             b) 2008             c) 2009             d) 2010             e) 2011
42.        How many countries are members of ‘Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’?
            a) 55                 b) 56                 c) 57                 d) 58                 e) None of these
43.        Who is Ms.Avani Saglani Davda?
            a) Chief Executive Officer of Tata Starbucks Limited
            b) Chief Executive Officer of Tata Consultancy Services
            c) Chief Executive Officer of Tata Motors
            d) Chief Executive Office of Tata Sky                   e) None of these
44.        The disputed region Golan Heights is located in which part of the World?
            a) West Asia Region      b) East Asia Region       c) Eurasia Region
            d) South America           e) None of these
45.        India on 31st January 2013 handed over a …….. surveillance aircraft to Seychelles.
            a) Dornier - 128 b) Dornier - 228 c) Dornier - 328
            d) Dornier - 428              e) Dornier - 528
46.        2012 DA 14 is a/an .....
            a) Planet           b) Black Hole     c) Asteroid        d) Star e) Moon
47.        The Indian Coast Guard celebrated its ……… Anniversary on 1st February, 2013.
            a) 36th               b) 37th               c) 38th               d) 39th               e) 40th
48.        Recently, the 2013 Sustainable Leadership Award was presented to the President of..
            a) Finland          b) Madagascar   c) Seychelles    d) Mauritius       e) None of these
49.        The ………. Indo-Japan Coast Guard High Level Meeting was held in January 2013 at Tokyo, Japan.
            a) 12th               b) 13th               c) 14th               d) 15th               e) 16th
50.        The headquarters of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) are located in ……
            a) India b) South Africa               c) UK                d) Italy              e) China
51.        The Ministry of Minority Affairs was created on 29th January ……..
            a) 2002             b) 2003             c) 2004             d) 2005             e) 2006
52.        When is World Wetlands Day observed?
            a) 2nd February               b) 4th February               c) 6th February  
            d) 8th February               e) None of these
53.        Double Decker coaches were first introduced on Indian Railways in …….
            a) 1955             b) 1955             c) 1975             d) 1985             e) 1995
54.        Who has won the Skoda Prize 2012 for contemporary art?
            a) Geeta Kapur              b) Anupam Poddar         c) L.N.Tallur       d) Sheela Gowda
            e) None of these
55.        After all mandatory tests in the field, the first AC double decker train was introduced on India Railways between Howrah and Dhanbad in October ……..
            a) 2008             b) 2009             c) 2010             d) 2011             e) 2012
56.        Gwadar port is situated in …..
            a) Afghanistan   b) Pakistan        c) Iraq               d) Iran               e) Israel
57.        In ….. Ministry of Urban Development launched the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).
            a) 2001             b) 2002             c) 2003             d) 2004             e) 2005
58.        Vajpayee Arogyasri Yojana is the flagship health insurance scheme of which among the following state governments?
            a) Rajasthan      b) Madhya Pradesh        c) Gujarat          d) Karnataka
            e) None of these
59.        The duration of JNNURM has been kept as ……. years beginning from 2005-06.
            a) 7                   b) 8                   c) 9                   d) 10                 e) 11
60.        Jeevika, is the Rural Livelihoods Project of which of the following State Governments?
            a) West Bengal              b) Bihar             c) Uttar Pradesh            d) Punjab
            e) None of these
61.        To facilitate business in India a pioneering e-Governance initiative ‘MCA21’ was launched by the Ministry in January…….
            a) 2005             b) 2006             c) 2007             d) 2008             e) 2009
62.        Which Indian - origin woman has been selected for Order of Australia Medal?
            a) Mala Mehta               b) Rajvindar Kaur Gill                  c) Krishna Arora
            d) Shriya Biman Patel    e) None of these
63.        CISF came into existence in …… as a specially trained Force for providing security cover to the Public Sector Undertakings of the country.
            a) 1949             b) 1959             c) 1969             d) 1979             e) 1989
64.        The Birth Centenary Celebrations of Amrita Sher-Gil was launched at the National Gallery of Modern Art. She was a well - known……
            a) Freedom Fighter         b) Scientist        c) Painter          d) Classical Singer
            e) Journalist
65.        CISF is providing security cover with the strength of 25 thousand in …. Naxal Affected Units in Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.
            a) 50                 b) 51                 c) 52                 d) 53                 e) 54
66.        Which country has launched the TDRS-K communications satellite?
            a) France          b) US                c) China            d) Japan            e) None of these
67.        Coal is the mainstay of India’s energy and 55% of primary energy supply and …….% of power generation in the country are coal based.
            a) 50                 b) 60                 c) 70                 d) 80                 e) 90
68.        The Government launched Direct Cash Transfer scheme on 1st January 2013 to transfer cash into bank accounts of beneficiaries across ….. districts in the country.
            a) 10                 b) 20                 c) 30                 d) 40                 e) 50
69.        Coal India Ltd. was formed as a holding company in …….
            a) 1955             b) 1965             c) 1975             d) 1985             e) 1995
70.        Globally, about ……. million children are born annually with a serious birth defect of genetic or partially genetic origin.
            a) 3.9                b) 4.9                c) 5.9                d) 6.9                e) 7.9

Answers (MAH 042013)

1.b        2.a        3.c        4.b        5.a        6.d        7.c        8.c        9.c        10.d     

11.b      12.d      13.a      14.d      15.b      16.c      17.c      18.c      19.c      20.c

21.c      22.b      23.d      24.a      25.c      26.c      27.b      28.b      29.a      30.d

31.a      32.b      33.e      34.c      35.b      36.d      37.b      38.d      39.e      40.d

41.c      42.c      43.a      44.a      45.b      46.c      47.a      48.c      49.a      50.d

51.e      52.a      53.c      54.c      55.d      56.b      57.e      58.d      59.a      60.b

61.c      62.c      63.c      64.c      65.b      66.b      67.c      68.b      69.c      70.e

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