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Computer Knowledge

1.         HTML viruses infect
            a) your computer                        b) a Web page in the HTML code           
c) both a Web page and the computer that is viewing it     d) All the above
e) None of these
2.         _______ technology standards were used in the past, but Ethernet over twisted pair cabling and Wi-Fi are the two most common technologies currently being used to build LANs.
            a) ARCNET, Token Ring             b) CIR               c) X.25              d) VoFR
            e) None of these
3.         Microsoft Project is an example of _____ software.
            a) personal financial       b) customer relationship management (CRM)
            c) project management   d) personal information manager (PIM)     e) None of these
4.         Image made of thousands of pixels are called
            a) bitmap           b) vector            c) story boards              d) graphics        e) None of these
5.         Machine Language
            a) is the language in which programs were first written.
            b) is the only language understood by the computer
            c) differs from one type of computer to another      d) All of these    e) None of these
6.         FTP stands for
            a) File Translate Protocol            b) File Transit Protocol               c) File Typing Protocol
            d) File Transfer Protocol e) None of these
7.         Memory, also called random access memory, or RAM,
            a) contains the electronic circuits that cause processing to occur.
            b) makes the information resulting from processing available for use.
            c) allows data, programs, commands, and user responses to be entered into a computer
            d) consists of electronic components that store data                     e) None of these
8.         A processing complex consisting of two or more interconnected computer is called.
            a) computer network       b) control program          c) cybernetics    d) All the above
            e) None of these
9.         Let A, B and C be three binary numbers. Which of the following is not true according to Boolean algebra laws?
            a) A + B = B + A           b) AB = BA       c) A - B = B - A                         d) (A+B) + C = A + (B+C)
            e) None of these
10.        If a memory chip is volatile, it will
            a) explode if exposed to high temperatures
            b) lose its contents if current is turned off             c) be used for data storage only
            d) be used to both read and write data                 e) None of these
11.        The name given to a document by user is called
            a) Filename       b) Program        c) Data              d) Record          e) None of these
12.        To “maximize” a window means to
            a) fill it to capacity          b) expand it to fit the desktop      c) put it on toolbar.
            d) drag it to the Recycle Bin                                            e) None of these
13.        Press _______ to move the insertion point to the Address box or to highlight the URL in the Address box.
            a) ALT + D        b) ALT + A        c) SHIFT + TAB             c) TAB + CTRL
            d) CTRL + S
14.        Housing all hardware, software, storage and processing in one site location is called
            a) time sharing               b) a distributed system               c) centralized processing
            d) a host computer         e) None of these
15.        What does AMD stand for?
            a) Advanced Mainframe Devices b) Advanced Micro Devices
            c) Advanced Mini Devices                       d) Advanced Major Devices        
e) Advanced Monitor Devices
16.        The cell reference for cell range of G3 to M13 is
            a) G3. M13                    b) G3-M13         c) G3; M13        d) G3:M13         e) G3+M13
17.        __________ are raw facts from which _____ is derived.
            a) Data, output               b) Input, information        c) Data, information
            d) Input, output              e) None of these
18.        Using computers and communication technology to help people better use and manage information is called
            a) Ergonomics               b) Except System          c) Decision Support System
            d) Office Automation       e) Executive Support System
19.        PDF extension is used for which of the following?
            a) MS-Excel      b) Adobe Reader            c) Photoshop     d) Pagemaker    e) None of these
20.        The ascending order of a data hierarchy is
            a) bit → byte → record → character → database
b) bit → byte → field → record → file → database
c) bit → byte → record → field → file → database            d) All the above
e) None of these
21.        __________ is a set of computer programs used in a computer to help perform tasks.
            a) An instruction            b) Software        c) Memory         d) A processor
            e) None of these
22.        Which of the following makes Windows popular?
            a) Multitasking capacity              b) Desktop features        c) Users-friendly GUI features
            d) Being inexpensive                  e) None of these
23.        WIMAX technology is based on the IEEE _________ standard.
            a) 802.13           b) 802.15           c) 802.11           d) 802.16           e) 802.14
24.        _________ is the first available high-level language developed by IBM in 1957.
            a) PROLOG                   b) LEO              c) PASCAL       d) FORTRAN     e) ALGOL
25.        The part of operating system that manages the essential peripherals, such as the keyboard, screen, disk drives, and parallel and serial ports, is
            a) basic input/output system                   b) secondary input/output system
            c) peripheral input/output system             d) marginal input/output system e) None of these
26.        _________ viruses are often transmitted by a floppy disk left in the floppy drive.
            a) Trojan horse               b) Boot sector                c) Script            d) Logic bomb
            e) None of these
27.        The formula of storage capacity of an optical disk is
            a) Number of sectors x Number of bytes per sector          
            b) Number of tracks x Number of bits per second
            c) Number of tracks x Number of bytes per second           d) Both I and II   e) None of these
28.        The main circuit board of the system unit is the
            a) Computer program      b) Control Unit   c) Mother board             d) RAM
            e) None of these
29.        A _________ is a bi-stable electronic circuit that has two stable states.
            a) Multivibrator               b) Flip-flop         c) Logic gates    d) latch                         e) None
30.        Computer’s language consisting of binary numbers that directly correspond to its electrical state is called
            a) Natural          b) BASIC           c) Machine language      d) Assembly language
            e) High level language
31.        A transaction file is a type of
            a) data file         b) master file     c) access method          d) Only b and c
e) None of these
32.        A function inside another function is termed as
            a) round function            b) sum function              c) nested function
            d) test function               e) loop function
33.        You Tube service of streaming videos online is provided by
            a) IBM               b) Apple            c) SONY           d) Google          e) Yahoo
34.        Handheld computers come under which category of computer?
            a) Supercomputer          b) Mainframe computer   c) Mini computer
            d) Micro computer          e) Personal computer
35.        The concept of logarithm was developed by
            a) Blaise Pascal            b) Joseph Marie             c) Howard Alken            d) John Napier
            e) Charles Babbage
36.        EDSAC computer was based on the ideas of
            a) John Backup b) J P Eckert     c) Gottfried        d) John Von Neumann
            e) Herman Hollereith
37.        Which of the following is an example of optical disk?
            a) Magnetic disk            b) Blu-ray disk   c) Memory disk d) Data bus disk
            e) Zip disk
38.        __________ can check the physical address of source and destination contained in the frame.
            a) Router           b) Repeater       c) Hub               d) Bridge           e) Gateway
39.        Which of the following is NOT a good Web security strategy?
            a) To restrict access to the Web server; and to keep a minimum number of ports open
            b) To limit the users who can load software, edit or add files
            c) To add demo programs so that users can test system without accessing production data
            d) To remove unnecessary compilers and interpreters
            e) None of these
40.        The altering of data so that it is not usable unless the changes are undone is called
            a) Biometrics     b) Compression             c) Encryption     d) Ergonomics   e) None of these
41.        Which of the following communication lines is best suited to interactive processing applications?
            a) Narrow band channel b) Simplex lines             c) Full duplex lines
            d) Mixed band channels e) None of these
42.        Web storefronts are virtual stores for ______ electronic commerce.
            a) b2c               b) b2b               c) b2e               d) g2c               e) c2c
43.        The capability of a computer to perform more than one task at the same time is called
            a) batch processing        b) realtime processing    c) multitasking   d) scheduled processing
            e) None of these
44.        What kind of scheme is the HTTP protocol?
            a) get/put          b) store/forward c) queuing         d) search / return
            e) request/response
45.        _______ is the act of copying or downloading a program from a network and making multiple copies of it.
            a) Network piracy           b) Plagiarism     c) Software piracy          d) Site-license piracy
            e) None of these
46.        A directory within a directory is called a
            a) Mini-Directory            b) Junior  Directory         c) Part - Directory
            d) Sub-Directory             e) None of these
47.        Which device is used to access your computer by other computer or for talking over phone?
            a) RAM             b) CD-ROM Drive           c) Modem          d) Hard Drive      e) None of these
48.        A proxy server is used for which of the following?
            a) To provide security against unauthorized users            
b) To process client request for Web pages
c) To process client request for database access
d) To provide TCP/IP                                                       e) None of these
49.        Information on a computer is stored as
            a) analog data                b) digital data                 c) modem data              d) watts data
            e) None of these
50.        A file that contains definitions of the paragraph and characters styles for your document and all things you customize like toolbars and menus is called a
            a) guide             b) pattern          c) base document          d) template        e) None of these


1.D       2.A       3.C       4.A       5.D       6.D       7.D       8.A       9.C       10.B

11.A     12.B     13.A     14.D     15.B     16.D     17.C     18.D     19.B     20.B

21.B     22.C     23.D     24.D     25.A     26.B     27.A     28.C     29.B     30.C

31.A     32.C     33.D     34.D     35.D     36.D     37.B     38.D     39.D     40.C

41.C     42.A     43.C     44.E     45.C     46.D     47.C     48.A     49.B     50.D


19.B; PDF files can be opened only through PDF readers such as Adobe Reader.

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