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General Awareness—SEP TWO
(With Special Reference to Banking Industry)

1.            The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced a slew of measures to address exchange rate volatility of the Indian currency recently. Which of the following statements is NOT correct in this regard?(PL REFER CURRENT RATES)
a) The Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) rate is set at 10.25%.
b) The Bank Rate is set at 10.25%.
c) The Repo Rate is set at 8.25%.
d) The overall allocation of funds under the Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF) will now be limited to
1% of the Net Demand and Time Liabilities (NDTL) of the banking system.
e)The RBI conducted 'Open Market Sales' of the Govt of India securities of Rs.12,000 cr.

2             Who among the following is NOT associated with the day-to-day functioning of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) at present?
a)UrjitPatel                                        b) KG Chakrabarty
c)Subir Vithal Gokarn    d) Anand Sinha
e) None of these

3.            An economic measure that includes Gross DomesticProduct (GDP), plus any income earned by the
residentsfrom overseas investments, minus income earned withinthe domestic economy by overseas residents,
is termedas
a) Gross National Product (GNP)
b) Gross National Income (GNI)
c)Gross National Happiness (GNU)
d) Gross Capital Formation (GCF)
e) None of these

4.            Which of the following social development programmeshas been launched by the Govt of India for the
Welfareof adolescent girls?
       a)ASHA                                             b)SabIa                               c)Mid Day Meal .
        d)Swabhiman                     e) Self Help Groups

5.            The International Finance Corporation (IFC) isconsidering women's investment fund that would seekto
invest in women-owned businesses globally. IFC isthe investment arm of which of the following?
a)      Bank of America
b)     International Monetary Fund
c)      World Bank
d)     Asian Development Bank
e)      None of these

6.            Which of the following is NOT a credit rating agencybasedinlndia?
       a)CIBIL                                             b) CARE                                            c)CRIS1L
        d)ICRA                                               e) Brickwork Ratings

7.            Which of the following pairs of organisations and theirheads is NOT correctly matched?
        a) World Bank - Jim Yong Kim
c) ADB - TakehikoNakao
d) WTO- Pascal Lamy
e) ILO- Guy Ryder

8.            India recently signed a pact with Iraq to enhancecooperation between the two countries in energysector,as Iraq is the second largest supplier of crude oil to Indiaat present. Which of the following countries is the largestsupplier?
       a)Iran                                   b)UAE                                                c) Kuwait
        d)Venezuela                       e)Saudi Arabia

9.            The First Economic and Business Conference of theIndian Ocean Rim Association for Regional
Cooperation(IOR-ARC), which was co-chaired by India, took placeat which of the following places?
a)Moroni, Comoros          b)Port Louis, Mauritius                c) Jakarta, Indonesia       
d) Nairobi, Kenya                            e)Antananarivo, Madagascar

10.               The fifth annual BRICS summit 2013, was held in Durban,South Africa. Which of the following was a significantoutcome of this summit?
a)  The expansion of the group to include new countries was agreed upon.
b)  A free trade area of the member countries was proposed.
c)  The member countries agreed to establish a new development bank.
d)  Members agreed to extend USD 10-bn to South Africa, the youngest member of the group.
e)  None of these

11.               The rate at which banks can borrow from the centralbank at an elevated rate against govt securities
duringthe time of tight cash is termed as
             a) Bank rate                                 b) Base rate                                       c)Marginal Standing Facility
      d) Repo rate                                 e) Reverse Repo Rate

12.               The 'Ngultrum' is the currency of which of the following countries?
a) Thailand                                  b) Maldives                        c)Bhutan
                     d)South Korea                             e) Malaysia

13.               Which of the following cannot be an aim of the centralbank of a country?
             a) To earn profit
                     b) To control credit in the market
c) To function as the. banker of the govt

d) To act as an organ of the govt
e) To control and regulate the working of all the commercial banks in the country

14.                Which of the following is NOT a plan launched by the Govt of India?
                      a) Anganwadi                                    b) JananiSurakshaYojana                              c)        Aajeevika
d)Abhiman                                                       e) Aadhar

15.                What does the letter R' denote in the word 'RIDF'?
a) Regional                                        b) Rural                                                            c) Research
d)Reserve                                                         e) Rashtriya

16.                 What is the meaning of a scheduled bank?
                       a)The bank authorised to do banking business.
                       b)The bank included in the second schedule of the RBI Act, 1934
                  c)The bank functioning under the provisions of Banking Regulation Act, 1949
                              d)The bank incorporated under Banking Companies Act, 1956
                              e)None of these

17.                The sixth annual summit of the BRICS group will be held in which of the following places in 2014?
                      a)  New Delhi, India                         b) Yekaterinburg, Russia              c)Durban, South Africa    
d)Brasilia, Brazil                              e) Sanya, China

18.                Which of the following countries is NOT a member of G-7, a group consisting of the seven industrialised
nations of the world?
                      a) Japan                                             b) Canada                                          c) Italy.
                              d) South Korea                 e) France

19.               What does the letter 'D' denote in the term 'SDR' as used in financial sector?
a) Denomination                              b) Drawing  .                     c) Derivatives    
d) Demand                          e) Development

20.               Which of the following terms is used in the field of banking and finance?
a) Refurbished                                  b) Collateral                     c) Corridor
d) Quintessential                              e) None of these

21.               Which of the following countries has moved closer tosecuring a massive S5.4-bn economic bailout packagefrom the IMF to revive the ailing national economy?
a)SouthAfrica                    b) Turkey                                           c) Pakistan
d) Indonesia                                      e) Malaysia

22.          The finance ministry has finalised who among thefollowing to become the chief executive of 'Bhartiya
Mahila Bank, which will launch its operations from Novwith six branches?
a) Vijayalakshmi R Iyer
b) UshaAnanthasubramanian
c) UshaThorat
d) ShyamalaGopinath
e) None of these

        23.                 As per the recent findings of the Paris-based think-tankOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and
Development (OECD), which of the following countrieshas surpassed Japan to become the world's third largest economy?
                      a)China                               b)Germany                         c) Russia
                       d) India                                              e) Brazil

 24.                Which of the following international organisations has signed an agreement with India for a loan of USD 255 mn for the National AIDS Control Project (NACP-IV) in order to contribute to India's national goal of reversal of the HIV epidemic by 2017?
                      a)ADB                                                b)IMF                                                 c) World Bank
d) Bank of Japan                              e) None of these

25.                A five-member panel, headed by former Canara Bank CMD MBN Rao, prepared the blueprint for which of the following?
a)  New bank licences
b)  BhartiyaMahila Bank
c)  Mechanism to arrest falling rupee
d)  Measures to stop departure of foreign institutional investors (FIIs)
e)  None of these
26.          The Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF), anindependent body within the telecom department that
subsidises telecom infrastructure in rural India, agreedto provide a subsidy of___________to state-run Bharat
Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) recently.
a)7l,150cr                                          b)71,200 cr                                        c)7l,350cr
                       d)71,500 cr                        e)71,550 cr

        27.                 Which of the following foreign banks has recentlyregained its position as the most profitable foreign bank
operating in India?
                      a) Citibank                                        b) Standard Chartered Bank       c)HSBC
d)BNPParibas                                   e)None of these

        28.                 Which of the following countries has been ranked firstin the Global Innovation Index (Gil) ranking of 2013? India is at the 64th position in this index.
                      a) China                                             b) Singapore                       c) Sweden
                       d)Switzerland                   e) None of these
29.          India and Which of the following countries arc set to hold their second round of discussion on uranium sale soon?
                   a) Australia                            b) US                                       c) Japan
                   d) France                                 e) None of these

30.                 Which of the following state govts has announced interest – free loans to farmers up to Rs.2 Lakh and at one per cent interest for loans between Rs.2 lakh and Rs.3lakh in its recent Budget?
a)     Rajasthan                                   b)Madhya Pradesh                           c)Karnataka
b)     Haryana                                      e)Nono of these

31.                 The Govt approved the Modified Industrial infrastructure Upgradation Scheme MIIUS) recently, with an outlay of _during the 12th five Year Plan period ending March 2017.
                              a)Rs.1,030cr                                     b)Rs.1,50cr                                        c)Rs.1,250cr
                              d)Rs.1,580cr                                     e)Rs.1,820cr

32.                 AERB a regulatory authority in India, functions in which of the following areas?
                              a)Prevention of trafficking of children and women
                              b)Nuclear energy
                              c)Prevention of money laundering
                              d)Renewable energy
                              e)Control of chit fund companies

33.                 Banks in India have promoted either insurance companies or the person acting as agents of insurance companies to sell insurance products. Which of the following major commercial banks in inda has NOT promoted such insurance companies of far?
                              a)State Bank of India                       b)ICICI Bank                                     c)IDBI Bank
                              d)Pun jab National Bank  e)Central Bank of India

34.                 “Anna Bhagya” scheme to distribute 30KG food grain at Re1/Kg has been launched in which of the following southernIndian states?
                              a)Kerala                                             b)Karnataka                                    c)Tamilnadu
                              d)Andhra Pradesh                            e)Nono of these

35.                 Which of the following pairs of companies and their overseas acquisitions is not matched correctly?
                              a)Tata Motors – Jaguar Land Rover
                              b)Mahindra & Mahindra –SsangYong
                              c)Apollo Tyrs – Cooper Tyres
                              d)Hero Moto Corp – AVL
                              e)None of these

36.                 A high-level committee on manufacturing chaired by the Prime Minister has set the target to hike the steel production capacity of the country from current 120mt to _ mt by 2025.
                              a)150                                                  b)200                                                  c)250
                              d)300                                                  e)None of these

37.                 Who among the following has been appointed as the new Chairman and Managing Director of
Syndicate  Bank?
                              a)RK Dubey                                      b)ShubhalakshmiPanse    c)Sudhir Kumar Jain                    
d)SS Mundra                                     e)None of these

38.                 Arundhati Bhattacharya has been named as the Manaing Director of which of the following leading public sector banks in india?
                              a)Punjab National Bank                  b)State Bank of India                     c)Central Bank of India
                              d)Canara Bank                                  e) None of these

39.                 As we read in newspapers, the rupee reached a record low of below Rs.61/$. This unprecedented fall of the Indian currency is likely to cause which of the following?
                              a)Hike in fuel prices                        b)Widening of fiscal deficit           c) Costly foreign education and travel
                              d)Gain to exporters                          e)All the above

40.                 Recently, India has signed agreement for avoidance of double taxation and prevention f of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and capital with which of the following countries? 
                              a)Sweden                                           b)Albania                                          c)Norway                                                                         d)Poland                                            e)None of these

41.                 Govt has recently approved near-doubling of natural gas prices effective from Apr1, 2014. In this first revision in gas prices in 3 years, the gas price is set at______.
                              a)USD 4.2/mmBtu                            b)USD 6.3/mmBtu                            c)USD 8.4/mmBtu
                              d)USD10.5/mmBtu                          e)USD 12.6/mmBtu

42.                 India’s fight against black money got a big thumbs-up as Paris-based global inter-govt body FATF said that the country had substantially addressed deficiencies in its regulatory check against money laundering and terror financing activities. Expand the term FATF.
                              a)Financial Action Task Force
                              b)Financial Activity Tracking Firm
                              c)Financial Advancement Task Force
                              d)Financial Alternatives Task Force
                              e)Financial Atrocities Task Force

43.               State – run ONGC and OIL have acquired gas assets of Videcon located in which of the following countries for $2.5bn?
                              a)Nigeria                                            b)Vietnam                                         c)Mozambique
                              d)Algeria                                           e)None of these

44.               Expand the term NSDL as used in financial parlance.
                              a)National Super Depository Limited
                              b)National Securities Depository Limited
                              c)National Securities Depot Limited
                              d)National Shares Depository Limited
                              e)None of these

45.               Whose approval is required for appointment of a foreign exchange dealer by a bank?
                              a)RBI                                                  b)IBA                                                 c)The Ministry of Finance
                              d)Discretion of the Bank               e)None the these

46.               As per the news published in financial newspaper, the Govt of India is planning to do away with the special Economic Zones (SEZ) SEZ  programme was launched in
                              a) 1998                                               b)2002                                               c)2004
                              d)2006                                               e)None the these

47.               The ArvindMarayam Committee has recommended nine sectors where indian ownership and control will be mandatory. These sectors include
                              a)Broadcasting                  b)Insurance                                       c)Print Media
                              d)Defence Production                     e)All the above

48.               The fiance ministry is considering a proposal to make LTUs mandatory for some categories of taxpayers. Expand the term LTU
                              a)Limited Taxpayer Units               b)Local Taxpayer Units                  c)Least Taxpayer Units
                              d)Large Taxpayer Units                              e)None the these

49.               As per the Advance Estimates released by the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO)contribution of agriculture sector to the GDP of India in 2012-13, is likely to be
                              a)14.6%                                             b)14..5%                                            c)14.1%
                              d)13.7%                                            e)12.5%

50.               The growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India during 2012 – 13 remained at what per cent?
                              a)7.3 per cent                                    b)6 per cent                                       c)5 per cent
                              d)4.8 per cent                                    e)4 per cent

51.               What does PACS stand for?
                              a)Primary Accredited Cooperative Societies
                              b)Principal Agricultural Cooperative Societies
                              c)Principal Accredited Cooperative Societies
                              d)Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies
                              e)Promotional Agricultural Cooperative Societies

52.               The largest source of national income in India is
                              a)Agriculture                                    b)Services sector                            c)Industrial sector
                              d)Trade sector                                  e)Manufacturing sector

53.               A banking company can undertake a business other than banking in accordance with the provisions contained in which of the following acts?
                              a)RBI Act                                          
b)Negotiable Instruments Act       
c)Banking Regulation Act
                              d)Unlawful Activities (Prevention )Act                                                                 
e)None the these

54.               Which of the following is the first state / UT in the country where all the families have been provided with a bank accounts, ie 100 per cent financial inclusion has been achieved?
                              a)Kerala                                             b)Puducherry                                   c)Chandigarh
                              d)Delhi                                               e)Nagaland

55.               Which of the following in NOT a financial regulator?
                              a)PERDA                                           b)IRDA                                              c)SEBI
                              d)RBI                                                  e)None the these

56.               The symbol adopted for the Indian rupee is based on which of the following scripts?
                              a)Roman script                                 b)Devnagari script                           c)Kharoshthi script
                              d)Both a) and b)                              e)Both 1) and 3)

57.               Which of the following in NOT matched correctly?
                              a)Exim Bank – Financing for export – import
                              b)IDBI – A public sector bank
                              c)Central Cooperative Bank – District level
                              d)RBI – Banker’s Bank
                              e)FCI – Financial assistance to commercial institutions

58.               The dearness allowance to employees in India is determined on the basis of which of the following?
                              a)Consumer Price Index               b)standard of living                         c)Per Capita Income
                              d)National income                           e)None of these

59.               What is the term used for the portion of profits that a company distributes among its shareholders?
                              a)Premium                                         b)Dividend                                        c)Margin
                              d)NAV                                               e)Yield

60.               AS well as know, the reach of banking services is expanding day by day and the concept of “anywhere and anytime” banking has become true. Which of the following statements is NOT correct in this regard?
                              a)Many banks in India have launched mobile-banking facilities.
                              b)Indian banking system is now 100 per cent CBS compliant.
c)Banks are providing IT – enabled instant remittance facility.
d)Banking services are available to a large part of the population with the spread of ATMs.
e)There is special emphasis on financial inclusion.

61.               The amount of liquid assets such as cash, precious metals and other short-term securities determined by Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) is kept with which of the following?
                              a)Ministry of Finance                      b)Reserve bank of India   c)            State Bank of India
                              d)Individual banks                         e)Main branch of the concerned bank

62.               Which of the following does not come under the priority sector lending of banks in India?
                              a)Education Loans
                              b)Small industries
                              c)Green projects
                              d)Scheduled castes and scheduled tribes

63.               Special Drawing Rights (SDR) is a currency issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It remains in which of the following banks?
                              a)Gold                                                b)Silver                               c)Platinum
                              d)Paper Currency                             e)Book-keeping entry only

64.               An individual in India cannot open an account in which of the following banks?
                              a)Regional Rural banks                   b)Foreign Banks                c)Reserve bank of India
                              d)Scheduled Commercial bank      e)Urban Cooperative Bank

65.               The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) was established on the recommendations of which of the following committees by an act of Parliament on 12 July 1982?
                              a)Shivaraman Committee
                              b)Tarapore Committee
                              c)Public Accounts Committee
                              d)Narasimham Committee
                              e)Ghosh Committee

66.               Which of the following oil-rich Gulf nations has offered three discovered oilfields to india on nomination basis and agreed to renegotiate an oil block that has been pending since 2000?
                              a)Iran                                                  b)Iraq                                                c)Kuwait
                              d)Jordan                                            e)None the these

67.               Expand the term CBEC.
                              a)Central Board of Export and Customs
                              b)Central Board of Excise and Commodities
                              c)Central Board of Excise and Customs
                              d)Central Board of Export Commodities
                              e)None  of these

68.               TRIPS is associated with which of the following
                              a)Intellectual Property                  b)Health insurance                          c)Free trade area
                              d)Tax exemption                              e)Money laundering

69.               Increase in which of the following taxes will not result into increase in the prices of commodities for the buyers?
                              a)VAT                                                b)Income Tax                                  c)Octroi
                              d)Sales Tax                                       e)None of these

70.               A customer who wishes to buy some US dollars in Inda should go to which of the following?
                              a)Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                              b)RBI branch or any such branch of a bank which is authorized for such business
                              c)American Embassy only
                              d)American Express Bank only
                              e)Public debt department of the RBI

71.               The new National Manufacturing Policy aims ot create 100 mn jobs and increase the share of manufacturing in india’s Gross Domestic Product form 16 per cent now to _ by 2022.
                     a) 20 Per cent                                    b) 25 Per cent                                   c) 30 Per cent
                     d) 35 Per cent                                    e) 40 Per cent

72.               The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) uses reverse repo rate for which of the following purposes ?
                              a)To reduce the budgetary deficit of the Central govt
                              b)To reduce the deficit of the Central govt
                              c)To absorb liquidity from commercial banks
                              d)To increase liquidity of commercial banks
                              e)To increase liquidity in the market

73.               What does a ‘ syndicate loan’ refer to?
                              a)A loan secured by mortgage
                              b)An unsecured loan
                              c)A loan provided by a group of banks
                              d)A loan taken by a group of customers
                              e)None of these

74.               As per the recommendations of the KC Chakrabarty committee, what is the required capital to risk – weighted assets ratio (CRAR) for Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)?
                              a)Five per cent                   b)Six per cent                                   c)Seven per cent
                              d)Eight per cent                 e)Nine per cent

75.               Majority of household savings in India is invested in which of the following instruments?
                              a)Insurance                                       b)Mutual funds                                 c)Govt Securities
                              d)Fixed deposits                              e)Chit funds

76.               Which of the following is the major functional area of the Asset reconstruction Companies (ARC) in India?
                              a)Short – term loans                       
b)Medium – term project financing            
c)Infrastructure finance
                              d)Non – performing assets                                                                                     

77.               Which of the following schemes is related exclusively to ‘Financial Inclusion ‘ in India ?
                              a)Swavalamban                 b)Swabhimaan                                 c)Aajeevika
                              d)KYC                                                e)AAY

78.               The term ‘ Mint Road’ as used in economics, is associated with which of the following?
                              a)State Bank of India
                              b)Reserve Bank of India
                              c)Ministry of External Affairs
                              d)Bombay Stock Exchange
                              e)Govt of India’s mint in Mumbai

79.               Which of the following duties is applied by a govt to control the export of a commodity so that the commodity will remain available to the local market?
                              a)Excise  duty                                   b)Anti-dumping duty                       c)Dumping duty
                              d)Customs duty                e)None of these

80.               Insurance companies in India have launched Unit – Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP) in which return on investments is given on the basis of NAV of units at the time of maturity. What does NAV denote?
                              a)Net Asset Value                           b)Nil Asset Variation                      c)Net Asset Variation
                              d)New Asset value                           e)Neutral Asset Value

               1.  c)                     2.  c)                     3.  a)                     4.  b)                     5.  c)                     6.  a)                     7.  b)
               8.  e)                     9.  b)                     10.c)                     11.c)                     12.c)                     13.a)                     14.d)
               15.b)                     16.b)                     17.b)                     18.d)                     19.b)                     20.b)                     21.c)
               22.b)                     23.d)                     24.c)                     25.b)                     26.d)                     27.b)                     28.d)
               29.a)                     30.c)                     31.a)                     32.b)                     33.e)                     34.b)                     35.d)
               36.d)                     37.c)                     38.b)                     39.e)                     40.b)                     41.c)                     42.a)
               43.c)                     44.b)                     45.d)                     46.d)                     47.e)                     48.d)                     49.d)
               50.c)                     51.d)                     52.b)                     53.c)                     54.b)                     55.e)                     56.d)
               57.e)                     58.a)                     59.b)                     60.b)                     61.d)                     62.c)                     63.e)
               64.c)                     65.a)                     66.b)                     67.c)                     68.a)                     69.b)                     70.b)
               71.b)                     72.c)                     73.c)                     74.e)                     75.d)                     76.d)                     77.c)
               78.b)                     79.d)                     80.a)

As on 10,10,2013  BANK RATE :  9%
REPO RATE:  7.50%
SLR 23%

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