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1.         Which of the following does not affect the resolution ofa video display image ?
               b) Raster scan rage
               c) Vertical and horizontal lines of resolution
               d) Screen Size
e) None of these
2.         Latency time is :
               a) Time to spin the needed data under head
               b) Time to spin the needed data under track
               c) Time to spin data under sector
               d) All of these
               e) None of these
3.         DPI stands fot:
               a) Desktop projection Ink
               b) Dot per Inch
               c) Dot-matrix printer ink
               d) Desktop pixel Inch
               e) None of these
4.         Database software may be divided into :
               a) Five distinct categories
               b) Four distinct categories
               c) Three distinct categories
               d) Two distinct categories
               e) None of the these
5.                     File record length :
               a) Should always be fixed
               b) Should always be variable
               c) Depends upon the size of file
               d) Should be chosen to match the data characteristics.
               e) None of the these
6.           …………is the time required by a sector to reach below read/write heat:
       a) Seek Time                                      b) Latency Time                                  c) Access time        
       d) None                                              e) None of the these
7.           ………is a technique of improving the priority of process waiting in Queue for CPU allocation .
       a) Starvation                                       b) Ageing                                             c) Revocation      
       d) Relocation                                      e) None of the these
8.         A grammar for a programming language is a formal description of:
      a) Syntax                                            b) Semantics                                       c) Structure          
      d) Code                                              e) None of the these
9.         ………is a technique of temporarily removing inactive programs from the memory of computer system.
               a) Swapping                                b)Spooling                                          c) Semaphore
      d) Scheduler                                 e) None of the these
10.       The memory allocation scheme subject to "external" fragmentation is :
      a) segmentation                            
      b) swapping                                       
        c) pure demand paging
        d) multiple fixed contiguous partitions                                               
      e) None of the these

11.       Virtual memory is :
               a) simple to implement
               b) used in all major commercial operating systems
               c) less efficient in utilization of memory
               d) useful when fast I/O devices are not available
               e) None of the these
12.       Before proceeding with its execution, each processmust acquire all the resources it needs is called       (a) hold and wait             (b) No pre-emption '                           (c) circular wait
        (d) starvation                               (e) None of the these
13.       The main reason to encrypt a file is to .........
               a) Reduce its size
               b) Secure it for transmission
               c) Prepare it for backup
               d) Include it in the start-up sequence

               e) None of the these

14.           'LRU' page replacement policy is :
                    a) Last Replaced Unit
                    b) Last Restored Unit.
                    c) Least Recently Used
                    d) Least Required Unit.
                    e) None of the these
15.           Which of the following is not a fundamental processstate :
                    a) ready
                    b) terminated
                    c) executing
                    d) blocked
                    e) None of the these
16.          ODBC stands for :
                    a) Object Database Connectivity.
                    b) Oral Database Connectivity.
                    c) Oracle, Database Connectivity.
                    d) Open Database Connectivity.
                    e) None of the these
17.          Which two files are used during operation of theDBMS :
                    a) Query languages and utilities
                    b) DML and query language
                    c) Data dictionary and transaction log
                    d) Data dictionary and query language
                    e) None of the these
18.          A protocol is a set of rules governing a time sequenceof events that must take place :
                    a) between peers
                    b) between an interface
                    c) between modems
                    d) across an interface
            e) None of the these

19.          In communication satellite, multiple repeaters areknown as:
                             a) Detector
                    b) Modulator
                    c) Stations
                    d) Transponders
                    e) None of the these
20.          Which of the following is required to communicatebetween two computers ?
                    a) communications software
                    b) protocol '
                    c) communication hardware
                    d) all of above including access to transmission medium
                    e) None of the these
21.     Which of the following is an advantage to using fiberoptics data transmission? >
               a) resistance to data theft
               b) fast data transmission rate
               c) low noise level
               d) All of these
               e) None of these
22.               Which of the following is not a transmission medium?
               a) telephone lines
               b) coaxial cables
               c) modem
               d) microwave systems
               e) None of the these
23.               A technique for direct search is
               a) Binary Search
               b) Linear Search
               c) Tree Search .
               d) Hashing
               e) None of the these
24.               Two main measures for the efficiency of an algorithm are:
               a) Processor and memory
               b) Complexity and capacity
               c) Time and space
               d) Data and space
               e) None of the these
25.               The space factor when determining the efficiency ofalgorithm is measured by :
               a) Counting the maximum memory needed by the algorithm
               b) Counting the minimum memory needed by the algorithm
               c) Counting the average memory' needed by the algorithm
               d) Counting the maximum disk space needed by the algorithm
               e) None of the these
26.     The memory address of the first element of an array is called ..........
                              a) floor address
                              b) foundation address
               c) first address
                              d) base address
                              e) None of the these
27.           The term "push" and "pop" is related to the :
a) array                                                 b) lists                                                  c) stacks 
d) all of these                                       e) None of the these

28.           What does Router do in a network ?
               a) Forwards a packet to all outgoing links
               b) Forwards a packet to the next free outgoing link
c) Determines on which outing link a packet is to be forwarded
               d) Forwards a packet to all outgoing links except the originated link
               e) None of the these
29.           Repeater operates in which layer of the OSI model ?
               a) Physical layer                                   b) Data link layer                   c) Network layer     
               d) Transport layer                  e) None of the these
30.           GIF images can have only upto            colors.
      a) 128                                                   b)256                                                    c)512      
d) 1024                                                 e) None of these
31.        is stored on a client and contains stateinformation of the website visited.
a) Cookies                             b) Servelet                                            c) History              
d) Resident Page                   e) None of these
32.    ………..are small applications that are accessed on aninternet server, transported over
the internet, automatically installed and run as part of a web document.
      a) Applets                                             b) Java Bean                                        c) Sockets             
d) Java Component                              e) None of these
33.           Encryption is the conversion of data in some intelligible format into an unintelligible format calledto prevent the data from being understood ifread by an unauthorized party.
     a) Clear Text                                         b) Encrypted Text                  c) Cipher Text       
d) Coded Text                                       e) None of these
34.           The method for storing data temporarily such that the input-output of the same job is
               verlapped with its own processing, is known as:
     a) Spooling                                          b) Contention                                       c) I/O wait              
d) Buffering                                          e) None of these
35.           Each cell in a Microsoft Office Excel document is referred to by its cell address, which is the………...
                a) cell's column label
                b) cell's column label and worksheet tab name
                c) cell's row and column labels
                d) cell's row label
                e) None of these
36.               The lowestform of Computer language is called :
                a) BASIC
                b) FORTRAN
                c) Machine Language
                d) COBOL
                e) None of these
37.        The portion of the application that you work with in anapplication software package is the :
            a) user interface
            b) utility interface
            c) processing interface
            d) analytical interface
            e) None of these
38.       A…………….provides access to features of the program.
            a) menu bar
            b) browser
            c) Office Assistant
            d) feature presentation
            e) None of these

39.       Menus are a part of the :
            a) hardware
            b) monitor
            c) Status Bar
            d) user interface
            e) None of these
40.       Which of the following is the term for a request forspecific data contained in a database?
            a) question                               b) query                                   c) inquiry
            d) quiz                                      e) None of these
41.       Windows 7 is an example of a(n)………………………   
            a) application software
            b) browser
            c) operating system
            d) shareware
            e)None of these
42.       The most powerful type of computer are           
            a) Mainframe computers
            b) Microcomputers
            c) Minicomputers
            d) Supercomputers
            e) None of these
43.                   The system component that controls and manipulates data in order to produce information is called the :
            a) Keyboard
            b) Microprocessor
            c) Monitor
            d) mouse
            e) None of these
44.       Which of the following is not an operating system formobile phones ?
            a) Android
            b) Symbian
            c) iOS
            d) Bada
            e) All of these are OS for mobile phones
45.       This type of file is created by word processors :
            a) Worksheet
            b) Document
            c) Database
            d) Presentation
            e) None of these
46.       Many experts are predicting that this revolution is expected to dramatically affect the way we communicate and use computer technology :
            a) Graphics                              b) Input                                     c) Memory       
            d) Wireless                               e) None of these
47.       The Internet was launched in 1969 when the United States funded a project that developed a national computer network called :
            a) Web                                     b) ISP                                       c) CERN          
            d) ARPANET                            e) None of these
48.       A(n)………….program provides access, to Webresources.
            a) Web                                     b) ISP                                       c) browser       
            d) URL                                     e) None of these

49.       Rules for exchanging data between computers are called: .
            a) Programs                             b) Procedures                           c) Protocols     
            d) Hyperlinks                            e) None of these

50.       The last part of the domain name following the dot (.)is the top-……….domain.
            a) Level                                                b) Link                                      c) Locator
            d) Language                             e) None of these


1.A       2.A       3.B       4.C       5.D       6.B       7.B       8.C       9.A       10.A

11.B     12.A     13.B     14.C     15.D     16.D     17.C     18.A     19.D     20.D

21.D     22.C     23.D     24.C     25.A     26.D     27.C     28.C     29.A     30.B

31.A     32.A     33.C     34.D     35.C     36.C     37.A     38.A     39.D     40.B

41.C     42.D     43.B     44.E     45.B     46.D     47.D     48.C     49.C     50.A

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