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United India Insurance interview --MARCH 2015

United India Insurance interview experience
Date & Time: 14.3.2015
 Coimbatore,  Tamil Nadu
I reached the interview venue at 8.45 AM. Certificates were verified and then computer proficiency test was conducted. In that a question paper was given with small paragraph which has to be typed in MS Word and a table was given with data we have to find sum and the hard copy was also submitted along with certificate. Then interview started at 11.30 AM.
There were 4 people (3 male and 1 female).
Most of the conversation was in Tamil.
M1: Tell about yourself
Me: Told
M1: why you chose insurance? Why you didn’t try for other public sector companies?
Me: told
M1: what are effects of insurance bill passed recently?
Me: told the advantage
M1: then why it was opposed?
Me: told
M1: are you ready to work anywhere?
Me: yes (of course….J)
M2: what are important places you have visited in Kanyakumari? (I did my 12th std in Kanyakumari)
Me: (for few seconds I was blank then remembered the places) answered
M2: Capital of Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea?
Me: Told
F1: tell about LIC (since my dad is working in LIC)
Me: told about LIC’s history it’s headquarter, CEO, profit and some points (but she asked more information) then I told about policies and latest activities about LIC (she smiled and asked me to continue but I have already told whatever I knew) I smiled
M3 (in english): tell something about India gate
Me: told (it was in news 2 days before my interview)
M3 (in english): tell about our ex-PM Ms. Indira Gandhi
Me: I told something I knew
M3: Do you know 20 point program?
Me: (I haven’t heard it before) No sir.

My interview was for 20 mins. I was satisfied with my answers to M1, M2, F1 but I think I didn’t satisfy M3. Overall the interview was good.

Wishing the candidate best of luck. 

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