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Interview Experience IBPS Clerk

Dear Readers, 

Mr. PANKAJ KUMAR YADAV has shared his interview experience with us.

Here is the shared information for you.

Question asked in interview at noida for ibps clerk held on 11 feb 2015

1.tell me something about yourself
2.what does your father do
3.why banking after b.tech
4.in which bank do you have your account what rate of interest do they
provide what documents you have given why pan card is necessary
5.as your height is too much you have played volleyball
but i played basketball and then some question related to basketball ie. how
many players area there is it a team game
6. governer of rajasthan why he is so much famous due to some bad or good
7. sources of income for banks
8.governer of kerela
9.how many states are there in india
10. last two states and their cms
11.if posted in tamilnadu in a village will you go there
12. one last subject relateed question in I.T.
what is erp.

except last question i answered all the questions very confidently and for
last i told them sorry sir i don't know

they were very friendly and no need to panic believe in yourself only thing
is that they check our confidence.

my interview was held at noida on 11 feb in morning

Share us your Experince also.


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