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Another milestone -- 33 lakh hits crossed -- Thank you candidates !

My dear candidates !

You have made this possible.  I started the blog site initially in 2009 for giving guidance for interview.  Slowly branched out to written examination also in 2011.

It was during 2011 when Mr. Manohar came into contact with me while I was in USA.  He took the initiative for starting a facebook page for my earlier blog site www.ravisivan.blogspot.com

He also took this address www.sbank.in

He has been keeping this in good shape and form based on necessities and requests.

The site is doing really well.  Quite a good number of candidates have come out successful in the recent IBPS PO/Clerks (25+).

Whenever I get new ideas, concepts I try to post them in this now and then.  Further presence of KUNDAN, Neeju,Bank PO GD and Interview preparation facebook pages is helping more candidates make use of www.sbank.in

Yes today it has crossed 33 lakh hits and I am sure soon it will reach other milestones.

Credit goes to Mr. Manohar for his creativity and also to you boys and girls for making use of this site also amidst other websites which help you in the run.

blessings and good wishes


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