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 Directions 59-63; For the expression which has been underlined in each of the following sentences, choose the response (A), (B), (C) or (D) which most nearly expresses its meaning.
59.  Moralists are usually persons who abstain from alcoholic drinks
       (A)  teetotallers      (B)  ascetics      (C)   pedants      (D)  celibates
60.   The chairman is quick to find fault and is hard to please.
       (A)  frivolous       (B)  facetious      (C)  fastidious    (D)  ferocious
61.   Scriptural in junctions should not be opposed or treated with contempt
       (A)  flouted      (B)  flounced      (C)  floundered    (D)  flaunted
62.   A fortress on a commanding height for defence of a city is called
       (A)  citadel       (B)  metropolis      (C)  megapolis    (D)  headquarters
63.   Nostalgia is
       (A)  anxiety about future                     (B)  feeling of insecurity
       (C)  longing for a period in the past    (D)  an allergy to certain foods
Q.64-73; In this section, each item consists of six sentences of a passage.  The first and the sixth sentences are given in the beginning as S1 and S6.  The middle four sentences in each have been jumbled up and labelled P, Q, R and S.  You are required to find the proper sequence of the four sentences and mark your response accordingly and mark your response accordingly on the Answer Sheet.
64.  S1: While teaching in the class room, our teacher suddenly fainted.
       S6:  the headmaster at once sanctioned his leave
       P : The headmaster soon joined us and spoke to them in a soft voice
       Q : He was told that the patient needed complete rest for a month
       R.:  He was at once taken to the hospital
       S :  The doctors examined him with serious faces.
    The proper sequence should be
(A)   P    Q      R     S       (B)   S   P  Q   R       (C)   Q  P  S   R   (D)  R  S  P  Q
65.  S1: The colonial powers had a very simple technique to rule the world
       S6:  Partition was the culmination
       P : They lumped tribes and people together, played one against the other.
       Q : India’s provinces were more elaborately designed to play the game of
             divide and rule.
       R.:  Africa was divided, believe it or not, on the basis of the lines of
              longitude and latitude.
       S :  They also purchased the loyalties of those locals who were needed as supports for the
              colonial presence.
    The proper sequence should be
(A)   P    R      S     Q       (B)   P   S  R   Q       (C)   S  P  Q   R   (D)  R  P  S  Q
66.  S1: The bank opened at 10.00 a.m.
       S6:  The safe was empty.
       P : The peon opened the safe and returned the keys to the manager
       Q : The manager and the peon went to the safe in the vault.
       R.:  The manager and the peon looked into the safe.
       S :  They were shocked at what they saw there.
    The proper sequence should be
(A)   Q    R      P     S       (B)   Q   P  R   S       (C)   S  Q  R   P   (D)  Q  R  S  P
67.  S1: The crowd swelled round the thief
       S6:  They were followed by the crowd which left the thief alone.
       P : Suddenly he whipped out a knife from under his shirt
       Q : The thief stood quiet, his head hung in shame
       R.:  The two young men holding him were scared by the sight of the shining knife.
       S :  They took to their heels.
    The proper sequence should be
(A)   Q    P      R     S       (B)   S   Q  P   R       (C)   S  P  Q   R   (D)  R  Q  S  P
68.  S1: The old man wanted to cross the road
       S6:  Holding him by hand the driver helped him to cross the road
       P :  The driver got of and came to him
       Q :  He was fed up and was about to return
       R.:  Then a car stopped in front of him
       S :  He waited for a long time..
    The proper sequence should be
(A)   S    Q      R     P       (B)   S   P  R   Q       (C)   Q  R  S   P   (D)  P  S  R  Q
69. S1: The first thing you have to do is to speak with a strong foreign accent and speak
             broken English.
       S6: Half a dozen people will immediately overwhelm you with directions.
       P  : The will be interested in you because you are a foreigner and he will be pleased that
              he could figure out what you said.
       Q  : He will not expect you to be polite and use elaborate grammatical phrases.
       R  : Then every English person to whom you speak will at once know that you are a
              foreigner and try to understand you and be ready to help you.
       S  : If you shout, “please! Charing Cross Which way?” you will have no difficulty.
       The proper sequence should be:
            (A)   S   R   Q   P     (B)   S   R   P   Q      (C)   R   Q   P    S      (D)  R    S    P    Q
70. S1: When a lamb is born its mother may die.
      S6: If a means of overcoming this natural tendency is found, the lives of millions of
            lambs can be saved.
      P  : Thus there will nearly always be both motherless lambs and sheep without lambs.
      Q : However a sheep which has lost its own lamb will not feed or loof after a motherless
      R: At the same time some new born lambs are too weak to live.
      S: This happens in large flocks where many sheep give birth to lambs at the same time.
      The proper sequence should be:
      (A)   P   Q   S    R      (B)    R    P   Q    S      (C)   S    R    Q    P      (D)    S    R    P   Q
71. S1: People very seldom have everything they want.
      S6: Our decisions indicate our scale of preferences and therefore our priorities.
      P  : Usually we have to decide carefully how to spend our income.
      Q  : They may all seem important, but their true importance can be measure by deciding
             which we are prepared to live without.
      R  : When we exercise our choice, we do so according to our personal scale of
      S: In this scale of preferences essential commodities come first, then the kind of luxuries
          which help us to be comfortable, and finally those nonessentials which give us
          personal pleasure.
      The proper sequence should be:
       (A)   P   S   Q   R     (B)   P   R   S   Q     (C)   Q   P   S   R     (D)   R   P   Q   S
72. S1: On 5th October 1818, when young Lincoln was approaching his tenth year, his mother
             Nancy died of fever.
      S6: His total education at school comprised only about a year during which he, however,
            managed to master reading, writing, spelling and some arithmetic.
      P  : She was illiterate, but she brought with her several books, among which were
            Pilgrim’s Progress, Sindbad the Sailor, Robinson Crusoe and Aesop’s Fables.
      Q : Lincoln always acknowledged this moral and intellectual doebt to his step mother.
      R : The following year, his father married Sarah Bush Johnson, a widow with three
      S : These books provided Lincoln with a mass of knowledge.
      The proper sequence should be:
       (A)   R   P   Q   S     (B)   P   S   R   Q     (C)   R   P   S   Q     (D)   P   S   Q   R
73. S1: Crude oil obtained from the field is taken to a refinery for treatment.
      S6: Lubricating oils of various grades are obtained last of all
      P  : The gas that comes off later is condensed into paraffin.
      Q : This allows substances with different boiling points to be separated.
      R : The first vapours to rise when cooled provide the finest petrol.
      S : The commonest form of treatment is heating.
      The proper sequence should be:

       (A)   S   Q   R   P     (B)   R   S   P   Q     (C)   S   R   P   Q     (D)   R   P   Q   S
 59. (A): One who avoids completely from alcoholic beverages
60. (C): hard to please       61. (A): Treat with contemptuous disregard      
62. (A): A stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle
63. (C): Longing for something past.       64. (D)       65. (B)       66. (B)       67. (A)      
68. (A)       69. (C)       70. (B)       71. (B)       72. (A)       73. (A)       

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