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General Awareness (with Special Reference to Banking Industry)--715---CLERKS / PO

General Awareness
(with Special Reference to Banking Industry)

121. Who among the following has been appointed as the Chairman of the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers on Goods and Services Tax (GST)'?
a) Manish Sisodia        b) Jayant Malaiya        c) Saurabh Patel          d) KM Mani
e) None of these

122. Muhammadu Buhari won presidential election in which of the following countries recently?
a) Somalia       b) Cameroon              c) Ghana          d) Nigeria        e) Liberia

123. At least 147 students were massacred when Shebab Islamist group raided a university in the town of Garissa in which of the following countries recently?
a) Somalia       b) Syria            c) Libya           d) Kenya         e) Egypt

124. The banknote of Rs.5 denomination is signed by who among the following in India?
a) Governor, RBI        b) One of the deputy governors, RBI             c) Finance Minister
d) Finance Secretary   e) None of these

125. To bring poor under the network of financial inclusion, which of the following will be the most important financial service?
a) Public Provident Fund        b) Health Insurance                 c) Bank Account
d) Life Insurance        e) Old Age Pension

126. Which of the following films has won the best feature film award at the 62nd National Film Awards?
a) Mary Kom               b) Haider         c) Queen          d) Court          e) Chotushkone

127. Who won the men’s singles title of the India Open Super Series badminton tournament recently?
a) Viktor Axelsen        b) Kidambi Srikanth               c) Lin Dan       d) Ajay Jayaram
e) Parupalli Kashyap

128. The 2015 roster of ‘World’s Greatest Leaders’ by Fortune magazine, which includes the 50 greatest leaders in the world including PM Narendra Modi, is topped by
a) Narendra Modi       b) Kailash Satyarthi                c) Tim Cook
d) Barack Obama        e) Shinzo Abe

129. We come across the term NBFC quite often. What does letter ‘F’ denote in the term NBFC?
a) Fiscal           b) Financial     c) Foreign        d) Forward      e) Formal

130. Which of the' following is the name of an Indian credit rating agency?
a) CRISIL       b) SIDBI         c) ICERT        d) IBA            e) IDFC

131. Who among the following has been selected for the Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2014?
a) RBI                         b) ISRO          c) SEBI           d) TRAI          e) PFRDA

132. Who among the following has been honoured with Major Dhyan Chand Lifetime Achievement Award by Hockey India?
a) Gagan Ajit Singh                b) Dilip Tirkey             c) Arjun Halappa        
d) Balbir Singh Senior e) Dhanraj Pillay V
133. Who among the following is NOT an awardee of India’s second highest civilian honour Padma Vibhushan this year? The award was conferred on 8 Apr.
a) Amitabh Bachchan             b) Jahnu Barua            c) Kottayan K Venugopal
d) D Veerendra Heggade       e) Prince Karim Aga Khan

134. Which of the following terms is NOT directly related to the functioning of the RBI?
a) Ombudsman            b) MSF            c) SENSEX     d) Foreign Exchange Reserves
e) None of these

135. Which of the following works for promoting foreign investment in India?
            a) FCCB          b) FIPB           c) IFCI                        d) IFSC           e) IRDA

136. The 5th meeting of the Health Ministers of SAARC countries was held on 8 April in
a) New Delhi               b) Kathmandu                         c) Dhaka          d) Colombo     e) Male

137. The book Indian Parliamentary Diplomacy: Speaker’s Perspective has been authored by
a) Sumitra Mahajan                 b) Meira Kumar           c) Manohar Joshi
d) Somnath Chatterjee                        e) PA Sangma
138. The 54-nation African Union has its headquarters in
a) Algiers, Algeria                   b) Cairo, Egypt           c) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
d) Bangui, Central African Republic              e) Yaoundé, Cameroon

139. Which of the following terms is used in the field of economics?
a) Absolute zero          b) Balance of payment            c) Viscosity    
4) Prorogation             e) None of these

140. Which of the following organisations formulate rules of international trade between nations?
a) ADB           b) IMF             c) WTO           d) World Bank            e) None of these

141. The recent survey sponsored by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has projected the economic growth rate of the country for the current fiscal at
a) 8.5 per cent            b) 8 per cent                c) 7.5 per cent            
d) 7.9 per cent             e) 7.3 per cent

142. The FINA is the international governing body of which of the following games?
a) Swimming   b) Archery       c) Snooker       d) Football      e) Basketball

143. Which of the following countries/blocs lined the ban on import of mangoes from India recently?
a) US               b) UK              c) Russia          d) European Union     e) African Union

144. Which of the following services is provided by the RBI only?
a) Compilation of economic data                    b) Buying/selling gold coins
c) Issuing demand draft                                  d) Lockers for safe custody off valuables
e) Issuing currency notes

145. Which of the following is a govt of India undertaking?
a) ONGC        b) Federal Bank          c) BSE             d) Axis Bank            e) None of these

146. Who among the following is the present Union Minister of Communications and Information Technology?
            a) Arun Jaitley                         b) Nitin Gadkari          c) Sadananda Gowda
d) Ravi Shankar Prasad          e) None of these

147. India has become the third-largest steel producer in the world. Which of the following countries is the world’s largest producer of steel?
a) China           b) Japan           c) US               d) Germany     e) France

148. The World Health Day is celebrated on
a) 2 Apr           b) 4 Apr           c) 7 Apr           d) 12 Apr        e) 22 Apr

149. Which of the following awards is given to film actors for their lifetime achievements?
a) Kalidas Samman                 b) Saraswati Samman              c) Arjun Award
d) Dadasaheb Phalke              e) None of these

150. What is the full form of the term CBS?
a) Central Banking Solutions
b) Critical Banking Solutions
c) Commercial Banking Solutions
d) Core Banking Solutions
e) None of these

151. The first phase of the Universal Immunisation Programme Mission is being implemented in 201 districts of the country from 7 Apr. What is the name of the mission?
a) Kawach       b) Suraksha     c) Indradhanush          d) Sanjiwani    e) None of these

152. ____________ has been appointed Chairman of the Indian Premier League (IPL) Governing Council recently.
a) Ranjib Biswal          b) Ajay Shirke             c) Ravi Shastri             d) Sourav Ganguly
e) Rajeev Shukla

153. The first, of the Indian Navy’s six Scorpene-class stealth submarines was undocked in Mumbai on 6 Apr. The Indian Navy has named the submarine as
a) Kalvari        b) Khanderi     c) Karanj         d) Kursura       e) None of these

154. India might soon be competing with the likes of Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia with its own International Finance Service Centre (IFSC) coming up in a year’s time in the state of
a) Maharashtra            b) Karnataka               c) Tamil Nadu             d) Gujarat
5) Andhra Pradesh

155. What is the Budget allocation to provide interest subsidy for exports for fiscal year 2015-16?
a) Rs.1,250 cr              b) Rs.1,475 cr              c) Rs.1,625 cr              d) Rs.1,750 cr
5) None of these

156. What is a ‘post-dated’ cheque?
a) An unsigned cheque
b) A cheque with a date later than the current date
c) A cheque with a date prior to the current date
d) A blank cheque                   e) None of these

157. The ICC Cricket World Cup in 2019, to be played from 30 May to 15 Jul, will be hosted by
a) South Africa           b) India           c) Sri Lanka     d) England      e) None of these

158. Ashgabat is the capital city of which of the following countries?
a) Uzbekistan              b) Kazakhstan                         c) Turkmenistan          d) Ukraine
e) None of these

159. Who is the winner of the men’s singles title of the Miami Masters 2015?
a) Andy Murray          b) Novak Djokovic     c) David Ferrer            d) Rafael Nadal
e) None of these

160. The investments in Public Provident Fund (PPF) will earn what per cent interest for 2015-16 as announced by the Finance Ministry?
a) 9 percent                 b) 8.7 percent              c) 9.2 percent              d) 8.3 percent

e) 10.2 per cent

121. d)             122. d)             123. d)             124. a)             125. c)

126. d)             127. b)             128. c)             129. b)             130. a)

131. b)             132. d)             133. b)             134. c)             135. b)

136. a)             137. b)             138. c)             139. b)             140. c)

141. d)             142. a)             143. d)             144. e)             145. a)

146. d)             147. a)             148. d)             149. d)             150. d)

151. c)             152. e)             153. a)             154. d)             155. c)

156. b)             157. d)             158. c)             159. b)             160. b)

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