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BUSINESS letters are often the first form of communication that is seen by those you are or wanting to conduct business with. A poorly written business letter may cause someone to have a negative idea of your business. When business letters are written well, with correct spelling, punctuation and tone, they have a greater impact on your business. Ultimately, this can lead to increased profits and greater success for you and your company.
Brainstorm what you want to say. Don’t worry about putting it down correctly at first. Just get the things you need to make sure are in the letter down on paper.
Start organizing what you have just put down. Decide which subject or sentence will be the first one after the introductory (or opening) sentence.

Continue to organize your sentences and paragraphs. Remember that you are still working with a rough draft, so make changes as needed.

Add or include any documentation, figures or information that is needed.

Go back and read it again once you have everything written down. Make additions, changes and corrections as needed.

Save this “rough draft.” This way, when you begin writing the actual letter, you will still have your original draft in case something should happen to the computer or any other incident should occur. By having this, you will not have to start all over.

Go back and write your letter in its final, ready-to-print format.
Perform the spell-check and grammar-check functions, and correct any errors.

Print the letter out (on a quality printer). Remove the paper carefully, and allow it to sit for a few minutes before signing it, folding it and placing it in the envelope.

Note:  A few letters are given for reference.   Candidates may choose to present letters in their own words briefly depending on the Marks allotted for the question taking into account the type of letter.

Q.01. From a son to his father informing him of the choice of a profession.
4, Hemant Street
April 23, 2016
My dear Father,
            As my education is now finished, it is necessary for me to think of taking some calling or profession. I had a strong inclination to be a lawyer; but the profession has ceased to dazzle my imagination, although its glamour still dazzles the imagination of many. In this profession however honourable and lucrative it may be, I see people starve. At the Bar, one can scarcely hope to acquire competency even after ten or twelve years of waiting. I have therefore, made up my mind not to study law. The medical profession, too, is overcrowded.
            Considering all these things, I have decided to turn a trader. Here, once can easily earn independence, if one be industrious, observant and conscientious. Trade holds out a sure prospect of growing rich within no time. I beg you to think over what I say, and write whether you approve of the choice I have made or not.
I remain,

My dear Father,
Ever your affectionate son,
Q.02. Write a letter to your elder brother from the town in which you have just joined a new appointment describing the interesting features of the town, of the people with whom you are associated and of the work you are required to do.
13, Nicholson Road,
June 25, 2015
My dear Brother,
            I was right glad to receive your letter and learn that everyone was doing well at home. You have asked me to give you a description of the town I live in, and I readily comply with your wished. I am sure the description will make you like the place and fill you with a longing to see it.
            The town possesses many interesting features. It is a big trade center. There are four cloth mills here, which supply cloth to the whole state. There is a big cloth market where you can buy cloth of any design you like. People, from neighbouring villages flock here to buy cloths. There are four High Schools – one is a Government school, another is managed by local Sanatan dharma Sabha, while the third is a Jat school. The fourth is a Mission High School. It is run by Christian missionaries belonging to the Presbytetian Church of America. It is in a very flourishing condition and has seven hundred students on it rolls. There is also a Technical College where industries as leather, cloth, carpentry, smith’s work, painting and dyeing are taught to the students. There are two female hospitals where thousands of patients are treated every month. Besides these, there is a charitable eye hospital, supervised by an eminent doctor of state reputation. During the months of October and November, thousands of patients are admitted in the hospital. But the most interesting feature of the town is its magnificent temples where hymns are sung and cymbals are clashed morning and evening,
            The people here are nice. They are honest, straightforward and hard working. They are not addicted to any such vices as drinking and gambling. They earn their living honestly and pass their time in healthy amusements. All my colleagues are very sympathetic towards me and help me whenever I require help. They point put to me pitfalls into which I may fall. The Headmaster is a thorough gentleman and takes keen interest in the welfare of the students and institution. He is very kind and sympathetic to all.
            The work that I am required to do is to my taste and congenial. In the school I teach English and Mathematics for about three hours and return home at half-past eleven. For the rest of the day I am free. The students are fairly intelligent; they take interest in their studies and follow easily what I teach them.
             I hope you are keeping fit.
With best wishes,
I remain,
Yours affectionately,
Q.3. To a friend describing to him your feeling on a visit to a very dear relation after a long absence.
19, Tilak Dwar,
July 9, 2015
My dear Naresh,
            There is no reason why I should write this letter to you just now. Only a week ago, I wrote to you and have not yet received any reply. But, dear friend, I cannot help it. My heart is too full, and I must tell you all.
            A few days back, I was at Anantpur. It was here that I spent six happy years of my boyhood with my grandmother. The small town of the Kangra Valley knew me as a restless, quarrelsome, God forsaken little devil. My grandmother was put to so much trouble in keeping me within bounds. But she loved me dearly, and she loves me dearly still.
Something happened. I cannot exactly describe it. You know family quarrels are dangerous things. There was quarrel and my parents took me away from Anantpur. Today, I appear to be just city-bred, stylish young collegian, perhaps too strong for many of my class-fellows. But I have always been pining for Anantpur in the silence of my heart. I know you would understand me. You have that sympathy which always made me feel at home in your company though you are older and wiser than me. 
I longed for my grandmother. In those days when I was her little ward, I did not much care for her, at least I did not want to show it to any one how much I cared. After seven long years, with the old quarrel forgotten, and some of the parties dead, I went to Anantpur to see my grandmother.
There she was, little more bent then before, the eyes dimmer and some new wrinkles on her face! The dear sweet face! I wept, I could not check my tears. The old house on a hill top, the orchards, the little river down in the valley, the white road going across the hills, the school where I enjoyed and suffered much, but above everything, the same soft cool hand caressing me. How could I stay away from her all these years? - she asked. In reply, I looked down and shed tears of penitence.
She has not forgotten all my pretty likes and dislikes. She remembers my favourite dishes even. Going to her was like going back to my boyhood. Of wonder and hope. Would you believe it, for some time I forget then, I was a young man of seventeen and that I had seen and known the big busy world outside the rim of hills around Anantpur! I was just a boy of ten being petted by my grandmother.
After a few days stay, I had to tear myself away. But I have formed a resolution. After my examination, I shall go back to her, and will not come back if she does not come with me.
Forgive me if I have troubled you with my sorrows.
Yours affectionately,


Q.4. To a friend, describing a cricket match.
12,Clive Lines
July, 10,2015

My dear Kailash,
            You must have received my last letter by this time. In the present letter, I am going to give you an account of a great match between the M.C.C. and the All India Cricket Team, which I witnessed a few days ago. Some of the M.C.C. players are good batsmen, but they suffered much at the hands of their opponents.
            The M.C.C. lost the toss and the Indian team went in. Their first wicket fell in about ten minutes when the score stood at fifteen, and I believe they felt it was bad omen when their second followed at the next ball. The [itch afforded a considerable assistance to the M.C.C. bowlers who surprised all with their accuracy. The Indian players were struggling for runs with the solitary exception of Raoji who played against the bowing with freedom, his first three drives being sixes. Within an hour, he pulled up the score to a hundred. Nazir was very much afraid of Hammond and Griffith, the fastest bowlers, but he played a steady game though he could score only at a slow rate, his 38 taking him about an hour. Then came the turn of our veteran player Chatterjee, who was known far and wide for his country. He was not afraid of the bowling and drove the ball over the field. He remained at the wickets for about forty minutes during which he hit eleven fours and four sixes. Then there was a sudden collapse and the whole team was bundled out for 200.
            The M.C.C made rather a weak start. Their first three wickets fell in about fifteen minutes when the score stood at ten. However, their captain cheered them up and made a great stand when he was caught at 80. Then their wickets began to fall quickly. The game seemed to point to defeat for the M.C.C. But when their ninth and tenth players came to bat, their hopes survived and (wonder of wonders) they hit and drove till the score was neatly 150. At last one fine catch sent one of the scorers off the field. But the last man was a daring batsman whose hits won continued applause form the crowed. As bad-luck would have it, one slow ball took the bails off the wickets, and the score stood at 170.
            In the second innings, the Indian team was out for one hundred and six. You can imagine the excitement as the M.C.C. score crept up after one hundred and fifty with two wickets to spare and the great astonishment as one hundred and sixty vie went up with a wicket still to fall. However, their luck took a bad turn and two good balls from the bowlers sent the player to rest. No doubt, the Europeans sustained defeat yet player very good cricket. I have never seen such enthusiasm for a cricket match in Delhi.
            Ever sincerely yours,

Q.5. To a friend, describing a serious lorry-truck collision.

16, Hewett Road
June 9, 2015.
My dear Harish,
            Many thanks for your letter. I am glad to know that you are leaving for Dalhousie for a change of climate. Dalhousie is a nice hill station and your health will improve considerably.
            You will be shocked to hear that dear Ramesh was killed in a serious lorry-truck collision, which occurred last morning around 6.30 near the Regal Cinema. According to the version of an eyewitness, a passenger lorry, bound for Firosepur, was moving towards the Charring Cross. A truck full of bricks was coming from the opposite direction. It was running at a terrific speed. When the passenger-lorry reached the crossing of the Regal Cinema, the brick laden truck struck the passenger lorry, with a terrific force. The truck at once turned and in the twinkling of an eye, the passenger –lorry, after almost a full turn, fell on the road as well. Two schoolboys who were going towards the Lawrence for the morning walk were trapped and killed. Ramesh, while trying to save the boy was also crushed to death. In order to save the boys from the clutches of death, he sacrificed his own life. The gruesome tragedy took place so sudden that everybody was stunned to know and hear of it. As soon as the accident took place, the news was conveyed to the Charring Cross police station. The police inspector as well as the sub-inspector at once rushed to the spot with some policemen and an ambulance car. The police rendered useful service. The crushed bodies, which had been reduced to a pulp were pulled out from underneath the lorry. With the help of ambulance car, the injured persons and passengers were at once taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. The dead bodies were removed and carried by the police, to the Mayo hospital for post-mortem. The driver of the truck was arrested.
            The drivers are responsible for the gruesome accident because of their rash driving and not keeping within the speed limits. In most of these accidents, trucks carrying bricks and involved. The citizens of Simla have passed a resolution to the effect that no truck carrying bricks should be allowed to enter the city limits al all during the day time when there is a heavy traffic. The trucks are not to be allowed to come to the city before 10 p.m. and after 5 a.m.
            I am really sorry for the unexpected death of Ramesh. However, what cannot be cured must be endured.

Yours sincerely,
Q.6.You are (XYZ) staying at the Press Apartments of Nagpur. The main road leading to this colony has three open manholes causing frequent accidents at night. Also, it gets so dark after seven in the evening in winter that the children and women of these apartments just cannot venture to move out alone during night time. Write a letter to the Editor of the Times of India drawing attention of the government to this problem of the residents.
153, Press Apartments,

The Editor
Times of India,
New Delhi.
 March 12, 2016
Dear Sir,
            Trough the columns of your esteemed Daily, I want to invite the attention of the government to the problems of the residents of our colony. The main road leading to the colony has three open manholes. They have been lying unattended over a month and during this period there have occurred serious accidents, especially at night. Secondly, it gets so dark after seven in the evening in winter that the children and women of these apartments cannot venture to move out alone during night time.
            A few cases of chain snatching and robbery have taken place. So this road needs lighting at night. Due to these two problems, all the residents fell scared to come out when circumstances so warrant.
            I would draw the attention of the civic authorities to this genuine problem and would request them to attend to this at the earliest.
            Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Q.7.      You are (XYZ) staying at ‘Ankur Apartments’, Mayur Vihar, Delhi. There is no bus stop within the radius of 2 km from the apartments, causing a lot of inconvenience to the residents. Write to the Editor of the Times of India drawing attention of the government to this problem of the residents for rectification.
10, Ankur Apartments,
Mayur Vihar, Delhi.
March 2, 2016.
Sub:  No Bus stop in Mayur Vihar – providing one
Dear Sir,
            Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw the attention of the Chairman, Delhi Transport Corporation, New Delhi, towards the difficulties of the residents of Ankur Apartments, Mayur Vihar, for want of a bus stop here. There would be hardly any one believing that this Colony doesn’t have a bus stop in the radius of 2 km. The absence of the bus stop has put the residents to a great hurdle and inconvenience. The residents of this colony are mostly government employees. They belong to middle and lower income groups and heavily depend on public transport system. Consequently, for want of a bus stop they trundle in the morning and evening to catch buses at 2 km away.
            They have to start off for duties earlier. This avoidable inconvenience proves a harassment and wastage of time for them. It is ridiculous to see men, women, girls and boys competing to reach the bus stand both in the morning and evening. The residents met last month the Hon’ble Transport Minister, with this genuine problem. He assured to look into the matter at the earliest. But to our disappointment nothing concrete has come out so far. However, I hope that by this time you might have received some sort of communications from the Transport ministry to this effect.
            I, therefore, request you kindly to look into the matter and remove this genuine problem of the residents of Ankur Apartments in providing a bus stand here.
            Sir we need your encouragement and hope you will not disappoint us.
            Thanking you,
            Yours faithfully,
Q.8. You are (XYZ) staying in Kanishka, Cooperative Group Hous9ng Society, Indira Nagar, Mumbai. There are no streetlights on the main road leading to this colony. The roads gets so dark after seven in the evenings in winter that the possibility of some major accident cannot be ruled out. Write a letter to the Editor of a national daily drawing attention of the government to this serious problem of the residents of Indira Nagar.
15, Kanishka Cooperative Group Housing Society
Indira Nagar

The Editor
The Times of India
March 15, 2016
Dear Sir,
            Through the columns of your esteemed Daily, I want to draw the attention of the government to the serious problems in the absence of streetlights on the main road leading to this colony. The main road is about 2 km away and has no light at all. The road gets so dark after seven in the evenings in winter that there is every possibility of a major accident. It has become a kind of habit to the children and women of this colony not to venture out in the dark after seven. There are always apprehensive that there may occur incidents of chain snatching, robbery etc. as the road is virtually such a place to allow this possibility. The public safety is really in danger.
            The circumstances stated above, I urge the civic authorities to install lights on this main road so that all living here might feel safe and secure.
            Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Q.9. Write a letter to the Editor of a local daily on how the nuisance caused by the pavement shops in Arambagh Market can be curbed.

20, Rani Jhansi road,
New Delhi.

The Editor
The Hindustan times
New Delhi.
March 22, 2016
Dear Sir,
            I would like to invite the kind attention of civic authorities the nuisance caused by the pavement shops in Arambagh Market. Every month the number of these shops has been increasing. The shopkeepers have extended their wooden makeshift structures farther with the result that the pavements are now almost nonexistent. Walking has virtually become impossible. If one walks on the roadside, one is bound to be involved in a major accident. Secondly, this kind of encroachment has increased the possibilities of eve teasing and traffic jams have become a daily occurrence. There is thus a sense of insecurity is visiting this market. 
            I would urge the authorities to regulate the traffic flow on this road by removing the illegal encroachment. There is also a need for police patrolling at peak hours.
            Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Q.10.    You have noticed many stray animals on the road during the busy hours of the day. These animals have caused traffic jam as well as accidents. You have already written to the concerned authorities but no action has been taken so far. So write a letter to the Editor of a leading newspaper telling him about the nuisance created by the stray animals. Sign your name as XYZ.
C/5, Asam
The Editor
The Assam Times
March 29, 2016.
Dear Sir,
            Through the columns of your esteemed Daily, I would like to draw the attention of the civic authorities towards the increased cattle menace on the roads of the city almost 24 hours. These animals keep on wandering on the busy roads, as they like, and cause frequent traffic jams as well as accidents. They have thus become a traffic bottleneck and cause untold miseries to the road users. I have written many a time to the concerned authorities but, unfortunately, no steps have been taken so far.
            There is definitely a grave danger to the human beings using the roads of the city. I urge that the civic authorities must take immediate steps to catch these stray cattle and send them to the proper places. It is also desirable that the owners of these cattle must be identified and warned not to let these cattle lose after milking them.
            I hope the authorities would take necessary steps in this direction and would get the city roads rid of this menace.
            Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

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