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1. Improve your vocabulary -- http://www.sbank.in/2013/08/word-list-for-bank-exams-and-software.html..
2. Study grammar.=http://www.sbank.in/2016/05/finding-out-error-concepts-and-exercises.html
3. Work out model papers given in the last six months magazines -- BSC, Banking and You, Banking Guru, Pratyogita Kiran.(any two).
4. Take up online test membership from BSC/MAHENDRA/TESTBOOK/BANKERSADDA/PRACTICEMOCK and work out one paper at least every day,.
5. Buy previous papers/model paper booklet of BSC/ARIHANT/KIRAN.
6. For Quants --improve basics -- tables upto 20, squares upto 50, cubes upto 25, Formulae --for square, rectangle, circle, sphere, cubes, --simple interest, time and work, time and distance etc,
7, Have your own short cuts for quants for working out data interpretation questions quickly.
8. Read an English newspaper regularly at least head lines , also read bankers adda/testbook.com daily current affairs.
9. Purchase Upkars Banking awareness book (Rs.99) -- available in amazon.in and read thoroughly.
10. Improve Static GK knowledge by reading GK book and/or online materials.
11. Computer Knowledge -- BSC objedtive questions booklet and/or Upkars/Kiran.
12. Work out reasoning problems especially recent exam questions quickly.
13. Practice seriously.
14. If possible establish contact with another girl/boy in the same city/town and spend roughly 15 minutes per day for analysis chapters read and for clarification.
15.  In case you need further clarification do not hesitate to write to samba.ssivan@gmail.com.  

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