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1. A draft White Paper released by the Law Commission of India on April 17, 2018 recommended holding of simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and the Assemblies, possibly in 2019. The key recommendations of the Commission include :
a) The leader of the majority party be elected as Prime Minister or the Chief Minister by the entire House (Lok Sabha or Assembly) for stability.
b) In case a government falls mid-term, the term of the new government would be for the remaining period only
c) A no-confidence motion against the government should be followed by a confidence motion
d) All of the above
2. The Union Cabinet on April 21, 2018 approved promulgation of the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance to provide stringent punishment for rapists. Key provisions of this Ordinance include :
a) Rape of a girl under 12 years : 20 years in jail or life imprisonment or death
b) Rape of a girl under 16 years : Minimum punishment increased from, 10 to 20 years, extendable to imprisonment for life
c) Rape of women : Minimum punishment raised from imprisonment of 7 years to 10 years, extendable to life
d) All of the above
3. The Union Cabinet on April 25, 2018 approved the extension of the National Bamboo Mission (NBM) till 2019-20 at an expenditure of
a) Rs. 1180 crore   b) Rs. 1360 crore   c) Rs. 1290 crore   d) Rs. 1470 crore
4. Who among the following was on March 30, 2018 appointed Director-General of the National Testing Agency in the Ministry of Human Resources?
a) Anurag Agarwal   b) Vineet Joshi   c) Ritivik Pandey   d) Uday Singh Kumawat
5. Which of the following agreements was/were signed between India and Nepal on April 7, 2018 in New Delhi after Prime Minister Narendra Modi met his Nepalese counterpart KP Oli?
a) A New railway line, with India’s financial support, to connect Raxaul in India to Kathmandu in Nepal
b) Development of inland water ways for movement of cargo, within the framework of trade and transit arrangements
c) India to conduct a pilot project on organic farming and soil health monitoring in Nepal
d) All of the above
6. The Indian Air Force (IAF) carried out one of its biggest combat exercise – Exercise Gagan-Shakti – from April 8 to 22, 2018. Salient features of this exercise include :
a) The IAF conducted maritime air operation on the western order on April 14, 2018
b) About 15,000 IAF personnel shifted from training to war holes
c) The main objective of the exercise was to check the force’s war-waging capability.
d) All of the above
7. Which of the following schemes/projects was/were inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 14, 2018 in Chhattisgarh?
a) First health centre under the Ayushman Bharat scheme
b) First phase of the Bastar Internet scheme   c) Bank branches in seven villages in the State
d) All of the above
8. An ambitious Health Assurance Scheme of Government of Assam – Atal Amrit Abhiyan – was launched on April 18, 2018 in Guwahati. Salient features of this scheme include :
a) Financial benefits : upto Rs. 2 lakh per individual per annum
b) Completely cashless : Laminated card to every enrolled beneficiary to enable cashless treatment at empanelled hospitals.
c) Comprehensive coverage : Includes consultation, medicine, diagnostics, surgical, food, hospital charges, transport etc.
d) All of the above
9. The Delhi Government’s Budget 2018-19, presented on March 22, 2018, laid emphasis on environment, health and education. The major highlights of the Budget include :
a) 50% discount on registration charges for factory – fitted CNG private cars
b) Construction of an elevated road parallel to the Yamuna from Signature Bridge to Kalindi Kunj bypass
c) Universal Health Insurance Scheme for Delhiites to avail treatment at empanelled private hospitals and government hospitals.
d) All of the above
10. Select the correct statements regarding Economic Survey 2017 - 18 of Odisha which was tabled in the State Assembly on March 22, 2018 :
a) Odisha’s economy is estimated to grow at 7.14 per cent as against the national average of 6.5 per cent in 2017-18.
b) Real per capita income increased by 42 per cent to an estimated level of Rs. 92,727 in 2017 – 18.
c) Agriculture accounts for an imposing 62 per cent of the total unorganized workforce
d) All of the above
11. The Mizoram Assembly on March 29, 2018 passed the annual budget for the 2018-19 fiscal laying special emphasis on the New Economic Development Policy and the New Land Use Policy. The size of budget is
a) Rs. 9,641.49 crore   b) Rs. 9,492.38 crore   c) Rs. 9,356.24 crore   d) Rs. 9,518.62 crore
12. The World Bank on April 16, 2018 signed a _______ loan agreement for revitalizing natural resources in Meghalaya through a community-led landscape approach.
a) $ 48 million   b) $ 52 million   c) $ 54 million   d) $ 44 million
13. Who among the following took over as the National Security Adviser in the United States on April 9, 2018?
a) Michael Anton   b) John Bolton   c) Mike Pompeo   d) Gina Haspel
14. United States, British and French forces struck Syria with more than 100 missiles on April 14, 2018 in the first coordinated Western strikes against the Damascus Government. The targets of the attach include :
a) The Barzeh research centre was ‘destroyed’ using 76 missiles
b) The Him Shinshar storage near Homs was hit by 22 projectiles
c) Its bunker facility was targeted with seven Scout missiles   d) All of the above
15. Experts from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) arrived in Syria in April 2018 to probe allegations of attack. The OPCW is based in
a) Helsinki, Finland   b) London, United Kingdom   c) The Hague, Netherlands
d) Paris, France
16. Miguel Diaz-Canel was sworn-in as Cuba’s new President on April 19, 2018 replacing Raul Castro. Mr. Caren was appointed Vice President of Cuba in the year
a) 2013   b) 2012   c) 2011   d) 2010
17. Who among the following took over as the President of Myanmar on March 28, 2018 after President Htin Kyaw resigned due to ill health on March 21, 2018?
a) Aung Shin   b) Win Myint   c) Prachyut Hung   d) Wang Shangi
18. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, whose hallowed place in the pantheon of South Africa’s liberators was eroded by scandal, died on April 2, 2018 in Johamnesburg. In which year the South African Government gave her one of the country’s highest honours – the Order of Luthuli?
a) 2014   b) 2015   c) 2016   d) 2013
19. Select the correct provisions about the Fugitive Economic Offenders Ordinance, 2018 approved by the Union Cabinet on April 21, 2018 for promulgation :
a) Provision for an application before a special court for declaration of an individual as a fugitive economic offender
b) Attachment of the property of a fugitive economic offender and proceeds of crime
c) Issuing of a notice by the special court to the individual alleged to be a fugitive economic offender
d) All of the above
20. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on April 5, 2018 announced the first bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement for 2018-19. The major highlights of the policy statement include :
a) 6% is the current repo rate, the rate at which the RBI lends funds
b) 5.75% is reverse repo rate, the rate at which RBI borrows from bank
c) 4.7-5.1% CPI inflation for first half of 2018-19 and 4.4% in second half
d) All of the above
21. The International Monetory Fund (IMF), in the latest World Economic Outlook, released on April 17, 2018, projected India to grow in 2018 at
a) 7.6 per cent   b) 7.4 per cent   c) 7.2 per cent   d) 7.8 per cent
22. Capital market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on March 28, 2018 took a key step to improve the corporate governance framework of listed firms by partly accepting the recommendations of the Uday Kotak Committee, which was set up on
a) June 2, 2017   b) January 1, 2017   c) April 1, 2017   d) February 1, 2017
23. The World Bank on April 15, 2018 released its bi-annual South Asia Economic Focus report. Select the correct statements with reference to the report :
a) Indian economy is projected to grow by 7.3 per cent in 2018 and 7.5 per cent in 2019
b) India will drive South Asia to grow 6.9 per cent in 2018 and 7.1 per cent in 2019
c) India must create 8.1 million jobs a year to maintain its employment rate
d) All of the above
24. According to Prime Data base data, released on March 29, 2018, the financial year 2017 – 18 saw a record mobilization of _________ through public issues in India.
a) Rs. 1.68 lakh crore   b) Rs. 1.82 lakh crore   c) Rs. 1.77 lakh crore   d) Rs. 1.54 lakh crore
25. Which of the following films was adjudged the Best Feature Film at the 65th National Film Awards on April, 13, 2018?
a) Mom   b) Village Rockstars    c) Nagar Kirtan   d) Irada
26. Who among the following was elected the President of Editors Guild of India on April 14, 2018 in New Delhi?
a) Shekhar Gupta   b) AK Bhattacharya   c) Sheela Bhatt   d) Harendra Sengupta
27. Indian women’s cricket team captain Mithali Raj was named sportsperson of the year at the Telangana Sports Journalists Association annual awards for 2017 in Hyderabad on March 31, 2018. Who among the following was adjudged the Best Senior Female Athlete?
a) Saina Nehwal   b) Sania Mirza   c) PV Sindhu    d) MC Mary Kom
28. The prize for public service, considered the most prestigious of the Pulitzers, was awarded on April 16, 2018 to
a) The New York Times and The New Yorker magazine
b) Washington Post and The New Yorker magazine
c) The New York Times and Washington Post   d) Washington Post and GK
29. Which of the following combinations of Book and Author is not correct?
a) Home Fire – Kamila Shamsie   b) The Free Voice – Ravish Kumar
c) Split : A Life – Imran Khan   d) Reshaping Art – TM Krishna
30. Who among the following was not selected as the Wisden’s Cricketer of the Year in April 2018?
a) Heather Knight   b) Natalie Sciver   c) Amy Jones   d) Anya Shrubsole
31. Who among the following won the girls’ shot put gold in the 16th Federation Cup National Junior athletics championship on April 20, 2018 in Coimbatore?
a) Kachnar Choudhary   b) Kiran Baliyan   c) Anamika Das   d) Manju Rani
32. Who among the following set up new National record in the boys’ 100m in the 16th Federation Cup National Junior athletics championship on April 21, 2018 in Coimbatore?
a) Gurindervir Singh, Punjab   b) Akash Kumar, Uttar Pradesh   c) Nihal Joel, Karnataka
d) Kunal Choudhary, Delhi
33. Who among the following won the Monte Carlo Masters tennis title for the record 11 times in the Open era on April 22, 2018?
a) Roger Federer, Switzerland   b) Kei Nishikori, Japan   c) Rafael Nadal, Spain
d) Novak Djokovic, Serbia
34. Who among the following created new National Record in the boys’ hammer throw in the 16th Federation Cup junior athletics championship on April 22, 2018 in Coimbatore?
a) Nitesh Poonia, Rajasthan   b) Damneet Singh, Punjab   c) Sahil Silwal, Haryana
d) Ashish Jakhar, Haryana
35. Who among of the following won the Panasonic Open golf title in Japan on April 22, 2018?
a) Rahil Gangjee, India   b) Kim Hyung-sung, South Korea   c) Hwang Jung-gon, South Korea
d) Shingo Katayama, Japan
36. Alexander Dryagin of Russia created new World Record in the men’s 10m air rifle event in the shooting World Cup in Chang-won, South Korea on April 22, 2018. Who among the following created new World Record in the women’s category?
a) Apurvi Chandela, India   b) Jenny Stene, Norway   c) Zhao Ruozhu, China
d) Ying-Shin Lin, Taipei
37. Which of the following records was/were set up by weightlifter S Mirabai Chanu in the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast on April 5, 2018 securing the first gold medal for India?
a) 196 kg (86 kg + 110 kg) in total, a Commonwealth and Commonwealth Games record. It bettered her personal best of 194 kg at the World Championships recently.
b) 80 kg, 84 kg and 86 kg in each of the three attempts in snatch category. All of these were Commonwealth Games records.
c) 103 kg, 107 kg and 110 kg in each of the three attempts in clean and jerk category. All of these were Commonwealth Games records.
d) All of the above
38. Which of the following teams won the Bundesliga football title on April 7, 2018 in Berlin?
a) Augsburg 1   b) Bayern Munich   c) Cologne 1   d) Freiburg
39. The XXI Commonwealth Games were concluded on April 15, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. India secured third place in the medals tally with 66 medals while Australia with a total of 198 medals occupied the top position. How many gold medals were grabbed by Australian athletes?
a) 78   b) 80   c) 84   d) 66
40. Who among the following received the David Dixon Trophy for the best sporting performance in the XXI Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia on April 15, 2018?
a) Kyle Chalmers, Australia   b) Hamish Bond, New Zealand   c) David Liti, New Zealand
d) Caster Semenya, South Africa
41. The Government of India on April 6, 2018 banned imports of the hormone oxytocin to stop its misuse in the livestock industry. Select the correct statements about the oxytocin :
a) Oxytocin is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland
b) It plays a role in reproduction, child birth and lactation, apart from social interaction
c) Oxytocin is used both for humans and animals, to accelerate normal labour
d) All of the above
42. Navigation satellite IRNSS-1I was flown into space from Sriharikota on April 12, 2018. It would become the eight satellite to join the Navigation with Indian Constellation as IRNSS-1H was lost in a faulty launch in
a) January 2017    b) August 2017   c) April 2018   d) January 2018
43. The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) Ranking 2018 was released by the Ministry of Human Resources Development on April 3, 2018. Which of the following universities was adjudged the top university overall?
a) Indian Institute of Technology, Madras   b) Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
c) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
d) National Law School of India University, Bangalore.
44. The Union Ministry of Human Resources Development in April 2018 constituted a high powered committee under the chairmanship of Vinay Sheel Oberoi to examine the entire system of conducting Class X and class XII examinations, conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The terms of reference to be committee include :
a) To analyse all aspects related to the security checks for ensuring that the question papers reach the examinees without tampering.
b) To assess all the areas of potential weakness in the present system of transporting question papers from the printing press to the examinees.
c) To recommend ways to make examination system more secure with the use of technology and minimization of human intervention
d) All of the above
1.(d)    2.(d)    3.(c)    4.(b)    5.(d)    6.(d)    7.(d)    8.(d)    9.(d)    10.(d)
11.(b)  12.(a)  13.(b)  14.(d)  15.(c)  16.(a)  17.(b)  18.(c)  19.(d)  20.(d)
21.(b)  22.(a)  23.(d)  24.(c)  25.(b)  26.(1)  27.(c)  28.(a)  29.(c)  30.(c)
31.(b)  32.(a)  33.(c)  34.(d)  35.(a)  36.(c)  37.(d)  38.(b)  39.(b)  40.(c)
41.(d)  42.(b)  43.(c)  44.(d)


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