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Hello friends,
I am happy to hear from a few of our friends that they have passed the CWE PO Examination conducted by IBPS.  They will get mark sheet shortly.  They have to apply to individual banks for interview when advertisements appear in newspapers.
As on 20.12.2011-- I learn mark sheets have been sent to candidates.  I have heard so far marks like 135, 145 out of 250.  I think there may be people who have scored 160+ also.   pl. post your marks in comments column.  Maximum score known to me so far is 195. congrats.

Now what is important is, you should prepare well for the interview.  Please revise the subjects you have studied in the college degree.  Also go through the following links of my blogsite and also other sites giving guidance for interview. Please refer

Engineers may refer for guidance regarding their subjects.  
After reading the blogs please send an email to  Please give your cell phone number also.   Those who are in Chennai you can meet me in person for consultation after fixing appointment.
I will call you over phone for conducting telephonic interview.

CELL 09003037577/    09094155869

 Those who have not written to me so far, please feel free to send email.  Also please send the link for this blog site to your friends for their use. 


  1. insightful bank po interview links.. I was looking for probationary officer interview help online and stumble here. even for full prep. I enrolled with as I don't wanna enter interview hall with half preparation.

  2. Congrats Dubey. best wishes


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