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Essay writing --Online safety precautions

I received the following mail from a mutual fund.  a perusal of this by candidates will help them answers questions relating to online bank/mutual fund transactions and also write essays on this.

Dear Investor,
With the rising growth of Internet usage, we wish to highlight on a few Safety Measures.
Things to remember:
Always Stay Confidential -
Ensure that the information given online is private. Avoid accessing your Internet account that has confidential information from a cyber café.
Change is essential -
Change your Internet passwords after your first log-in, and To keep unauthorized individuals from accessing your account by guessing your PIN, change your passwords often/every month.
Upgrade your firewall settings, regularly -
Because the internet is a public network, any connected computer can find and connect to any other connected computer. A firewall is a barrier between the public internet and your private computer system.
Browse through Privacy Policies -
Always browse through the privacy policies that are usually at the lower end of every website.
Follow Online safety -
If your log-in IDs or passwords appear automatically on the sign-in page of a secure website, you should disable the “Auto Complete” function to increase the security of your information.
Use Antivirus -
Whenever you use your personal computer and the Internet, there is a potential risk of contracting a computer virus or the possibility of infiltration, to avoid such infiltration use appropriate Antivirus and update it regularly.
Clear your cache -
The cache temporarily stores images, scripts, and other parts of websites while you are browsing. To protect your information one should constantly clear the cache.
Create a complex password -
Your password should be complex and difficult for others to guess. Use letters, numbers and special characters, that will make your password unique an confidential.
Privacy is the key -
Information sent out on the internet is highly sensitive, hence one must take care of the information disclosed online especially confidential information.
Confirm Authenticity of the site -
Secure sites will have a different address. Instead of beginning with http://, the site’s URL will begin with https://. The “s” means the site is using a secure server.
Distinguish between Fake and Original -
The root of the phishing problem is that users are not able to identify if the website is original or fake. So one should be well versed to conquer such encounters.

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