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Social networking hurts the communication skills of college students --for essay writing

Although media and networking sites were created to facilitate better communication, social networks are ruining the public communication skills of college students in America.

According to Northern Michigan University, college students who used Facebook while studying, even just having it in the background, earned grades 20 percent lower on average than non-users in 2010.

Social networking sites are designed to allow college students to maintain bonds with family and friends often separated by distance.
However, it has become a detour for college students to avoid personal contact with professors and campus peers, which is a key for success.
Reliance on social media has decreased the relationships formed between students and their professor due to the detachment of e-mail, hiding the face linked to your voice.

"Students have become reticent and intimidated in the classroom to speak directly with me. Rather, they feel more comfortable sending me an e-mail from behind a computer screen, which is impersonal and does not contain context at all," Crowley said.
Students prefer to participate in brief e-mail exchanges when they should be pursuing real relationships. "Avoiding personal interactions harms the competency of young professionals ... (It's difficult for students) to speak to respected professionals during interviews because they lack the necessary nonverbal behaviors, like eye contact,"she said.

College-aged users, in particular, are aware that the opportunities to communicate using these tools are countless and convenient, but I am concerned the number of informal and improper communication errors will dramatically increase and threaten the intelligence and productivity of our generation.

Writing skills reflect intelligence and articulation, which should be taken seriously.

Yet, the common mistakes are an embarrassment and frustrating for the rest of us in cyberspace to read.

Social networking sites are tools that can be used to represent one as a professional seeking networking opportunities.

In doing so, maybe students can prevent looking like a fool in front of professors, friends and future colleagues.

This is the stage in USA where students are permitted to use computers inside class rooms.  Luckily this situation has not come in India.  Students must learn not to use abbreviations while writing essays in examinations and class works. If attention is not paid it will affect their communication skill in writing and in person also.

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