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VVIP Security arrangements -- for GD and essay writing.

Over the last few days, all roads and parking positions along the road next to Lodhi Gardens and India International Centre heading towards Khan Market, have twice been blocked off in the morning for what is known as "VVIP bandobast". Or security. This is not new for Delhiites, we are very used to being pushed around in the name of "security", and the equations are simple - in the summers, those implementing "security" tend to hog the shade under trees throwing all others out, and in the winters, they happily play their wait and make wait games in the brilliant sunshine.
We, in this equation, are simple "public" with no rights, as different from "VIP" and "VVIP" who have every right known and many unknown according to something designated as the "Blue Book". Actually, we as public are not supposed to even be aware of something called the "Blue Book", and for all we know, it may not even exist. Until we contravene the "Blue Book". At which point it is simple, to the thana we shall be dragged, where various arms of "security" will question us on matters of grave national importance as, for example, why did we cross the road when security was in effect?
But ask any garden variety upholder of the law on how and why she or he is entitled to trample over our rights as "public", and the answer usually is that the "Blue Book" says they can. Even if all the "VIP" or "VVIP" was doing is heading for their favourite dentist in Khan Market. Or that exclusive nursery school in Golf Links.
That it is often much worse for the "public" when one heads upcountry, is also a given, where the designator "VIP/VVIP" appears to encompass an ever larger and growing segment of, mostly, rascals of all sorts. The additional fringe benefit here appears to be the evasion of paying the extortionist tolls and entry taxes the rest of us "public" are being subjected to in increasing quantities and at all sorts of roads lately. Matter of fact, some places, the roads aren't there anymore, but the toll booths are still doing very well, thank you.
So who are all these people, VIP/VVIP, and how did they come about to have such extraordinary rights in India? I mean, does this entitlement for VIP/VVIP privileges over-ride this:- ""to secure to all its citizens: JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity"? That's from the preamble to the Constitution, in case you had forgotten. The Indian Constitution.
One way to try and find out was to file RTI applications. I did. Seeking information top-down on what the exact definition of "VIP/VVIP" was or is. I mean, there are whole departments set aside for VIP and VVIPs in various arms of governance. There are quotas for railway reservations. There is priority housing. Ofcourse, there is open loot on our roads in the name of "VIP/VVIP". For any and every activity as a citizen of India, there is a VIP/VVIP muscling in, always at tax-payer expenses.
But a precise definition? Sorry. Not available. No wonder even CAG can not provide an estimate of how much is lost due to these VIP/VVIP privileges. And ofcourse, there is no way to even try to figure out how much our basic rights and self-respect are being trampled over, by these undefined VIP/VVIPs.
The best answer I got as to how and why VIPs and VVIPs were more equal than others, made a reference to something called the "Order of Precedence" which sets out the protocol list, as a justification. The validity of which has been confirmed by Letter No 12/1/2007-Public dated 14 Aug 2007. You can see this all-important document here:-
Please go down to the bottom and see Note 1, where it states clearly and in unambiguous terms:- "“The order in this Table of Precedence is meant for state and ceremonial occasions and has no application in the day-to-day business of the government.""
That's it. The Government of India does not have a hollow artificial leg to stand on when it spends so much time and money, and incurs vast amount of losses, all on account of the tax-payer, for the illegal benefit of this bunch of undefined rascals known as VIP/VVIP. Specially those toll exemptions for all and sundry. I mean, if you are on duty, then pay your toll and claim re-imbursement. If you are not on duty, then please pay your own toll. Every which way, please stand in line with us. As us.
One can understand the requirements of those who need security. It is the risk they take - increased alienation from their own people is something even they know comes with this kind of life, always on a total disconnect from the realities of life in a country they are supposed to govern, depending on inputs mainly from sycophants and malingerers. 
But even that does not exempt them from paying their dues. And for the rest, the totally fraudulent concept known as VIP/VVIP, where does it end, it is not like this anywhere else in the free world. 
I say this seriously - let us aim for an India free of all these VIP/VVIPs. They don't have any locus standii in any case. Any ideas on how we can achieve this?

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