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Bank PO - 60% in graduation required - chat with a candidate

Canada – 2nd November 2012 – 3pm.  --- now it is IST 12.30 am 3rd November 2012 in India .  A candidate came on line.  He has not scored 60% marks in graduation and hence is not eligible to apply for PO hereafter.  A conversation with him in which I suggested him to apply for bank clerk and become an officer early.  Please read. 

Candidate:  sir may i ask u a question
Myself :  yes
Candidate:  sir as we all know that today IBPS has declared for common interviews........and from next year ....only 60% marks holder aspirants can be eligible for the bank po exam,
Myself:  yes.
Candidate:  but my marks are not 60% in graduation
MYSELF:yes. you cannot apply for PO but you can apply for bank clerks. after becoming a clerk
you can become an officer in 3/4 years in the same bank
CANDIDATE:but this year i have qualified the po exam with 158 marks in general do u think my marks will be good enough to become a po this year ?
or its hopeless?
MYSELF:it is sufficient. you can prepare well for interview and try to clear
but if it doesn't come out successful you should not bother about it but try for clerks in banks, insurance companies, SSC etc
be positive and not get dejected
all need not become officers
i joined as a clerk 43 years ago itself
i became officer in four years
now no point in blaming oneself --you did not study well in graduation and hence you scored less --now correct is accepting it and moving ahead
i may sound harsh. but it is not so. i am realistic. i want you to accept reality
CANDIDATE:yes sir i do agree with u but the point is that becoming a po is my dream and of my family my uncle is scale 4 officer in canara bank. apart from this i had passed the clerical exam of sbi which was held in the month of may and had given the interview..
and now waiting for the final results
MYSELF:i wish you become a clerk and accept it immediately
your uncle is scale 4 officer not immediately but after 20 years
even more number of years
CANDIDATE:yes but he had joined that bank on the post of scale I officer
MYSELF:so what the difference is only three to four years--a clerk can become an officer easily provided he is intelligent
CANDIDATE:ya definitely no doubt....and I'll sure join sbi this year on the clerical post if the result comes positive
MYSELF :good .
please do not mistake me. excuse me
shall I use this conversation for a blog so that lakhs of candidates in similar position will have a clear understanding
CANDIDATE:yes why not?
u can use it wherever u want
MYSELF:  thanks. I wish you become an officer early. i can understand you mental agony- you are talking at 1.20 am without going for sleep
CANDIDATE:u r welcome sir
MYSELF:blessings and best wishes
CANDIDATE:  thank you sir

but actually .......i got shocked by hearing todays news about the 60% criteria as ........within only 3 months i had qualified the sbi clerical exam and in just 4 months i qualifed the PO exam......thats why i m getting for being po in first attempt is a do or die chance for me this year

as for being po in first attempt is a do or die chance for me this year
I had not slept even for a single my aim was to become a po in my 1st attempt
when i was preparing for the IBPS PO exam
MYSELF:good. I appreciate you. I wish you succeed early.

I am posting this to clarify the doubts of many similar candidates.  One can become an officer in a bank from clerical cadre if he is determined to within three or four years.  Hence make up your mind and prepare well.

1 comment:

  1. sir i do agree with ur suggestion...
    but this is not way ibps is making a criteria..... but i hope this discussion will help lots of candidates not hving 60% in graduation.....


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