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Banking related geneal awareness --820121

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General Awareness
(With special reference to banking industry)820121
1.      The M Damodaran Committee on suctomer services by banks has suggested weeping changes in banking practices in its report. Which of the following statements regarding its recommendations is /are correct?
A)     aPenalty for mimimum-balance shortfall should be in proportion to the shortfall.
B)     Banks should not automatically renew deposit accounts without written consent of the customer.
C)     Banks should not charge the same rate of interest for old and new loans.
(i)only A                 (ii)only A and B
(iii)only B and C    (iv)only A and C
(v) All A,B and C
2.   After merging State Bank of Indore and State Bank of Saurashtra, the parent bank, State Bank of India (SBI), is planning to merge which two other associate banks with itself?
a)      State Bank of Hyderabad and State Bank of Patiala.
b)      State Bank of Hyderabad and State Bank of Travancore.
c)      State Bank of Mysore and State Bank of Travancore.
d)      State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur and State Bank of Mysore.
e)      None of these.
       3.  Who can invest in Commercial Papers?
a)      Individuals.
b)      Banking companies.
c)      Corporate bodies registered or incorporated in India and unincorporated bodies, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Foreign Institutional Investors (FII).
d)      All of the above.
e)      None of these.
4.   Many countries in the world today are very worried about the currency war. They argue that currency war has harmed the world economy as nothing else. What are the views of the rich countries, especially the USA, in this regard?
A)     They feel that it was China who was unwilling to allow its currency Yuan to rise.
B)     They feel that it was India which has snatched jobs in most of the European countries and the US.
C)     Some countries feel that it is Japan which allowed swapping of its currency with other nations and created a grim situation in the world market.
(i) Only A         (ii)Only B
(iii) Only C       (iv) All A,B and C.
(v)None of the above.
5.   Under Bretton Woods system, as a member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), India declared its par value of rupee terms of :-
a)      Pound Sterling                               b) US Dollar
c) International basket of currencies d) Gold
e) None of these
      6.   What does the term “run on a bank” denote in banking industry?
a)      Accruing high profit by bank
b)      Large-scale financial irregularities in a bank.
c)      Loss of confidence of depositors in a bank.
d)      Major structural changes in a bank.
e)      None of the above is correct.
7.    Which of the following statements about the draft Micro Finance Institutions ( Development and Regulation) Bill, 2011, is/are correct?
A)     Only Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) with net owned funds more than Rs.5 lakh will be allowed to register.
B)     MFIs will be regulated by the National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).
C)     MFIs cannot charge more than 241% as annual interest rate.
(i)Only A                (ii)Only A and B
(iii)Only B and C    (iv)Only C
(v)All A,B and C are correct.
8.    In which of the following transactions is quoting of Permanent Account Number(PAN) not mandatory?
a)      Any purchase of bullion or jewellery woth Rs.5 lakh or more.
b)      Sale or purchase of two-wheelers.
c)      Opening of  a bank account.
d)      Hotel bills over Rs. 25000.
e)      Mutual Fund Investment of Rs.50,000.
9.    Which of the following is the full form of ‘SOFA’, a term used frequently in international politics?
a)      Status of Force Agreement.
b)      Statement of Foreign Agreements.
c)      Strategic and Formal Alliances.
d)      Soviet Forum of Allied Forces.
e)      None of these.
     10.  Which of the following statements regarding Western Ghats, a unique hotspot of bio-diversity, is/are correct?
A)     Western Ghatss fall in territories of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
B)     UNESCO granted World Heritage Site status to Western Ghats recently.
C)     Karnataka has opposed the grant of World Heritage Site status to Western Ghats.
(i)Only A.               (ii)Only B and C.
(iii)Only A and C.   (iv)Only C
(v)All A,B and C.
     11.  The Local Area Networks (LANs) are located in small geographical boundaries ranging from:-
a)      One room to another in a single building.
b)      50 m to 100 m.
c)      100 m to 2 km.
d)      2 km to 10 km.
e)      None of the above.
     12.  Which of the following statements about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guidelines for Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) is/are correct?
A)     The guidelines require CPSEs to have a CSR budget as a specified percentage of net profit of the previous year.
B)     CPSEs having a net profit of less than Rs. 100 crores should have CSR expenditure between 3% and 5% of the net profit of previous year.
C)     CPSEs having a net profit between Rs. 100 crore and Rs. 500 crore should have CSR expenditure between 2% and 3% of the net profit of previous year.
(i)Only A.                     (ii)Only A and B.
(iii)Only B and C.         (iv)Only A and C.
(v)All A,B and C.
     13.  The Bankin Regulation Act, 1949 does not at all apply to:-
a)      Nationalised Banks.
b)      State Bank of India and its subsidiaries.
c)      Foreign Banks having branches in India.
d)      Primary agricultural credit societies and co-operative and land mortgage banks.
e)      None of these.
     14.  Services of Business Correspondents can be engaged by:-
A)     Scheduled Commercial Banks.
B)     Regional Rural Banks.
C)     Local Area Banks.
(i)Only A.         (ii)Only A and B.
(iii)Only B and C.         (iv)Only A and C.
(v)All A,B and C.
     15.  When the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) acts as a banker to the government, what does it do?
a)      RBI keeps bank accounts of the government.
b)      RBI carries out governmental transactions.
c)      RBI advises the government on all financial and monetary matters.
d)      All of the above.
e)      None of the above.
     16.  Many a times we read in newspapers about “Financial Inclusion”. What does it really mean?
A)     It means the merger an acquisition of banks so that only a few banks exist and continue to cater to the need of the corporate sector.
B)     It means expanding the network of banks in such a way that people from lower strata of society also get the benefits of services provided by banks.
C)     It means providing insurance cover to each and every citizen so that he/she can live a healthy long life.
(i)Only A.   (ii)Only B.        (iii) Only C.      (iv)Only A and
(v) All A,B and C.
17.   Services offered by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to governmental departments include all of the following,except:-
a)      Payment of salaries and pensions.
b)      Distributing RBI bonds to government departments.
c)      Direct and indirect tax collections.
d)      Remittance facilities.
e)      None of the above.
     18.  Which of the following cannot be classified as Merit goods?
a)      Education.             b) Infrastructure
c) Housing.                  d)Consumer durable goods.
e) Healthcare.
     19.  Which of the following statements about the Council for Advertisement of People’s Action and Rural Technology (CAPART) is/are correct?
A) aIt functions under the aegis of the Ministry of Rural Development.
B)     It facilitates co-operation between NGOs and private sector companies for development of rural areas.
C)     ohammed Haleem Khan is the Director General of CAPART.
(i)Only A.               (ii)Only A and B.
(iii)Only A and C.   (iv)Only B and C.
(v)All A,B and C.
     20.  What is the financial assistance or loan of Rs. 10,000 by a bank to small borrowers called?
a)      Business Finance.  b) Government finance.
c)   Micro finance.      d)  Small Finance.
e)  KYC Finance.
     21.  Which of the following statements is/are correct about rural-urban distribution of population of the Census 2011?
A)     Child Sex Ratio (CSR) is higher in rural areas than in urban areas.
B)     CSR in urban and rural areas is 902 and 919 respectively.
C)     Nagaland has the best CSR in urban areas while Andaman and Nicobar Islands has the best CSR in rural areas.
(i) Only A.                    (ii)Only A and B.
(iii) Only B and C.        (iv)Only B.
(v)  All of the above.
     22.  A bill of exchange in which a bank orders its branch or another bank,as the case may be, to pay a specified amount to a specified person, is called:-
a)Cheque.              b)Bank draft.   c)Promissory Note.     d)Postal order
e)Commercial Paper.
     23.  In which city of India was Asia’s first Special Economic Zone (SEZ) set up?
            a)Noida           b)Kandla          c)Ahmedabad  d)Sanand         e)Gurgaon.
     24.  Which of the following is/are the specific goal(s) of Bharat Nirman project launched by the Government of India?
A)     To provide more and more employment opportunities to rural youth.
B)     To develop infrastructure in rural areas.
C)     To provide best technical education to Indian youth.
(i)Only A.         (ii)Only A and B.
(iii)Only B and C.         (iv)Only B.
(v)All A,B and C.
     25.  Social programmes like Mahila Samakhya, Lok Jumbish, and Janashala have been launched by the government to improve which of the following sectors?
a)      Women empowerment.
b)      Universalisation of drinking water facilities.
c)      Education.
d)      Infrastructure.
e)      Sanitation.
     26.  A two-day joint India-Bangladesh programme which was held recently, was celebrated in honour of which of the following poets of Bangladesh on his 113th birth anniversary and the 90th anniversary of the publication of his poem “Bidrohi” (Rebel)?
a)      Shamsur Rahman.             b) Jibananda Das.
c)    Surya Sen.                                    d) Kazi Nazrul Islam.
e)    Sukumar Roy.
     27.  Which of the following public sector banks has recently decided to launch a signature card for high net-worth individuals (HNIs)?
a)      Punjab National Bank                   b) State Bank of India
c)   Indian Bank                                   d)Canara Bank
e)   Bank of India
     28.  Which of the following has become the second state after Madhya Pradesh to impose a ban on ‘gutkha’ and ‘pan masala’ recently?
a)      Bihar         b) Rajasthan    c) Delhi            d) Kerala         e) Punjab
     29.  India on 30th April 2012 announced its decision to export what quantity of iron ore to steel mills of Japan and South Korea under a long-term agreement?
a)      2.1 million tonnes (mt)     b) 3 million tonnes (mt)
c)   3.5 million tonnes (mt)     d) 2.7 million tonnes (mt)
e)  None of these.
     30.  Union Minister of labour and employment Mallikarjun Kharge inaugurated the E-Challan and Receipt (ECR) facility recently. Which of the following statements related to the statement is not true?
a)      E-Challan and Receipt (ECR) facility was inaugurated to bring transparency and accessibility for employers in depositing monthly Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF contributions of their workers.
b)      Employers under the ECR service would have to register their organizations online and generate Challans for making monthly deposits. They can use these Challans for either electronically or physically depositing the Provident Fund or PF contributions to the bank.
c)      After the bank confirms the deposit, the concerned regional office’s system would be automatically notified and individual members’ accounts would get updated.
d)      The need of annual accounts preparation will continue to prevail under this system.
e)      All the above are true.
     31.  Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently raised the interest rate ceiling on NRI deposits in foreign currencies by up to what percent? (AS in August 2012)
            a)1%     b)2.5%     c)3.3%     d)3%     e)3.5%
     32.  In which of the following states was a big bang heard recently because of meteor shower, which Geological Survey of India (GSI) claimed that it was the second strike after one strike created world’s only salt-water lake in basaltic rock?
a)      Andhra Pradesh    b)  Maharashtra          c)  Rajasthan   d)  Goa                        e)  Gujarat
     33.  Which of the following teams has won this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket championship?
a)      Chennai Super Kings
b)      Kolkata Knight Riders
c)      Delhi Daredevils
d)      Mumbai Indians
e)      Royal Challengers Bangalore
     34.  India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan have recently adopted a regional declaration to take stringent  measures to remove toxic drugs from the environment which kills an endangered bird. Name that endangered bird.
a)      Great Indian Bustard                    b)   Cuckoo      c)   Heron        d)   Vulture      e)  Blackbuck
     35.  In which of the following states of India is the BioDIVA project, jointly undertaken by German and Indian researchers, promoting biodiversity by way of conserving traditional rice landraces and other plant species?
            a)West Bengal                        b)Assam          c)Kerala           d)Gujarat         e)Karnataka
     36.  In which of the following countries has the first encyclopaedia of Buddhist philosophy been brought out where Buddhism has seen a revival after the collapse of Communism?
            a)Vietnam                   b)Russia           c)Cuba             d)Ukraine        e)Poland.
37.   Which of the following companies is planning to bring to India a unique railway track-laying technology called “Silent Track”, which will reduce noise in the vicinity of tracks by up to 50 per cent?
            a)IRCON          b)TELCO          c)Bharat Earth Movers           d)Tata Steel     e)Delhi metro
     38.  Which of the following private banks of India has not stipulated a minimum monthly  balance of Rs. 10,000 in saving accounts, instead of the earlier practice of such requirement on a quarterly basis?
            a)ICICI Bank    b)HDFC Bank   c)AXIS Bank     d)IDBI Bank     e)All of the above
     39.  The recent visit of the Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh to which country is the first tour of an Indian Prime Minister to that country in 25 years?
            a)Mongolia     b)North Korea c)Myanmar     d)Egypt            e)South Africa
     40.  With which country is India under negotiations for signing the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) ?
            a)China            b)US                 c)Pakistan        d)Sri Lanka      e)Bangladesh
     41.  With the help of Russia, the US is planning to ease out the President of which of the following countries under “the Yemenskii Variant”, a proposal modelled on the transition in Yemen?
            a)Cuba             b)Syria             c)Lebanon       d)Egypt            e)Swaziland
     42.  Interpol has issued red corner notice for the arrest of Saudia Arabia-based engineer Fasih Mehmood, which India sought for his alleged involvement in which of the following bomb blasts?
            a)Jama Masjid bomb blast     b)Lucknow Bomb Blast
            c)Varanasi Bomb Blast           d)Jaipur Bomb Blast   
            e)Bomb attack on Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore
     43.  Who among the following has written the book “ A Life in Politics” ?
            a)Arun Shourie            b)Sushma Swaraj        c)PA Sangma   d)Meira kumar          
            e)LK Advani
     44.  Who among the following has been appointed chairman of the India Tourism Development Council (ITDC) with cabinet rank by the Union Cabinet recently?
            a)RK Dhawan  b)Janardan Dwivedi    c)Shankarsinh Vaghela           d)Oscar Fernandes
            e)HR Bharadwaj
     45.  The insurance ombudsman is to be allowed to deal with the grievances of individual consumers involving claims higher than which of the following amount permitted at present?
            a)Rs. 5 lakh     b)Rs. 10 lakh   c)Rs. 15 lakh    d)Rs. 20 lakh   e)Rs. 25 lakh
     46.  Who has been appointed new Commerce Secretary of India recently?
            a)SK Srivastava            b)Ashish Bahuguna     c)SR Rao          d)Gokul Chandra Pati
            e)BC Gupta
     47.  Which of the following private sector banks of India has emerged as the country’s top arranger of domestic bond issues during the financial year 2011-12?
            a)ICICI Bank    b)HDFC Bank   c)AXIS Bank     d)IDBI Bank     e)YES Bank
     48.  With the ruling party of which of the following countries has the Congress party of India signed a seven-point agreement on both parties agreeing to consult each other and exchange information on evolving developments in both the countries?
            a)US                 b)Myanmar     c)Russia           d)Belarus         e)Thailand
     49.  In which of the following states has Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. Commissioned a 250- MW unit at Paricha Thermal Power Station (TPS) ?
            a)Madhya Pradesh      b)Uttar Pradesh          c)Jharkhand     d)Chhattisgarh
     50.  The license granted to which of the following co-operative banks has recently been cancelled by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ?
a)      Pragati Coop Bank Ltd.
b)      Randheja Commercial Co-Op Bank Ltd.
c)      Chatrapur Co-operative Bank Ltd.
d)      Sarangpur Co-operative Bank Ltd.
e)      Sarsa people’s Co-operative Bank Ltd.

ANSWERS-- 820121
1.B      2.A      3.D      4.A      5.D      6.C      7.A      8.B      9.A      10.C
11.C    12.E    13.D    14.E    15.D    16.B    17.B    18.D    19.C    20.C
21.C    22.B    23.B    24.D    25.C    26.D    27.B    28.D    29.A    30. D
31.D    32.B    33.B    34.D    35.C    36.B    37.D    38.D    39.C    40.C
41.B    42.E    43.C    44.C    45.D    46.C    47.A    48.C    49.B    50.C

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