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Banking related general awareness -- 920123

General Awareness Test-- 920123
(With special reference to banking industry)
1.Which of the following countries has agreed to accept the payment of export of oil and petroleum products to India,in terms of rupee instead of dollar or any other currency?
            a)Kuwait   b)UAE   c)Iran   d)Iraq   e)Libya
2.As per the newspaper reports,the Govt.of India has finally agreed to purchase advanced MRMs for its Naval Forces. What are these MRMs?
            a)Aircraft  b)Warships  c)Submarines  d)Radar Systems  e) Rocket Launchers
3.Which of the following agencies/organizations decided to cancel 122 licences of 2G Spectrum issued by the Govt.of India to various companies and asked the do the process afresh?
            a)Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG)
            b)Supreme court of India  c)Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)
            d)Confederation of Indian Industries  e)Reserve Bank of India
4.Who among the following is the Prime Minister of a country at present and has also won the Presidential Elections held in March 2012? (He had been president of the country twice in the past. This will be his third term as president. He will join office in July 2012)
            a)Mohammed Waheed Hassan (Maldives)
            b)Abd-Rabba Mansour Hadi (Yemen)  c)Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua)
            d)Vladimir Putin (Russia)  e)None of these
5.Which of the following countries approved a new constitution of the country in a referendum through secret voting held in February 2012?
            a)Libya  b)Iraq  c)Iran  d)UAE  e)Syria
6.Which of the following countries has signed a ‘Non-Aggression Pact’ with Sudan?
            a)Uganda  b)Kenya  c)Ethiopia  d)South Africa  e)South Sudan
7.General Clients of various banks in India can make a complaint to which of the following offices,on the issues related to deficiency in services,which do not get resolved at banks’ level?
            a)Comptroller and Auditor General of India  b)Attorney General of India
            c)Ombudsman  d)Indian Audit Bureau  e)Indian Banks’ Association
8.The sensitive index of National Stock Exchange of India is popularly known as….
            a)SENSEX  b)CRIS  c)CSE  d)MCX  e)Nifty
9.Which of the following countries decided to add 3000 more centrifuges to its Uranium enrichment programmes,despite tough economic sanctions on it from various western countries?
            a)Syria  b)Sudan  c)Iran  d)Libya  e)Egypt
10.Who among the following Indians was conferred the prestigious “National Medal of Arts and Humanities” awarded by US President in February 2012?
            a)Dr Montek Singh Ahluwalia  b)Meira Kumar  c)Dr Amartya Sen
            d)Dr D Subbarao  e)NR Narayan Murthy
11.The proceeds from disinvestment of various public sector undertakings are channelized into……………..
            a)Technology Upgradation Fund  b)Venture Capital Fund (NABARD)
            c)Rural Innovation Fund (NABARD)  d)Portfolio Risk Fund (SIDBI)
            e)National Investment Fund
12. ‘World Day for Water’ is observed on which of the following dates?
            a)22nd August  b)22nd July  c)22nd October  d)22nd March   e)22nd April
13.As per the new data released recently,what was the GDP’s real growth rate (approximately) ?
            a)7%  b)8%  c)9%  d)10%  e)15%
14.Meryl Streep,who was awarded one of the Oscar Awards 2012,is a famous…….
a)Film director  b)Actress  c)Song Writer  d)Screenplay Writer  e)Costume  Designer
15.Which of the following countries has announced to freeze its Nuclear Programme so that it can avail food aid from US and other countries?
            a)North Korea  b)South Korea  c)Iran  d)India  e)Pakistan
16.Which of the following organizations has agreed to give a financial aid of US $ 4.3 billion to India to help it in eliminating poverty?
            a)International Monetary Fund (IMF) b)World Bank  c)Bank of Tokyo and HSBC jointly  d)Asian Development Bank (ADB) e)IMF and ADB jointly
17.What is the Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) at present?
            a)20%  b)22%  c)25%  d)24%  e)None of these
18.Which of the following is one of the major functions of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) ?
            a)Provide loans to State Govt. for developing rural infrastructure
            b)Preparing Monetary & Credit Policy of India c)Deciding Bank Rate
            d)Providing Credit to Small Industrial Units  e)Monitoring and Controlling functions of the Stock Exchanges in India
19.India conducted a joint naval coast guard exercise Sahyog-Kaijin-XI with…………..
            a)China  b)Myanmar  c)Thailand  d)Japan  e)Bangladesh
20.Which of the following teams won the Africa Cup Football Championship Final held in February 2012 ?
            a)Kenya  b)Zambia  c)South Africa  d)Ivory Coast  e)Ghana
21.Agnieszka Radwanska of Polan recently won an International sports/games championship. She is a famous……………
            a)Chess Player  b)Golf Player  c)Lawn Tennis Player  d)Table Tennis Player
            e)Badminton Player
22.Which of the following films was adjudged ‘Best Picture’ in 84th “Oscar Award” function held in February 2012 ?
            a)The Help  b)The Iron Lady  c)The Artist  d)Midnight in Paris
            e)The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
23.What does the letter “S” denote in the abbreviation ‘SEBI’, which is the name of a regulator in financial sector in India?
            a)Small  b)State  c)Special d)Statutory  e)Securities
24.Sauli Niinisto is the present president of ……………..
            a)Yemen  b)Maldives  c)China  d)Finland  e)S Korea
25.A tax levied on the values that are added to goods and services by the producers at various stages of production and distribution is called………….
            a)Excise Duty  b)Value Added Tax  c)Goods and Services Tax  d)Surcharge
            e)Income Tax
26.Which of the following combinations of authors and the books written by her/him is NOT correct?
            a)A Tale of Two Gardens------Octavio Paz
            b)A Suitable Boy----------------Vikram Seth
            c)Area of Darkness--------------VS Naipaul
            d)Malgudi Days------------------RK Narayan
            e)A House for Mr Biswas------Kiran Desai
27.Which of the following terms is used in the game of cricket?
            a)Punch  b)Deuce  c)Trump  d)Leg Bye  e)Dribble
28.Which of the following cups/trophies is NOT associated with the game of Lawn Tennis?
            a)Davis Cup  b)Merdeka Cup  c)Wimbledon  d)ATP Open  e)Dubai Open
29.Which of the following terms is used in the field of Banking and Finance?
            a)Double Fault  b)Hit Wicket  c)Atomic Number d)Dividend e)Grand Slam
30.Which of the following currency used in South Korea?
            a)Euro  b)Kroner  c)Dinar  d)Pound  e)Won
31.Which of the following awards is given by the Govt.of Madhya Pradesh for excellence in the field of classical Music?
            a)Tansen Award  b)Saraswati Samman  c)Mangla Prasad Paritoshik
            d)Arjun Awards  e)Dronacharya Award
32.Who among the following is a famous cricket player and represents his country in International Matches?
            a)Kane Williamson  b)Jbe Kruger  c)Marcel Siem  d)Saurav Ghosal
            e)Rahul Aware
33.Which of the following is NOT the name of a newspaper published in India?
            a)Dainik Jagran b)The Statesman c)The Tribune d)Rajasthan Patrika e)South Zone
34.Which of the following cities in India is known as Electronic City of India?
            a)Mumbai  b)Kolkata  c)Bangalore  d)Hyderabad  e)New Delhi
35.Yang Jiechi, who was on a visit to India in March 2012, is the………………………..
            a)Home Minister of Japan  b)Foreign Minister of China
            c)Foreign Minister of S Korea d)President of Thailan e)None of these
36.Which of the following awards is given by the Govt.of India?
            a)Kalidas Samman  b)Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award  c)Kalinga Award
            d)Saraswati Samman  e)Kabeer Samman
37.Which of the following terms is NOT used in the field of Biology?
            a)DNA  b)RNA  c)GST  d)Osmosis  e)Homeostasis
38.Which of the following places in India is famous for its woollen carpets?
            a)Satara  b)Bhadohi  c)Nagpur  d)Ambala  e)Bhagalpur
39.The Second Green Revolution planned for North-Eastern states is based on production of which of the following crops?
            a)Paddy  b)Wheat  c)Banana  d)Pulses  e)Vegetables
40.Which of the following schemes was launched by the Govt.of India for school children?
            a)Mid Day Meal  b)MGNREGA  c)RAY  d)Look East  e)Swavlamban


1.C    2.B    3.2     4.D    5.E    6.E    7.C    8.A    9.C    10.C

11.E  12.D  13.A  14.B  15.A  16.B  17.D  18.A  19.D  20.B

21.C  22.C  23.E  24.D  25.B  26.E  27.D  28.B  29.D  30.E

31.A  32.A  33.E  34.C  35.B  36.B  37.C  38.B  39.A  40.A


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