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Banking related general awareness--clerks --920122

(with special reference to banking industry)
1.Which of the following agencies/organisations has put economic sanctions on Syria/
            a)OPEC  b)NATO  c)World Bank  d)European Union  e)G-8
2.Who among the following was elected unanimously as the Secretary General of the UNO for the second term?
            a)Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  b)Nelson Mandela  c)Hillary R Clinton
            d)Jacob Mathew  e)Ban-ki-Moon
3.International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has decided to begin a new round of negotiations with which of the following nations as it was not satisfied with the previous rounds of discussions?
            a)Iraq  b)India  c)Japan  d)Iran  e)Germany
4.As decided by UNESCO, the “International Literacy Day” is observed on which of the following days every year?
            a)8th September  b)18th March  c)28th March d)18th September e)None of these
5.As per the decision taken by the European Union and  the IMF, which of the following countries will receive a fresh assistance of 100 billion euros by the year 2014?
            a)Italy  b)Greece  c)Portugal  d)Spain  e)Belgium
6. “Kovvada”, a town in Andhra Pradesh, was in news recently as……………….
            a) a nuclear plant is being developed there.
            b)Maruti has decided to build a small car plant there
            c)RBI is going to establish a new note printing press there
            d)an earthquake hit the town in which a lot of people died
            e)it was the place selected for developing a new Space Research Centre
7.Which of the following is India’s new rating index developed by the  Ministry of Finance?
            a)CECA  b)CRIS  c)SENSEX  d)TIEA  e)RTGS
8.Very often we read the terms “Perform,Achieve and Trade” (PAT) in newspapers/magazines these days. PAT is related to which of the following fields?
            a)Energy Efficiency  b)Indira Awas Yojna  c)Mid-day meal scheme
            d)Bharat Nirman  e)National Old Age Pension Scheme
9.Which of the following organizations/agencies has decided to establish a National Innovation Foundation (NIF) to encourage early  stage innovations in India?
            a)University Grants Commission  b)Confederation of Indian Industries(CII)
            c)Department of Science and Technology, Government of India
            d)Atomic Energy Commission(AEC)  e)Council of Scientific and Industrial           Research (CSIR)
10.Which of the following countries is trying to get membership of European Union?
            a)Myanmar  b)Brazil  c)Croatia  d)Italy  e)South Africa
11.The General Elections, in which the Muslim Brotherhood party won with a crushing majority, took place in which of the following countries in January 2012?
            a)Lebanon  b)Libya  c)Syria  d)Egypt  e)Iran
12.Web-based complaints redressal system “SCORES” has been launched by which of the following organizations/agencies?
            a)Ministry of Corporate Affairs  b)SEBI  c)RBI  d)State Bank of India
13.Which of the following countries had decided to free political prisoners and pardon them, as a measure to adopt democratic reforms?
            a)Myanmar  b)Bangladesh  c)Mali  d)Afghanistan  e)Sri Lanka
14.Which of the following books has been written by Satish Gujral?
            a)A General and His Army  b)A Bend in the River  c)A Secular Agenda
            d)A Brush with Life  e)Best and the Brightest
15.Sri Jatin Das , who was awarded Padma Bhushan in January 2012,is a famous……
            a)Painter  b)Cine Actor  c)Film director  d)Sportsman  e)Social Worker
16.The economy in which there is a mixture of public sector and private sector both, is called……..
            a)Closed economy  b)Mixed economy  c)Open economy  d)Free Trade economy  e)Public economy
17.Asian Development Bank (ADB) has agreed to give a loan of US$ 500 million to India to construct which of the following?
            a)Roads in naxal-hit-areas  b)Railway track in North-Eastern states
            c)Railway phataks at unmanned crossings  d)Six bridges over river ‘kali’, which is known as “Sorrow of Bihar”  e)School buildings in villages of Odisha
18.Robert Rock of England recently won an International sports event held in Abu Dhabi. He is a well known…………
            a)Golf player  b)Badminton player  c)Lawn tennis player  d)Table tennis player e)Chess player
19.Which of the following teams won the Ranji Trophy final played in January 2012?
            a)Tamil Nadu  b)Punjab  c)Maharashtra  d)Rajasthan  e)Haryana
20.As per the new estimate, what is per capita income in India? (per annum)
            a)Rs.30,000  b)Rs.40,000  c)More than Rs.50,000 but less than Rs.58,000
            d)Rs.60,000  e)More than Rs.75,000 but less than Rs.1 Lac
21.The Reserve Bank of India does NOT decide the ……..
            a)Rate of Repo and Reverse Repo  b)Marginal Standing Facility Rates
            c)Bank Rate  d)Rate of Dearness Allowance to Govt.employees
            e)Statutory Liquidity Ratio
22.What does the letter “P” denote in the term “PAN” as used in financial transactions?
            a)Primary  b)Partial  c)Permanent  d)Provisional  e)Public
23.Daniel Ortega is the present president  of ………….
            a)Norway  b)Nicaragua  c)Thailan  d)Belarus  e)None of these
24.Which of the following films was adjudged the Best Film at the 57th Filmfare Award Function held in January 2012?
            a)Dirty Picture  b)Rockstar  c)Stanley Ka Dhaba  d)DON 2 e)Zindagi na
            Milegi Dobara
25. Which of the following nations has said that it will block Strait of Hormuz, if prevented from sale of oil and petroleum to other countries?
            a)Iraq  b)Kuwait  c)Oman  d)Saudi Arabia  e)Iran
26.Thomas Cup is associated with the game of …………….
            a)Golf  b)Cricket  c)Badminton  d)Football  e)Lawn Tennis
27.MCX is the index of which of the following stock exchanges of India?
            a)National Stock Exchange  b)Bombay Stock Exchange  c)Delhi Stock Exchange  d)Kolkata Stock Exchange  e)Multi Commodity Stock Exchange
28.Ma Ying-jeou is the president of ……………….
            a)Thailand  b)Hong Kong  c)Taiwan  d)Myanmar  e)Fiji
29.Which of the following is the currency used in Brazil?
            a)Dollar  b)Euro  c)Real  d)Pesso  e)Franc
30.Which of the following will be the venue of the World Athletic Championship to be organized in 2017 ?
            a)Tokyo  b)Paris  c)New York d)London  e)Mumbai
31.Which of the following terms is used in Botany?
            a)Recession  b)Dumping  c)Barter System  d)Cartel  e)Biennial
32. “Nirmal Gram Purasakr” is an incentive to promote…………….
            a)good attendance in schools  b)total sanitation in villages  c)free and compulsory education  d)awareness towards women empowerment
33.Which of the following is NOT a financial institute/agency?
            a)IRDA  b)BCCI  c)FPSB  d)SEBI  e)CAG
34.Which of the following books has been written by Chetan Bhagat?
            a)A General and His Army  b)A Possible India  c)Bitter Sweet
            d)China Passage  e)Revolution 2020
35.Which of the following is NOT a famous cricket ground/stadium for international matches?
            a)Eden Gardens  b)Green Park  c)Wankhede Stadium  d)Chepauk Stadium
            e)Jantar Mantar Ground
36.Which of the following combinations of players and the games they play is NOT correct?
            a)VVS Laxman-Cricket  b)Saina Nehwal-Badminton c)Sania Mirza-Golf
            d)Abhinav Bindra-Shooting  e)Vishwanathan Anand-Chess
37.Which of the following awards is given for exemplary contribution in the area of science and technology?
            a)Arjun Award  b)Kalidas Samman  c)Dronacharya Award  d)Dada Saheb Phalke Award  e)Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
38.Which of the following terms is NOT used in banking/finance?
            a)Public debt  b)Plasma  c)Joint venture  d)Net demand & Time Liability
            e)Treasury Bill
39.Who among the following was awarded Sahitya Akademi Award for the year 2011?
            a)Anand Kumar  b)Srilal Shukla  c)Mrinal Pandey  d)Su. Venkatesan
            e)Vasudevan Nair
40.Victoria Azarenka won the Australian Open Women’s Single Tennis Tournament 2012 by defeating…………
            a)Maria Sharapova  b)Vera Zvonareva  c)Svetlana Kuznetsova  d)Bethanie Mattek Sands  e)Sania Mirza
1.D    2.E    3.D    4.1     5.B    6.A    7.B    8.A    9.C    10.C

11.D  12.B  13.A  14.D  15.A  16.B  17.B  18.A  19.D  20.C

21.D  22.C  23.B  24.A  25.E  26.C  27.E  28.C  29.C  30.D

31.E  32.B  33.B  34.E  35.E  36.C  37.E  38.B  39.D  40.A


Mr.Choubey, (joining SBI) helped me in getting this one and seven more papers typed by him. thanks.

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