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Computer Knowledge==two ref 52012

1.         Which of the following was the first computer to use transistors instead of vacuum tubes?
            a) Intel-650                    b) Burroughs E-101        c) Datametric-1000
            d) IBM 1401                  e) ENIAC
2.         The two basic types of record access methods are _______ and ______.
            a) sequential, random                 b) direct, immediate       c) sequential, indexed
            d) on-line, realtime                     e) None of these
3.         To save an existing file with a new name or at a new location, you should use ________ command.
            a) save                         b) save and replace        c) new file         d) save as
            e) All of the above
4.         The primary job of an operating system is to manage
            a) commands                b) users            c) programmes              d) resources
            e) process
5.         ___________ fields store the numbers used for calculation in database.
            a) Next              b) Key               c) Numeric        d) Alphanumeric             e) Varchar
6.         When sending an e-mail, the _______ line describes the content of the message.
            a) to                  b) CC                c) contents        d) BCC              e) subject
7.         What is the keyboard shortcut for creating chart from the selected cell range?
            a) F2                 b) F4                 c) F8                 d) F10               e) F11
8.         Which of the following methods will not enter data into a cell?
            a) Pressing an arrow key            b) Pressing the Esc key
            c) Pressing the tab key              d) Clicking the enter button to the formula bar
            e) None of these
9.         Anti - virus is a ______ software.
            a) system                      b) utility             c) application                 d) operating system       e) None of these
10.        A _______ contains commands that can be selected.
            a) pointer           b) menu            c) icon              d) button           e) table
11.        The stock pointer in 8085 microprocessor is a
            a) 16-bit accumulator                              b) memory location in the stock
            c) flag register used for the stock           
d) 16-bit register that points to stock memory location       e) None of these
12.        ________ is used in academic testing.
            a) MICR            b) POS                         c) OCR             d) OMR             e) Bar code reader
13.        _________ is called as a supervisor of computer activities.
            a) Memory         b) OS                c) I/O devices    d) CU                e) ALU
14.        Reapter works in ____ layer of OSI mode.
            a) application     b) transport        c) physical        d) data link        e) network
15.        RAS stands for
            a) Random Access Security       b) Random Access Service
            c) Random Access Security       d) Remote Access Service
e) Remote Access Standards
16.        Bank, the unit for measuring data transmission speed, is equal to
            a) one bit per second                  b) one byte per second              
c) two bytes per second             d) two bits per second    e) None of these
17.        What type of computer can support hundreds of people at any time?
            a) Desktop        b) Super            c) Micro            d) Mini              e) Mainframe
18.        _______ uses viruses to destroy computer hardware and software.
            a) Spoofing        b) Tunneling      c) Sabotage       d) Phishing        e) Flooding
19.        Which of the following is not a Microsoft Internet tool technology?
            a) Dream Weaver           b) Internet Explorer        c) Web browser            
            d)) Silverlight                 e) Expression web
20.        What are concentric circles on floppy disks known as?
            a) Track            b) Cylinders       c) Segments      d) Holes            e) Sectors
21.        The cell reference for cell range of G3 to M13 is
            a) G3.M13         b) G3-M13         c) G3; M13        d) G3:M13         e) G3+M13
22.        __________ memory has the shortest access time.
            a) Cache           b) Virtual           c) Secondary     d) Primary         e) Read Only
23.        Unix Operating System is a 
a) Multiuser OS             b) Time-sharing OS        c) Multitasking OS
            d) All the above             e) None of these
24.        Which access method is used to access cassette tape?
            a) Direct            b) Sequential     c) Indirect          d) parallel          e) Both (a) and (b)
25.        How many layers are there in a TCP/IP model?
            a) four               b) five               c) six                d) seven            e) three
26.        A walky - talky set is an example of ______ system
            a) simplex         b) half duplex     c) full duplex      d) double duplex           
e) None of these
27.        EBCDIC can code upto how many different characters?
            a) 8                   b) 16                 c) 32                 d) 64                 e) 256
28.        _______ provides a connection - oriented reliable service for sending message.
            a) IP                 b) TCP              c) UDP              d) HTTP            e) None of these
29.        In mark sensing, data is read
a) optically        b) electrically     c) magnetically d) mechanically e) None of these
30.        ______ layer of OSI model is also called as end-to-layer.
            a) Presentation              b) Network         c) Session         d) Transport
            e) Application
31.        Office device is __________.
            a) a device which is not connected to a CPU.
            b) a device which is connected to a CPU
            c) a direct access storage device            d) an I/O device             e) None of these
32.        A Winchester disk is a
            a) disk stack     b) removal disk              c) flexible disk               d) All the above
            e) None of these
33.        IEEE _______ is the standard of token bus.
            a) 802.3            b) 802.4            c) 802.5            d) 802.2            e) 802.6
34.        Plotter accuracy is measured in terms of repeatability and
            a) buffer size     b) resolution      c) vertical dimension      c) intelligence
            d) None of these
35.        How many types of storage loops exist in magnetic bubble memory?
            a) 8                   b) 4                   c) 16                 d) 2                   e) 32
36.        Which of the following IP address classes is multicast?
            a) Class A         b) Class B         c) Class C         d) Class D         e) Class E
37.        The blinking symbol on the computer screen is called
            a) mouse           b) logo              c) hand             d) palm             e) cursor
38.        In second - generation computers, the speed was measured in
            a) nanoseconds             b) milliseconds              c) microseconds           
            d) picoseconds              e) None of these
39.        ____________ is not an Internet connection
            a) Broadband                 b) WWAN         c) DSL              d) WLAN           e) Dial-up
40.        The output quality of a printer is measured by
            a) dots per sq inch         b) dots per inch              c) dots printed per unit
            d) dots printed per line    e) Both (a) and (b)
41.        How many values can be represented by a single byte?
            a) 4                   b) 16                 c) 64                 d) 256               e) 512
42.        ________ is the process of finding errors in software code.
            a) Compiling                  b) Testing          c) Running         d) Debugging    
e) None of these
43.        Which piece of hardware protects the resource of a private network from other networks?
            a) Cache server             b) Proxy server              c) Firewall         d) Router
            e) Bridge
44.        What is the shortcut key for ‘find and replace’ dialogue box?
            a) Ctrl + F         b) Ctrl + R         c) Ctrl + H         d) Ctrl + M         e) Ctrl + N
45.        ______ are used to identify a user who returns to a website.
            a) Cookies         b) Plug-in          c) Scripts          d) ASPS           e) Browser
46.        All the information collected during database development is stored in a _____.
            a) repository      b) dataware house          c) RAD              d) CASE          
            e) None of these
47.        COBOL is used in ________ applications
            a) commercial                b) scientific       c) space            d) mathematical            
            e) None of these
48.        The altering of data so that it is not usable unless the changes are done is called
            a) Biometrics                 b) Compression             c) Encryption
            d) Ergonomics               e) None of these
49.        Formulas in Excel start with
            a) %                 b) +                  c) +                  d) -                   e) ;
50.        The _____ key will launch the start button.
            a) Esc               b) Shift              c) Windows       d) Ctrl               e) shortcut


1.d        2.a        3.d        4.d        5.c        6.e        7.e        8.b        9.b        10.b

11.d      12.d      13.d      14.c      15.d      16.a      17.e      18.c      19.a      20.a

21.d      22.a      23.d      24.b      25.b      26.b      27.e      28.b      29.b      30.d

31.a      32.a      33.b      34.b      35.d      36.d      37.e      38.c      39.b      40.a

41.d      42.a      43.c      44.a      45.a      46.b      47.a      48.c      49.b      50.b

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