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An analysis by a Hyderabad candidate -- exam on 16th morning

Thanks to Gajapati Karthik.-- Others please write like this in a detailed manner and send to

A good analysis by a candidate of exam on 16th morning:

IBPS Clerk Online Exam Experience -

Exam Date and Time Slot : 16th Dec 2012 , 9am
Exam Centre – Tirumala engineering college,bogaram,hyd
Exam Pattern : 200 Questions for 200 Marks in 120 Minutes

Section wise Analysis

1) Logical Reasoning – 40 Question (Easy)
This section contains Syllogism (5 marks), Circular Seating Arrangement (5 marks), Coding & Decoding (5), Comparison of Ranks (5), Data Sufficiency (5), Puzzles (3 & 3 & 5) and Miscellaneous (4- Direction, Arrangement in Words etc)
No question from Visual Reasoning, Input- Output
Only 1 Puzzle of 5 Marks looks time consuming, rest ALL questions seem easy

2) Quantitative Aptitude – 40 Questions (Easy)
15 Questions on Calculation (Q no 26-40), 5 Easy Questions in Number Series, 20 Questions on %, Average, Ratio, Partnership, Time, Speed Distance, Time and Work, Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest, Probability (1 Quest), Geometry (3-4 Quest)
Surprise Element- 1 Ques on Probability, Some 1-2 Steps questions on Geometry
Solve Calculation based questions first, 1-2-3 liner verbal question in each chapter said above
No Approximate Calculation this time.

3) English Language (30+10) comprised of 2 Sections.(Easy)
Try to clear cut-off from both the section, as it is not mentioned anywhere that these two sections are considered separately or not.
Otherwise questions in English sections are again Easy. Passage constitute of 15 Marks with synonym and antonym from words in Passages. Para-jumbled Sentence ( 5 Questions), Sentences Correction (5 Question), Error Correction (5 Question)
Separate Section of 10 Questions for Cloze Test(Very Easy).
Some of COMPS questions i remember 16/12 morning session
1) what is meant divding the cell into 2 or more in excel
2) in word doc the background will be
3) the commands are available in (ans menu )
4) which is utility s/w below
5) an assembler is an
6) to select a word in doc what u do
7) which type of medium do u use to sequential backup
8) which allows u search www
9) question on search engine
10) what will u use in need of caclculation (ans spreedshet)
11)when u click the text or image u navigate to other page,whats it called (hyperlink
12) keys that are used combination of other for special purpose are (ctrl+alt)
13) in cobol what co stands 4
14) DOS stands 4
15) OCR stands 4
1)split 2)not changed 3)menu 4)spred sheet 5) is language 6) dnt knw 7)dnt knw 8)ip address 10)excel spreed sheet 11)hyper link 12) modifier keys (i.e ctrl + alt) 13) common business 14)disk operating system 15)optical character reader
1) God of small things Book Written by

2) In Oct, 2012, RBI had deceased CRRby
3) Why pay in slip is used in banks

4) What is the New Version of Windows launched by Microsoft ?

5) Who is the present Railway Minister of India

6) Whose birth day is celebrated as National integration day in India?

7) Who is the present Governor of RBI ?

8) Which among the following is not a Union territory

9) Which among the following is a Sports related term (ans LBW)
10) Who got the Padma Vibhushan Award from Delhi?

11) Who among the following is the Woman and Child Development Minister of India ?

12) Who is the present Information and Broadcasting Minister of India ?

13) Who is the present President of Afghanistan ?

14) Which among the following awards is given to Authors ?
15) Who is the Agriculture Minister of India ?
16)in which bank account interest is not paid
17) which org got japanise international cooperation agency presidency( ans delhi metro )
18) which will not come under GST (ans income tax)
19) the shares is controled by (ans sebi)
20) demat account shares are in form ( may b ans digital form)
21)final authority of issuing notes(currency) ( ans govt of india rit na )
22) which rate is used to manage(something here i'm nt remebering) but options 1)msf 2)laf 3)crr 4)slr
23)who is the final authority of military officer (may b ans defence minister rit na)

24) another question on book
Guys if u remember some more questions plz add
Q1. BCCI Polly Umrigar award 2012? Answer: Virat Kohli Q2. United Nations day celebrated on Answer: October 24 Q3. ‘God of Small things’ written by Answer: Arundhati Roy Q4. Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) decreased in October by Answer: 0.25% Q5. Why pay slip is used in banks? Answer: to deposit cash Q6. Latest version of Microsoft windows is Answer: Windows 8 Q7. Which among the following is not a Union Territory? Answer: Goa Q8. Whose birthday is celebrated as National Integration day in India? Answer: Indira Gandhi Q9. Present governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)? Answer: D. Subbarao Q10. Which among the following is NOT a border state of Delhi? Answer: Rajasthan Q11. Who is the present Railway Minister? Answer: Pawan Kumar Bansal (Previously CP Joshi) Q12. Which among the following is a Sports related term? Answer: LBW (Cricket) Q13. Who got Padma Vibhushan Award from Delhi? Answer: Shri TV Rajeswar (Civil Service) Q14. Padmabhushan Award for art painting? Answer: Jatin Das Q15. Who is the present Broadcast and Information Minister of Govt of India? Answer: Manish Tewari (MoS- Independent Charges) Q16. Who is the president of Afghanistan, recently visited India? Answer: Hamid Karzai Q17. What is Open Market Operation of RBI? Answer: OMOs are the market operations conducted by the Reserve Bank of India by way of sale/ purchase of Government securities to/ from the market with an objective to adjust the rupee liquidity conditions in the market on a durable basis. When the RBI feels there is excess liquidity in the market, it resorts to sale of securities thereby sucking out the rupee liquidity. Similarly, when the liquidity conditions are tight, the RBI will buy securities from the market, thereby releasing liquidity into the market. Q18. If value of foreign currency increases, the value of Rupee will Answer: Depreciate Q19. Who monitor and Securitize capital market in India? Answer: SEBI Q20. Who is the present Women and Child Development Minister? Answer: Krishna Tirath (MoS – Independent Charge) Q21. Minister of Home affairs? Answer: Sushil Kumar Shinde Q22. According to recent list published by Forbes, who is the richest Indian? Answer: Mukesh Ambani Q23. BRICS Summit 2012 held in Answer: New Delhi Q24: Which among the following is a SAARC country? Answer: Sri Lanka Q25. What percentage of people who are below poverty line in India? Answer: 32.7% (Indian people fall below the international poverty line of US$ 1.25 per day. World Bank Data – 2010) Q26. Which is Union Territory? Answer: Puducherry Q27. According to the Census 2011 Data, population of India is Answer: 1.2 billion Q28. Institute which provide assistance to small scale industries through finance corporation? Answer: SIDBI Q29. Amount which provide for students by banks is called as? Answer: Education Loan Q30. Which is the maximum amount denomination note circulated in India? Answer: 1000 Q31. Present Agricultural Minister of India? Answer: Sharad Pawar Q32. There was a question on Crossed Cheque. Answer: A crossed cheque is a cheque that can only be deposited directly into an account with a bank and cannot be immediately cashed by a bank over the counter. Q33. According to the latest data, which country tops the list of nations in GDP growth? (No1 Country in GDP Growth rate?) Answer: Qatar (According to CIA World Factbook) Q34. Largest milk producing country? Answer: India (According to National Dairy Development Board Claim) Q35. ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount) associated to? Answer: IPO Explanation: ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount) is a process developed by the SEBI for applying to IPO. Q36. Which of the following award is given for authors? Answer: Man Booker Prize, Saraswati Samman, Jnanpith Award, Bihari Puraskar and many more. Q37. Operations SEBI? Answer: Works as a regulator for the securities market in India. Q38. Which institute included in global employment management 2012?

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