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Banking related general awareness--12 2012 4

                                        GA  --  12  2012   4
                                     (With Special Reference to Banking Industry)
1.   During the period of inflation, tax rates should
(A) Increase                                         (B) Decrease                                       (C) Remain constant              
(D) Fluctuate                                       (E) None of these

2.  Which is the biggest tax-paying sector in India?
(A) Agriculture sector                                     (B) Industrial Sector                            (C) Transport sector
(D) Banking sector                              (E) None of these

3.  TRIPS and TRIMS are the terms associates with
(A) IMF                                                            (B) WTO                                              (C) IBRD
(D) IDA                                                            (E) None of these

4.      Which of the following Indian banks became the first to touch a market capitalization of 1,00,000 crore in India?
(A) ICICI Bank                                      (B) HDFC Bank                                                (C) SBI
(D) PNB                                               (E) None of these

5.  Which of the following Twenty-20 cricket rules is not correctly stated?
(A) Each innings has a time limit of 75 minutes. For every over bowled after that, the batting side gets
      extra 6 runs.
(B) If a batsman fails to reach the crease within 90 seconds after the fall of wicket, the bowling side gets
      5 penalty runs.
(C) A bowler can bowl a maximum of 6 overs per innings.
(D) Fielding restrictions are applicable for the first six overs of the innings.
(E) None of these

6.  According to a resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, ‘International Day of
     Peace’ is observed every year on
(A) September 1                                  (B) September 14                                (C) September 21
(D) September 30                               (E) None of these

7.  According to the UN Convention on the right to children, which of the following is not right?
(A) Safe drinking water                       (B) Adequate standard of living          (C) Education
(D) Marriage                                       (E) None of these

8.  Who is the author of ‘Ageless Body, Timeless Mind?
(A) VS Naipaul                                     (B) Deepak Chopra                             (C) Dom Moraes
(D) Toney Kusher                                (E) None of these

9.  Which of these following is not considered as National Debt?
(A) National Saving Certificate           (B) Long-term Government Bonds     (C) Insurance Policies
(D) Provident Fund                              (E) None of these

10.  The main determinant of real wage is
(A) Extra earning                                (B) Nature of work                              (C) Promotional prospect
(D) Purchasing Power of money         (E) None of these

11.  The full form of IRDA is
(A) Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
(B) International Reconstruction and Development Association
(C) Indian Road Development Agency
(D) None of these

12.  Based on the recommendations of the standing committee of the ministry of food and consumer affairs the Union cabinet recently cleared amendments to the FCRA. It stands for
(A) Foreign Companies Regulation Act                      (B) Forward Contract Regulation Act
(C) Failed Companies Regulation Act                         (D) Future Commodities Regulation Act
(E) None of these

13.  India First Life Insurance has launched a device comprising a Samsung tablet PC and a battery powered printer which enables an agent to issue a policy on the spot with or without access to internet. Name the service.
(A)   Magic brick                                                (B) Magic Stick                                                (C) Magic Boards
(D) Magic Box                                      (E) None of these
14.  TRAI stands for
(A) Trans-Roadways Authority of India                        (B) Telephone Regulatory Authority of India
(C) Transport & Roads Authority of India                    (D) Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
(E) None of these

15.  Who is the President of the World Bank
(A) Paul Wolfowitz                                (B) James Wolfensohn                        (C) Rodrigo De Rato
(D) Allen Greenspan                             (E) Jim Yong Kim

16.  Union Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma has announced that Khazanah Nasional Berhad and IDFC have joined hands to form a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with an equity base of 830 crore for taking on infrastructure project in India. Khazanah Nasional Berhad belongs to
(A) Indonesia                                        (B) Malaysia                                        (C) Maldives
(D) Brunei                                             (E) None of these

17.  According to Anand Sharma, target for bilateral trade between India and Malaysia is $15 Billion, which is likely to be achieved by
(A) 2013                                                (B) 2015                                              (C) 2017
(D) 2018                                                (E) None of these

18.  India is the _________ largest investor in Malaysia.
(A) 3rd                                                    (B) 5th                                                  (C) 7th
(D) 8th                                                    (E) None of these

19.  The govt has mandated that from April 1, 2013, all foreign investors desirous of claiming benefit under the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAAs) will have to produce TRC of their base country in which they are located. TRC stand for
(A) Tax Reduction Certificate               (B) Tax Rebate Certificate                  (C) Tax Residency Certificate
(D) Tax Rehabilitation Certificate        (E) None of these

20.  Ajit Pawar resigned as a
(A) Member of Legislative Assembly   (B) Deputy CM of Maharashtra          (C) Chief of Maharashtra
(D) Home Minister of Maharashtra     (E) None of these

21.  Who among the following is India’s chief economic advisor?
(A) C Rangarajan                                  (B) Montek Singh Ahluwalia               (C) Kaushik Basu
(D) Raghuram G Rajan                         (E) None of these

22.  World Tourism Day is observed on
(A) 24th September                               (B) 25th September                              (C) 26th September     
(D) 27th September                               (E) None of these

23.  The Center has shifted the venue for the Partnership Summit-2013, a mega industrial summit organized by the Union Commerce Ministry in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), from Kolkata to
(A) Delhi                                               (B) Mumbai                                         (C) Chennai                
(D) Hyderabad                                      (E) Agra

24.  Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award is associated with
(A) Sport                                               (B) Art & Culture                                 (C) Science
(D) Social                                              (E) None of these

25.  India rank poorly at ________ among 105 countries in the 2012 Global Food Security Index launched in India by the American chemical company DuPont that has categorized countries in three segments-availability as well as quality and safety 
(A) 66                                                    (B) 74                                                  (C) 80
(D) 91                                                    (E) None of these

26.  The Union Cabinet may soon take up the long pending proposal to increase the foreign direct investment cap in the insurance sector to ______ percent, form _____ percent at present.
(A) 21, 10                                              (B) 49, 26                                            (C) 51, 26
(D) 74, 49                                              (E) None of these

27.  ‘One Rank, One Pension’ is associated with
(A) Indian Administrative Service        (B) Indian Police Service                     (C) Defence Services
(D) Indian Agriculture Service              (E) None of these

28.  Which of the following is not correctly matched according to recent data?
(A) Bank Rate-9%                                 (B) Repo Rate-8%                                (C) CRR-4.5%
(D) SLR-23%                                          (E) MSF-8%

29.  Which of the following is the central bank of US?
(A) Federal Reserve                              (B) Federal Bank                                 (C) Bank of America
(D) Federal Bank of America               (E) None of these

30.  Which of the following is not a private Indian bank?
(A) Yes Bank                                         (B) Axis Bank                                       (C) IDBI Bank
(D) ICICI Bank                                       (E) HDFC Bank

31.  Name India’s first National Security Adviser who died recently.
(A) Brijesh Mishra                                (B) JN Dixit                                          (C) SS Menon
(D) KPS Gill                                           (E) None of these

32.  Kundankulam nuclear power plant is in
(A) Kerla                                               (B) Karnataka                                      (C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Andhra Pradesh                              (E) None of these

33.  Name the suspended politburo member chief who has been expelled from the Communist Party of China.
(A) Gu Kailai                                         (B) Bo Xilai                                          (C) Xi Jinping
(D) Neil Heywood                                 (E) None of these

34.  RBI has said that all public sector banks would get an interest subsidy of _______ annually against short-term production loan up to 3 lakh to farmers.
(A) 2%                                                   (B) 3%                                                  (C) 4%
(D) 5%                                                   (E) None of these

35.  Which of the following is not core sector of Indian economy?
(A) Coal                                                 (B) Crude Oil                                       (C) Electricity
(D) Steel                                                (E) Education

36.  What is Fitch?
(A) Rating agency                                 (B) Investment firm                            (C) FII
(D) Merchant banker                           (E) Investment Regulator

37.  Who is signed a three-year deal with the Mercedes Formula One team that will replace seven-time champion Micheal Shumacher?
(A) Sergio Perez                                    (B) Lewis Hamilton                             (C) Fernando Alonso Diaz
(D) Mark Alan Webber                         (E) Sebastian Vettel

38.  Nirmal Bharat Yatra, which will start from Oct 3, is associated with
(A) National integrity                           (B) Tourism                                         (C) Sanitation
(D) Communal harmony                      (E) None of these

39.  World Heart Day is observed on
(A) Sep 29                                             (B) Oct 3                                              (C) Oct 5
(D) Oct 6                                               (E) None of these

40.  Name the anti-islam filmmaker who has been arrested for violating terms of his probation in a 2010 bank fraud case.
(A) Nakoula Basseley Nakoula             (B) Sam Bacile                                                (C) Morris Sadek
(D) J Christopher Stevens                     (E) None of these

1. (A)                 2. (B)               3. (B)               4. (C)               5. (C)               6. (C)              
7. (D)     8. (B)               9. (C)               10. (D)            
11. (A)               12. (B)             13. (C)             14. (D)
15. (E)               16. (B)             17. (A)             18. (C)             19. (C)             20. (B)            
21. (D)               22. (D)             23. (E)              24. (C)             25. (A)             26. (B)
  27. (C)             28. (E)              29. (A)             30. (C)            
31. (A)               32. (C)             33. (B)             34. (A)             35. (E)
36. (A)               37. (B)             38. (C)             39. (A)             40. (A)

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