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A difficult interview

"worst experience of a banking po interview""""""""""""""
By Akhil Kumar from SSC Exams group

reporting tym was 11:30 but interview started at 6:45 pm,,,,
there were 4 mem call M1,M2,M3,M4,,,,all were 55+
me at the door may i come in sir

M1=> ya sure plz come in,,,
me=> gud enening to all of you,,,
M1=> gud evening akhilesh, plz have a seat,,,
me=> thanku sir ,,,,
M1=> so you have done in. . . . 
me=>compter science and engineering
M1=. from which college?
me=> sir Anand Engneering College
M1=> where is this college?
me => Sir it is in agra.
M2=> aapne kiya hai,,,,,bank me aake kiya karoge?
M2=> aapne Tie nahi lagai,,,ye koyi c ya d gread ki job hai jo aap aise aa gaye,,,ye A grade ki officer ki job hai,,,pta hai aapko?college me Tie pehnte the?
Me=>yes sir,,,
M2=> phir yaha q nahi pehni?
Me=> silent
M2=> or banking me koyi direct link hai?
me=> yes sir most of the services like internet banking, mobile banking or any online transaction is directly related to our field,,,
M2(interupted )=> ye sub to IT officer ka kaam hota hai,,,,aapne ibps ka SO ka exam diya tha,,,?
me=> yes sir,,but due to low marks ,i didnt get any interview call,,,,
M2=> to phir aap bank me kya karoge? hum aapko q select kare?
me=> sir being a technical graduate, i have better knowledge of technology,,,so i can handle this in more effective way than a plane graduate student,,,,and
M2(again interupted)=> pta hai kitna kar loge,,,,,banking aati hai?
me=> yes sir,,
M3=> are u sure banking se kuch bhi puchu bta doge?
me=> yes sir,im sure.
M3=> sure? to me puchu?
me=> sure sir,,
M3=> suppose u are employee in any bank,,a customer comes to you shouting without knowing u n ur designation,,,he is even abusing u,,,what will be ur reaction?
me=> sir,,, i will ask him for water,,,then i'll hear his complain,,,if it is concerned wid my department i will try to solve his problem,,,if his problem is concerned wid other department ,i'll try to check it and request them to sort out his complain or refer him to the concerned department,, 
M3=> aap chillaoge nahi us par ?
me=> no sir,,bcz in banking industry customer is regarded as god,,for banking, customers are more important,,,as well as if i shout on him ,,this will leave a bad impact on other customers,,,
M4=> very good,,,,i just wanted to hear it from you,,,
me => thank you sir,,,
M1 to M3 and M2 => kuch or puchna hai?
both said no
M1=>now you may leave,,
me => thank you sir,,

hardly 7-8 min chala hoga interview or akele cabin me ache se leli meri salo ne,,,
aisa bhi koyi interview hota hai,,,
ek bhi question banking se nahi,,,
ek bhi question subject se nahi,,,,
ek bhi question gk ya current affairs se anhi,,,,,
introduction ka naamo nishaan nahi kahi pe,,,family backgroud,hobbois, strength,weakness, about ur city ke bare me to bhul hi jao kuch puchta,,,,
aisa lag rha tha me CPARASI ki job ke liye aaya hu ya phir me uski AMMA ko leke bhag gaya tha,,,,aaj mila to kamina sari barash mere pe nikal rha tha,,,,,are bhai biwi se jagada hua hai to ghar pe niptao na,,,office me q leke aate ho,,,,,kisi ki behan ko city maro to b wo itni nahi lega jitni kamine ne meri leli,,,,,hell with banking industry,,,,i'll never try for banks again,,,,,,,,

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  1. This is Funny....
    but u gave one right answer
    atleast u cud hav to try other answers as well


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