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Banking related general awareness-- 20-1-2013

Section – I

General Knowledge & Current Affairs

1.         Who is the author of the book ‘Speaking for Myself?
            a) Cherie Blair                b) Salman Rushdie         c) Mohammad Hanif
            d) Hillary Clinton
2.         When is International Women’s Day, and United Nations Day for Women’s Right and International Peace celebrated?
            a) March, 4        b) March, 8        c) March, 12      d) March, 15
3.         Into how many parts is the Indian Constitution divided?
            a) 18                 b) 21                 c) 22                 d) 24
4.         The rate at which banks lend to RBI is known as
            a) Repo rate      b) Reverse rapo rate       c) Interest rate   d) Bank rate
5.         ‘Vijay Hazare Trophy’ is associated with the game of
            a) Badminton     b) Football         c) Hockey         d) Cricket
6.         Pen name ‘Beerbal’ belongs to
            a) Pramatha Chaudhry                b) Ashpurva Dev
            c) Samaresh Majumdar              d) Samaresh Basu
7.         ‘Talchar’ is famous for thermal power plant. It is located in which of the following States?
            a) Assam          b) Bihar             c) Orissa           d) West Bengal
8.         Which states of India have derived maximum benefits from green revolution?
            a) Punjab, Haryana and U.P        b) Bihar, West Bengal and Assam
            c) Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra
9.         Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
            a) Warsam – Poland      b) RotterdamAustralia             c) Khartoum – Sudan
            d) Dublin  - Ireland
10.        The term “Green Revolution” was given by
            a) Dr.Norman Borlaug     b) Dr.M.S.Swaminathan c) Dr.William Gande
            d) Sada Shiv Rao
11.        After independence, recognizing the importance of estimate of National Income and its various components, the Government of India appointed the National Income committee in 1949.
            Who was the chairman of this committee?
            a) Dadabhai Nauroji                    b) Prof.V.K.R.V. Rao      c) P.C. Mahalanobis
            d) C.D.Deshmukh.
12.        Who invented ‘computer lapton’?
            a) Sinclair          b) Arthur Wynna            c) Q.Daimler      d) Adam Osborne
13.        The system of judicial review originated in
            a) India                         b) Germany       c) Russia          d) U.S.A
14.        Le Corbusier, the architect of Chandigarh was a national of
            a) France          b) Switzerland    c) Portugal        d) Netherlands
15.        The West to East extension of the Himalayas is from
            a) Nanga Parbat to Namcha Barwa          b) Rokaposhi to Lohit river
            c) K2 to Chomoithari                               d) Indus gorge to Dihang gorge
16.        The philosophy of Laissez faire is identified with
            a) Welfare state             b) Socialist state            c) Gandhian state
            d) Industrial state
17.        Who among the following nonmembers can take part in the proceedings of the Indian Parliament without the right to vote?
            a) Comptroller and Auditor General of India
            b) The Chief Justice of India                               c) Attorney General of India
            d) Ex-Speaker of Lok Sabha
18.        ISRO on 9th Sept 2012 launched 100th space vehicle. The name is:
            a) Agni-V           b) PLSV C20     c) PLSV C21     d) Antrix 100
19.        Which Bollywood star appointed “UN Goodwill Ambassador for UNAIDS” recently?
            a) Amitabh Bachchan     b) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan        c) Akshay Kumar
            d) Kareena Kapoor
20.        Which of the following state has recently launched ‘Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi’?
            a) Andhra Pradesh         b) Arunachal Pradesh     c) Assam          d) Uttar Pradesh
21.        Consider the following statements:
            A) The West Bengal government recently signed an agreement with IT firm TCS to monitor management of the MGNREGA.
            B) TCS will provide a 5-year support to the system after implementation.
            Which of the above statements is/are true?
            a) Only A          b) Only A          c) Both A and B             d) Neither A nor B
22.        The Union Ministry of Women and Child Development on September 18 decided to launch a scheme called Saksham to:
            a) empower adolescent boys by educating them on gender sensitivity and moral behavior
            b) empower adolescent girls by educating them on gender sensitivity and moral behavior.
            c) Both (a) and (b)          d) None of these
23.        Embraer EMB 1451 is
            a) the country’s first indigenously developed Air Borne Early Warning & Control system.
            b) India’s missile defence system
            c) ant – ballistic missile developed jointly by India and Russia
            d) None of these
24.        Which of the following Hollywood film caused worldwide protest among Muslims?
            a) The Innocence of Muslims      b) The Heart Locker       c) The Prisoner
            d) None of these
25.        The Government has launched a scheme called ___ which encourages and enables Overseas India Workers to save for their return and resettlement and to save for their old age by providing a co-contribution from the Government. The scheme is
            a) Indira Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana
            b) Pravasi Suraksha Yojana        c) Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana
            d) Rajiv Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana
26.        With a view strengthening regional financial and economic cooperation the Reserve Bank of India has announced Swap Arrangement of how much amount of US$ billion both in foreign currency and Indian rupee for SAARC member countries?
            a) USD 2 billion b) USD 2.5 billion           c) USD 2.54 billion
            d) USD 3.5 billion
27.        The World Bank has recently approved a $106-million credit for which purpose?
            a) Transport                   b) Electricity      c) Nutrition        d) Health
28.        Which State – owned Indian Bank opened its first branch in South Africa in a move to enhance the relationship between South Africa and India?
            a) Bank of India             b) Union bank of India                c) Punjab National Bank
            d) ICICI Bank
29.        Match the following pairs:
                        Player              Related Sports
            I) Andy Roddick             A) Tennis
            II) Lewis Hamilton          B) Racing
            III) Daryl Tuffey                         C) Cricket
            IV) Vitali Klitschko         D) Boxing
            A) I-a, II-b, III-c, IV-d      B) I-a, II-c, III-b, IV-d      C) I-c, II-b, III-d, IV-a
            D) I-C, II-D, III-B, IV-A
30.        Which of the following cricketer received ICC Cricketer of the year award?
            a) Virat Kohli (India)                   b) Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)
            c) Richard Levi (South Africa      d) Daniel Vettori (New Zealand)


1.a        2.b        3.c        4.b        5.d        6.a        7.c        8.a        9.b        10.a

11.d      12.d      13.d      14.a      15.a      16.d      17.c      18.c      19.b      20.b

21.c      22.a      23.a      24.a      25.c      26.a      27.c      28.a      29.a      30.b


4.b; RBI borrows from banks at reverse repo rate and lends to them at repo rate.   
6.a; He said that language comes from the tip of heart to the top of pen.
7.c; It is in Augul district.
9.b; It should be Canberra-Australia.
11.d; He also served as India’s Finance Minister.
12.d; Osborne invented it in 1981.
13.d; It started in a case Murbury vs Madison in 1803.
16.d; It means non intervention of the state in economic activities.


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