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Chennai Interview -- 24.1.2013

Hello Sir i had my PO interview on 24th in IOB ,Chennai. There were 4members in the panel. Questions asked were :
1.Tell abt ur family and ur self
2.Name any 2 international terroist group names and name any two of the famous terroist who are alive
3.How they threaten the banks (money laundering)
4. What is GDP
5.GDP Current status in India.
6.How GDP is affected(factors)
7.what is retail banking
8.what is the main business of a bank
9.which metal aeroplane is made of
10.what is ip address
11.what is internet banking and what are all the security measures banks have taken
12.About previous work experience
13.Ready for transfers frequently
14. Why Agriculture in India this time is affected badly in some parts

These were the questions asked by the panel members.
We need to read newspapers on daily basis and update ourselves.

For one candidate they even asked the full form of Finance minister Chidambaram initial.

appears to be good interview. 

Thanks for this candidate. 

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