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Chennai Interview -- 23.1.2013

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS--PO  --useful for bank clerks also

VENUE: IOB, regional office

DATE: 23/01/13

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. define retail banking(almost for all candidates asked this question)
  3. do you have bank a/c in bank? Which bank? What ll u do in ur a/c?
  4. what is debit card?
  5. what is credit card?
  6. define internet banking.
  7. what are the functions of bank?
  8. who will release the policy rate?
  9. headquater of RBI?
  10. what is the name of RBI situated in Chennai,delhi etc..
  11. what is fiscal deficit.
  12. Explain SEBI, who is director of sebi
  13. what is MSME.
  14. functions of RBI
  15. how to reduce fiscal deficit without increasing the tax.
  16. what is GAAR.

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