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covering National, International , Economy and Sports.  

1.         Campaign against malnutrition is an initiative of
            a) Women and Child Development Ministry
b) Health and Family Welfare Ministry                 c) Rural Development Ministry
d) Human Resource Development Ministry
2.         The Union Cabinet on November 2 cleared major amendments in the law relating to
            a) handloom workers      b) construction workers              c) mining workers
            d) None of these
3.         Congress President Sonia Gandhi on November 7 flagged off rail coach manufacturing factory in
            a) Lucknow                    b) Varanasi        c) Raebareli       d) Allahabad
4.         Which state topped the list of total convicts lodged in Indian jails as per the NCRB figures related in November?
            a) Karnataka      b) Tamil Nadu    c) Bihar             d) Uttar Pradesh
5.         National Education Day is observed on   
            a) 7 November               b) 8 November   c) 10 November             d) 11 November
6.         The new Akash – 2 Tablet has been manufactured by
            a) HCL              b) i-ball              c) Datawind                   d) None of these
7.         The Protection of Children from Sexual Offence Act, 2012 came into force on
            a) November 14                         b) November 17             c) November 20
            d) November 24
8.         Who has been appointed head of the INC Coordination Panel for 2014 Lok Sabha Elections?
            a) Sonia Gandhi             b) Rahul Gandhi             c) Manish Tewari          
            d) Ahmed Patel
9.         How many essential drugs would come under price control policy of India, as per the new pricing policy declared by the Union Cabinet?
            a) 248               b) 288               c) 348               d) 378
10.        A coastal chain of static sensors positioned along the coast of ___________ was inauguranted by Ministry of Defence on November 23.
            a) Karnataka                  b) Odisha          c) Andhra Pradesh         d) Tamil Nadu
11.        The political party launched by Arvind Kejriwal is
            a) Aam Janata Party      b) Jan Sadharan Party                c) Aam Aadmi Party
            d) Aam Lok Party
12.        The culprit of Mumbai attack Ajmal Kasab was hanged on November 21 in ………
            a) Mumbai         b) Nasik            c) Pune             d) None of these
13.        Which of the following states tops the list of best performing states and Union Territories in terms of environmental well-being?
            a) Himachal Pradesh      b) Chandigarh                c) Sikkim          d) Uttarakhand
14.        India on November 23 successfully test-fired an indigenously developed supersonic interceptor missile from ………….
            a) Chandipore                b) Sri Harikota               c) Vishakhapatnam
            d) None of these
15.        India ranks …………….. among 97 countries in guaranteeing access to all civil justice.
            a) 48th               b) 58th               c) 68th               d) 78th
16.        President Pranab Mukherjee on November 29 released a commemorative postage stamp on the occasion of silver Jublee of ……………..
            a) Consumer Protection Act                   
b) The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences
c) Social Security Act                                        d) None of these
17.        Which of the following High Courts launched e-court Fee System making justice delivery system paperless?
            a) Calcutta High Court                b) Delhi High Court
            c) Bombay High Court                d) Patna High Court
18.        Which of the following states recently approved 5 percent reservation for SBCs?
            a) Rajasthan                  b) Bihar             c) Uttar Pradesh            d) Jharkhand
19.        Which of the following were honoured with Asian Business Awards?
            a) Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata          b) Mukesh Ambani and Anand Mahindra
            c) Savitri Jindal and Anil Ambani             d) Kamal Nath and Anand Mahindra
20.        Discovery Communications on November 1 officially launched the Kid channel, Discovery. Kids in …………..
            a) Karnataka                  b) Kerala           c) Andhra Pradesh         d) Tamil Nadu
21.        Who has been appointed new chief of Intelligence Bureau?
            a) Asif Ibrahim               b) Alok Joshi     c) Ranjit Sinha               d) None of these
22.        Who has been appointed new director of CBI?
            a) Alok Joshi                 b) Asif Ibrahim   c) Ranjit Sinha               d) None of these
23.        Who has been conferred with the Kalidas Samman on November 24?
            a) Amir Khan     b) Shabana Azmi           c) Anupam Kher
d) Amitabh Bachchan

24.        How many votes Obama secured in U.S. Presidential Elections, 2012 held on November 6?
            a) 206               b) 282               c) 203               d) 383
25.        The 21st ASEAN Summit was held in November in
            a) Phnom Penh b) Kualalumpur              c) Bangkok        d) Tokyo
26.        The 9th Asia – Europe Meeting Summit of Heads of State and Government (ASEM) was hosted by
            a) Laos             b) Cambodia      c) Philippines     d) None of these
27.        Who has been elected new general secretary of Communist Party of China?
            a) Xi Jinping      b) Li Keqiang     c) Bo-Xilai         d) None of these
28.        With which country India on November 16 signed pact on rare earth mineral?
            a) South Korea              b) North Korea               c) China            d) Japan
29.        With which country, India on November 26 signed a social security pact?
            a) Switzerland                b) Sweden         c) Egypt            d) Britain
30.        Which country on November 27 launched first Lankan satellite?
            a) China            b) Japan            c) France          d) India
31.        The World Development report is released by
            a) International Monetary Fund                b) World bank
            c) Ecosoc                                             d) Asian Development Bank
32.        Which of the following countries on November 28 successfully test-fired Hatif-V ballistic missile?
            a) Pakistan        b) Iran               c) China            d) None of these
33.        United Nations declared …………… as Malala Day.
            a) November 7   b) November 8               c) November 9               d) November 10
34.        At least 47 children were killed on November 17 in a crash in ……….
            a) Israel            b) Egypt            c) Britain           d) Afghanistan
35.        Name the first female elected President of Interpol.
            a) Tulsi Gabbard            b) V.R. Iyer       c) Mireille Balestrazzi     d) None of these
36.        Which of the following countries enacted investment law on November 2?
            a) Myanmar       b) Banglaesh     c) Nepal            d) Bhutan
37.        Which of the following Indian personalities delivered a keynote address to achieve energy independence at the Beijing Forum?
            a) Ratan Tata                b) Sam Pitroda              c) APJ Abdul Kalam
            d) Pranab Mukherjee
38.        Which of the following countries was on November 2 inducted as dialogue partner in Indian Ocean Rim?
            a) USA              b) Canada         c) Brazil            d) Argentina
39.        Nepal was on November 8 elected as a board member of
            a) Security Council                                 b) Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
            c) International Monetary Fund                d) World Bank
40.        The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights recently urged for necessary steps towards granting Rohingyas citizens rights and equal treatment. These Rohingyas belonged to ……….
            a) Myanmar       b) Bangladesh               c) Bhutan          d) Nepal
41.        Which of the following countries is the first major nation to recognize the newly formed Syrian National Coalition of opposition and Revolutionaries as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people?
            a) Britian           b) France          c) Germany       d) USA
42.        Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley of America were awarded the Nobel economics prize for their work in:
            a) market design  and matching theory    b) poverty alleviation
            c) market regulation                               d) welfare economics
43.        Hugo Chavez recently re-elected as President of which of the country:
            a) Vietnam        b) Venezuela                 c) Columbia       d) Peru
44.        Which of the following nations has elected Ali Zidan as the new Prime Minister?
            a) Libya             b) Kenya           c) Kuwait           d) Yemen

45.        The Ministry for Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation raised the income criterion for Economically Weaker criterion for Economically Weaker Section housings from 6000 rupees per year initially to
            a) 80,000 rupees            b) 1 lakh rupees             c) 1.2 lakh rupees
            d) None of these
46.        India stands at which rank as per the Financial Development Index 2012?
            a) 30th               b) 40th               c) 50th               d) 60th
47.        India recently inked pact with ………… to check tax evasion and proliferation of black money.
            a) Germany                   b) France          c) United Kingdom         d) Canada
48.        The minimum support price for long staple cotton has been fixed at ………….. for the fiscal 2012-13.
            a) Rs.3300                    b) Rs.3500                    c) Rs.3700        d) Rs.3900
49.        As per the new guildelines, a MSE would be considered sick if any of the borrowal account of the enterprise remains non-performing assets (NPA)
            a) for two months           b) for three months or more         c) for more than six months
            d) for more than nine months
50.        ONGC sold ……… stakes of Krishna Godaveri basin of deepsea block to Japan’s Impex Corp.
            a) 26 per cent    b) 49 per cent    c) 51 per cent    d) 74 per cent
51.        The Union Government on November 8 approved the release of funds for the establishment of ……….. integrated textile parks.
            a) 18                 b) 19                 c) 20                 d) 21
52.        Vodafone India on November 8 signed an agreement with ………. to launch a mobile payment service.
            a) State Bank of India    b) Central Bank of India              c) ICICI Bank
            d) Punjab National Bank
53.        Sun Pharma on November 8 inked a pact to acquire DUSA Pharmaceuticals, which is a ……….
            a) U.S. based company              b) Germany – based company
            c) U.K. based company              d) None of these
54.        Take Power on November 8 acquired 26 per cent stake in BSSR which is a ……….. Company.
            a) French          b) Indonesia      c) Japanese      d) Chinese
55.        Which of the following companies slashed the prices of its three generic cancer drugs …….. Erlocip, Docetax and capegard?
            a) Cipla             b) Alkem           c) Abbot            d) Aristo
56.        International liquor major Diaego on November a announced its decision to acquire …… stake in Vijay Mallya – owned United Spirit Ltd. (USL)
            a) 49 per cent                b) 52 per cent                c) 53.4 per cent
            d) 74 per cent
57.        Which country recently banned import of eggs and chicken from India for second time in 2012?
            a) Iran               b) Saudi Arabia              c) Oman                        d) Iraq
58.        The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) on November 16 lowered the growth forecast to …………….
            a) 6 per cent      b) 6.2 per cent               c) 5.7 per cent               d) 5.5 per cent  
59.        The Finance Ministry on November 21 raised the cap on investment by Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) to
            a) 15 per cent                b) 20 per cent                c) 25 per cent
            d) 30 per cent
60.        The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) on November 22 approved sale of 9.5 per cent government stake in ……..
            a) GAIL             b) SAIL             c) NTPC            d) BHEL
61.        Which country tops the Financial Development Index 2012?
            a) USA              b) Hong Kong    c) United Kingdom         d) Singapore
62.        India recently launched a joint study research project on LNG with which country?
            a) Japan            b) U.S               c) Britain           d) France

63.        Who were named IAAF World Athletes of the Year 2012?
            a) David Rushida and Valerie Adams       b) Aerils Meritt and Jessica Ennis
            c) Usain Bolt and Allyson Felix               d) None of these
64.        Life ban on Mohammad Azharuddin was on November 8 lifted by
            a) Delhi High Court         b) Bombay High Court    c) Andhra Pradesh High Court
            d) None of these
65.        Which of the following Women Cricket Teams won ACC T20 Asia Cup?
            a) India             b) Pakistan        c) Sri Lanka       d) Bangladesh
66.        Who became recently the youngest triple champion in the history of Formula – one?
            a) Fernando Alonso        b) Sabestian Vettel        c) Hamilton
            d) None of these
67.        Which country won the Davis Cup Finals?
            a) Spain            b) Czech Republic          c) France          d) Italy
68.        India’s Gaganjee Bhullar is related to
            a) Golf              b) Cricket          c) Hockey         d) Football
69.        Mirabai Chanu claimed three bronze medals at Asian Jr.Weightlifting. Chanu is from ……….
            a) India             b) Bangladesh               c) Myanmar       d) Bhutan
70.        During BCCI Annual Awards 2011-12 Ceremony, Col. C.K.Nayudu Life time achievement award was conferred on
            a) Virat Kohli     b) Sachin Tendulkar       c) Sunil Gavaskar         
            d) Rahul Dravid
71.        Which Australian Cricketer on November 29 announced his retirement from Test Cricket?
            a) Ricky Ponting            b) Mike Hussey                         c) Andrew Symonds
            d) None of these
72.        Name the first person who scored three double centuries in a calendar year.
            a) Hashim Amla             b) Sachin Tendulkar       c) Alaister Cook            
d) Michael Clarke


1.a       2.b       3.c       4.d       5.d       6.c       7.a       8.b       9.c       10.c

11.c     12.c     13.d     14.a     15.d     16.a     17.b     18.a     19.d     20.c

21.a     22.c     23.c     24.c     25.a     26.a     27.a     28.d     29.b     30.a

31.a     32.a     33.d     34.b     35.c     36.a     37.c     38.a     39.b     40.a

41.b     42.a     43.b     44.a     45.b     46.b     47.c     48.d     49.b     50.a

51.d     52.c     53.a     54.b     55.b     56.c     57.c     58.a     59.d     60.c

61.b     62.a     63.c     64.c     65.a     66.b     67.b     68.a     69.a     70.c

71.a     72.d     

ref. CR 2 OF 13

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