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Hyderabad interview -Ludhiana interviews -22-1-2013

How r u? Yesterday my IBPS PO2 interview done.. 4 members in my panel one member is Indian bank retired chief manager came from mumbai. Interview was 10-15 min .

1) Tell me about Youself?

2) about family background?

3) about my native place?

4) if posting is given which state you  go other than Andhra pradesh?

5) are you willing to relocate any where? 

Thats it they dont ask any question from banking

another interview yesterday in Ludhiana.  (Incidentally this candidate has got selection offer for Scale II in PNB based on an interview attended by him earlier.)  congrats.

Sir my Interview was in Ludhiana . It lasted for 15 min.
Firstly i asked and entered the room. The panel was of 4 members
they offered seat to me
M1- asked me about my native place and my area location (I think he was from my area as he was asking in detail and knew abt it)
m2- asked me abt ma family and qualifications then they asked from where we shud start asking u u hav done mba finance and worked in bank for 2 years.
M3- asked me abt insurance cover provided by DICGI and its limit
me- answered.
m3- asked abt basels in the details.
me- answered
m2- asked me about depreciation and its types.
me - answered
m2- diff b/w urban and rural banking (as presently i m in rural branch)
me- answered it abt exp.
m4- deficit financing
me- answered
m4- banking ombudsman
me- answered abt the same.
Overall it was a good experience having interviewed by the panel even i was having fever, still i managed to answer i culd giv all by god' grace

another candidate:

as i entered first m1 question what ur father do u hv any
brother or sister ? What he do...what u hv done since u pass out in
2010 i said preparing for govt jobs..and how ur engg is beneficial to
us ...every effort to convince them..i said my engg not only helped me
in my technical development but also my overall personality.. Working
in stress good manegirial skill..etc. How ur engg going to help us
here ur not going to design any instrument...i said being atechnical
graduate ican easily adapt to technology even bank are not untouched
frm technology... During the time one member said ur having 80 percent
with such tough branch that definately shows ur vry good ur
communication skill is excellent even many of it officers not able to
communicate properly..i said thanx ..dn what is circuit ? I told dan
type of circuit ..i told do u hv any bank account i said yes at pnb
what facility they provide they ask abt atm card what is its use ...dn
itold..he said did u ever did shopping frm dat i said yes ..i told
while paying i hv to gv card to shopkeeper dn after swaping he return
to us..but i told once my frnd buy smthng frm reebok shop shopkeeper
swap and ask her to put pin no.. She typed hiding the pin no....then
one member said pin  no.. Never to be typed then i said she is hvng
sbi atm card thn another member said to first in sbi  might b they ask
they hv diffrent..procedure...dn 3 rd member in rural area how u will
connect more people banking..first member said as they ppl used keep
dr money in pot ..or some where ...i said i will definately speak to
them hindi in easy way so that they can understand well dn i said i
will let them know if they keep there money in bank they will get
intrest..etc..member 1 said yes...dn he ask 4 member to ask questn to
me dn he ask associate of sbi i was able to answer 4 forgot 1 dn old
name of axis bank i said i don't know...dn he said ok and askd my
marks i said 145 he said good...and thats all and ask to take ur toffe

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