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INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE--Panchkula, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Kolkata

venue : koti,hyd
date: jan 17th, 8.30am
im d last member of my panel-3.
12 mem absent out of 25.
my interview happened around 10-15 mins
1.meaning name n sir name(meaning of name and sirname)
2.introduce ur self
3.y u choosng bank career inclusion adq ratio def to use ur knowledge here?(bank)
7.RBI governors and depty governors names
8.abt my dad org
9.abt my hobbies
10.if u got big offer vl u go?
11. tel any 3 women cm's @ present?
12. is this interview gud r not? we r laughng @ 1min

this is my interview

Other candidates please details of your interview experience.--in Hyderabad they ask questions in telugu also to make the candidates comfortable.


my intervw experience..
venue: bank of baroda, arya nagar, kanpur
panel 3

3 members..m1,m2,m3,m4
enterd d room
me: may i come in sir?
m3: come in

i wished good afternoon 2 every1,,dey replied y do u all say gm or gd aftrnoon..say namaste.

m1:what is ur name?
me: anserd

m2:tell me something about urself especially ur strengths.

m3:what does ur father do?
me: answerd

m1:why u engineers r here in banking? it means if u all want 2 come here den we all old peoples should take VRS?

m3:u r working in a bank,so w'll ask u everythng only about banking.r u ready??

m4: hw will u detect a fake note?

m2:how do blind people detect the currency of d note which dey r using?
me: said sorry

m1:types of crossing?

m2:special crossng?

m3:r u ready 2 get a posting in rural place?

members:ok thank u,u may go.
me:thank u sir,have a good day.


KOLKATA - 700 001
Reporting time : 8:30
Documnet verification : They r veri cooperative .....even one guy didnt bring any xerox they provided their own office xerox even download his call letter also.
Entering interview room : 11:25
total duration : 10-15 mins

before i sat down one of them ask qs then one of them told that it is me so start again
1.ask what is my qualification
3.hs marks
4.job(as i am btech in IT ask also about campusing)
5.why i leave my job
6.why i am not joing bank as a IT officer
7.whats ur present package
8.Do u know what is salary of PO
9.u may go to US,Uk in  IT sector then why u join bank
10.what is ur storng point with example
11.what is repo rate
12.what is bank rate
13.what is GDP
14.your present company earn profit is it count in GDP?
15.Another qs i failed to ans and said cant remember now
16.Do u want to join in villege sply remote villege?
17.Function of RBI
18.Do u visit a bank
19.Do u hv a bank account?
20.What is the roll of PO?
NO GK No my academics…I think i have missed a golden oppertunity

another candidate from Panchkula, Haryana


After Document verification my turn comes near 10.30 AM, I was second in list for interview and first in document verification. PNB clerical interview me mujhe sabse ach alga jab document verification ho rhi thi us se pahle auditorium me prayer Play ki gye “ Itni shakti hume dena Data, Man ka vishwas kamjor ho na…”. After document verification PNB staff member 8-10 students ko upper le gya janha interview chal rhe the. Mera no. second tha aur interview room ke bahar wait karna sach me bahut ajeeb sa lag rha tha, ye mera first interview tha aur us din maine believe kiya ki dar sabko lagta hai . Heartbeat tej ho rhi thi aur use control karne ke liye Deep breath le rha tha. Ab interview room me enter kar rha hu 

There are 3 members in interview panel, M-1, M-2 & M-3

Deep: May I come in sir?
M-1: Yes Please, Come in.
I greet everyone Good morning.

M-1: Please have a seat.
Deep: Thank you sir.

M-1: Deep Kumar, where from you?
Deep: Sir, I am from Hisar, Haryana.

M-1: Aap ke father kya karte hai?
Deep: Replied. 

M-1: Computer aata hai use karna?
Deep: Yes sir.

M-1: Excel aata hai use karna?
Deep: Yes Sir.

M-1: Excel kya hota hai aur kyu use kiya jata hai?
Deep: Replied.

M-1: Excel me V-look up hota hai, aata hai use karna?
Deep: Sorry Sir, I don’t know.

M-1: Typing Speed kya hai aap ki?
Deep: 40WPM in English.

M-1: PNB bank ke bare me kuch bataye.
Deep: Replied with PNB establishment, founder, nationalization of PNB, Branch Network etc.

M-1: PNB ke chairman kon hai?
Deep: MR. KR Kamath.

M-1: PNB ke kisi board of director ka naam jante ho?
Deep: Sorry sir, I don’t know.

M-1: President of india?
Deep: Sh. Parnav Mukharji 

M-1: Finance Minister of india?
Deep: Mr. P. Chitambaram 

M-1: Haryana ke governor kon hai?
Deep: Sh. Jagannath Pahadia.

M-2: RBI ke bare me kya jante hai?
Deep: Replied with RBI act 1934, RBI establishment 1935, RBI nationalization 1949. Bankers bank, Govt ka bank, Note issuing Authority in india, Governor-1, Deputy Governor-4 etc

M-2: Governor of RBI.
Deep: D.Subbarao

M-3: Stock market ke bare me kuch batye, india me kon regulate karta hai stock market ko. ( I have 4 year job exp in stock market)
Deep: Replied about stock market and stock market regulator SEBI.

M-2: Chairperson of SEBI?
Deep: Mr. UK Sinha

M-2: You are from Hisar?
Deep: Yes sir.

M-2: Hisar me kon industry hai?
Deep: Yes sir, Jindal industry is in hisar.

M-2: Tell us something about Jindal Industry.
Deep: Replied about Jindal Industry and about their chairperson Mrs. Savitri Jindal, who is also MLA of Hisar and Richest Lady in india.

M-2: Naveen Jindal is also from Jindal Family?
Deep: Yes sir.

M-2: Abhi recently Naveen Jindal news me the, vo kis vjah se the?
Deep: Replied, recently Jindal Power ka naam coal scam me aaya tha aur ZEE NEWS wale ye news baar baar dikha rhe the, aur Zee walo ne Naveen Jindal par blam kiya tha ki unhone Zee ko 100 cror ki offer ki hai news na dikhane ke liye bt Naveen Jindal ne Zee News ke editor ka sting operation kiya tha ki Zee walo ne unse paise mange hai. Abhi Zee news ke editor jail me hai. Naveen Jindal ne un par case kiya tha .
M-3: News Paper Padhte ho?
Deep: Yes sir.

M-3: Konsa? Hindi ya English?
Deep: Dainik Bhaskar, Hindi.

M-3: Aur kya hobbies hai?
Deep: Reading books, Traveling, Net Suffering.

M-2: Abhi Recently konsi book padhi hai?
Deep: Sansmritiya (संस्मृतिया )
M-2: Is book ke bare me kuch batao.
Deep: Replied in brief about book, this book is about our national heros Sardar Bhagat singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Chandershekhar aazad, Yatinder Nath Bose etc

M-3: Who is the writer of book? Tell us something about Writer.
Deep: This book is written by Comrade Shiv Verma, Shiv Verma ek Krantikari the aur Sardar Bhagat singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Chander Shekhar Aazad ke sathi the, unhone jo time sath bitya tha us time ko is book me likha hai aur is book se hume apne national heros ke bare me jyda janne ka muka milta hai.

M-2: Tell us something about Rajguru?
Deep: Replied in brief about Rajguru.

M-2: Sardar Bhagat Sing ka janam kab hua tha aur kanha?
Deep: Replied, 27 sep.1907, Banga Village, Layalpur. Punjab.

M-1: Why we hire you?
Deep: Replied, I add my job experience with PNB job. Like stock market me sara computer work hota aur constration ki need hoti hai, work pressor hota hai aur mostly kaam stress me hota hai stock market me shares ke rete up-down hote rahte hai, aur ek sath kai clients ka kaam karna hota hai live market me to accuracy aur fast speed bhi importante role playe karti hai. ab sab banks computerized ho gye hai, aur banks me work load bhi bahut hota hai to jo mera experience hai stress ke mahol me kaam karne ka aur accurate-fast kaam karne ka vo mere liye bank job me helpful rhe ga. Maine as a Back office incharge bhi job ki hai to clients se dealing karna, unki problems solve karna, unki quarry solve karne ka bhi experience hai. Ye sab Mere liye helpful rhe ga bank Job ke liye.

M-2: Ask reason about my Job Resignation.
Deep: Replied, because I started my own stock broking business after job resignation.

M-1: Give me writing pad and say, Write one line about yourself.
Deep: Write, I am very positive about me. And return to M-1. M-1 ne writing Pad liya aur jo line maine likhi thi use Pen se tik kiya. And say with smile Thank you Deep Kumar 

Ye tha mera interview Experience.

Candidates we can see questions are repeated and it is worth preparing for answers for simialr quesitons before hand.
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