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Interview questions another set--19-1-2013

Excellent must read interview questions courtesy by Smruti Sahoo.
1. Give your intro.?
2.What is your strength?
3.What is your weakness?
4.Tell something about Indian banking industry.
5.Although you have different qualification(e.g Engeenering) why you opt for Banking?...
6.How do bank function?
7.In which bank u have account? what have u noticed in that branch?
8.Whatis banking strength of our country?
9.What are yours hobbies and explain why you choose it as your hobby?
10.Why were you not better in school/college?

11.Why there is a gap of years in your study?
12.what are u doing presently?
13.Why u could not able to get selectied in any of your branch sector exams?
14.will u even join our bank...if we would put u in rural area/union teritory?
15.How your computer science engineering will help us in developing our bank site as well as our bank services?
16.Which is the most nearest branch of of any BANK from ur home and what you observe there ?
17.why you choose to became a bank po?
18.Tell something about your native place famous for?
19.Where u c yourself after you become a PO?
20.Given a situation of employee handling.

21.What is your view regarding the interview panel?
22.How u will sell urself for this Job?
23.What are the qualities a po must have?
24.How you improve your branch office transaction?
25.You start preparing for this exam from last 2 year. how do u manage that ?
26.which newspapaer do u read ?Have u gone through todays news paper?
27.Why Did u Do B.E. If ur Dream Was To Join Banks?
28.Don't you think you are over qualified for this position?
29.If many people are standing in queue and a valued customer comes whose deposit is 10lakh how can you handle?
30.As banks are opened for profit motives,should banks open branches at rural areas?
31.What are the different services (e.g mobile banking,internet banking,e-trade etc)now a days have been attached to banking servicesin order boost banking services?(Please also mention effect of rural banking enhancement).
32.What kind of a/c you have in any bank.Please mention how to open this a/c,what is the intrest rate in it etc.?
33.If you get fradulent money during cash deposit of customer how will you react?34.Can you explain how using social networking site you can improve banking services?
35.Why should we select you over other interview aspirant?What benefit you give us sothat we will select you?
36.How online banking is advantageous over manual banking?
37.If u forget the pin no of ur ATM card, wt will u do first?
38.while working at the office, if a fire occurs wt will u do?
39.what is paperless banking and green banking?
40.What is the disadvantage of paper money(used in India) over plastic money(used in china)?
 another candidate

my intervw experience..
venue: bank of baroda, arya nagar, kanpur
panel 3

3 members..m1,m2,m3,m4
enterd d room
me: may i come in sir?
m3: come in

i wished good afternoon 2 every1,,dey replied y do u all say gm or gd aftrnoon..say namaste.

m1:what is ur name?
me: anserd

m2:tell me something about urself especially ur strengths.

m3:what does ur father do?
me: answerd

m1:why u engineers r here in banking? it means if u all want 2 come here den we all old peoples should take VRS?

m3:u r working in a bank,so w'll ask u everythng only about banking.r u ready??

m4: hw will u detect a fake note?

m2:how do blind people detect the currency of d note which dey r using?
me: said sorry

m1:types of crossing?

m2:special crossng?

m3:r u ready 2 get a posting in rural place?

members:ok thank u,u may go.
me:thank u sir,have a good day.

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