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Interview Cracker

1. What is POSDCORB In public Administration?
2. What is Motivation?
3. Explain X and Y theory of Motivation? Who is founder of this
4. Who is the founder of management?
5. Who is the founder of Scientific Management?
6. Who is the founder of Management by Exception?
7. What are the “4 P” in Marketing?
8. Use of Marketing in Banks?
9. What is Management? Define in one line?
10. What is marketing? Define in one line?
11. How will you motivate your subordinates in Bank if there
are misconceptions between them or any confusion?
12. What are the leadership qualities? Do you posses these
13. What is marketing mix?
14. What is product mix?
15. What is Branding?
16. What is “corporate social responsibility”?
1. What is optimum theory of population?
2. What is Malthusian theory of population?
3. Why 5 year plan in India is not successful?
4. What is law of Diminishing marginal utility?
5. Define National Income?
6. What is the Difference between GDP and GNP?
7. Difference between Micro and Macro Economics?
8. Difference between Dynamic and Static Economics?]
9. What is Interpolation and Intropolution?
10. What is Time Series?
11. Explain Fisher Index Theory?
12. Principle of maximum Social Advantage?
13. What is Absolute Error?
14. Discuss Keans‟s theory of Employment?
15. What is indifference curve analysis?
16. What is Say‟s market law?
17. What is perfect competition?
18. Price determination under imperfect competition?
19. What is Dumping?
20. Difference between Economy and Economics?
21. What is Law of Demand?
22. What is AC-MC Curve?
23. Relevance of International Economics for this year?
24. Who is the winner of Nobel Prize of Economics for this
25. For which work this year‟s Economic Nobel is conferred?
26. Who is Amaitya Sen?
1. Which part of your mathematics is good?
2. Do you know Demovier‟s theorem? Explain it.
3. Expansion of SinX.
4. Expansion of CosX.
5. Fariur Sevices.
6. Define npr and ncr and their different applications in solving
7. What is Differentiation?
8. What is Integration?
Science Stream
1. Why does cycle tube burst in summer?
2. Why does sky look blue?
3. What is the formula of (A+B)3?
4. Is there any vain which carries impure blood?
5. What is color blindness?
6. What is Raman effect? ]
7. What is Boyle‟s law?
8. Who is the winner of Nobel prize……in Physics, Chemistry
and Medicine?
9. What is Newton‟s I, II, III law?
10. What is Charl‟s law?]
11. Is there any use of science in Bank?
12. What is Snell‟s law (laws of refraction)?
13. What is Coulomb‟s law of Electrostatics?
14. What is Boyle‟s law?
15. What id Pascal‟s law?
16. What is Archimedes‟s Principle?
17. What is Specific heat?
18. What is Conduction, convection, radiation?
19. What is Doppler‟s effect?
20. What is Hard and Soft water?
21. What is under table water?
Commerce Stream
1. What are the principles of Book Keeping?
2. What is Balance Sheet? How you come to know after seeing
balance sheet that economic condition is good or bad any
3. What is the difference between CA and ICWA?
4. What are the Accounting ratios?
5. What is the use of ratio in balance sheet of a bank?
6. What is Acid test ratio?
7. What is accounting?
8. Difference between Double Entry System and Double
Account System?

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