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Ibps po2 interview experience in Punjab national bank ……
There are 5 persons in panel & interview is about 42 minutes or other candidates for 10 minutes bcoz m frm commerce background….
Me-goodmorning all of you.
Interviewer-good morning,plz sit & be cool & don’t get nervous.
Me-sir nervous kyun hounga aap kounsi meri pitai karogae sirf ek interview hi toh hai.
Interviwer-hahahaha aapke papa kahaan job karte hain?
Me-he is a senior assistant in department of zoology in panjab university Chandigarh.
Interviewer-you got first division in very good,from which university & college?
Me-sir frm panjab university Chandigarh & sggs college sector 26 chandigarh.
Interviewer-so tell me about strategy ?
Me- strategy means technique or way for doing some work,like price strategy,controlling strategy,cost strategies.
Interviewer-what is difference between indemnity and guarantee under Indian contract act in commercial & labour laws?
Me- guarantee means giving surety for something like for loan in bank…I don’t know about indemnity kyonki yeh sab first year mein thha toh kafi time ho chukka hai pade hue.
Interviewer- tum toh commerce ke student ho aapko toh pata hona chahiye,what is deflation?
Me-deflation means decrease in general level of prices of goods & services.deflation occurs when inflation rate become 0 or negative.& occurs when supply of goods & services exceeds the demand for the same..
Interviewer-steps taken by rbi,govt & public to control deflation..?
Me – there are various tools life crr,slr e.t.c & other I don’t know.
Interviewer-you score very good marks in income tax 80 marks so tell me what is direct & indirect tax ?
Me- direct tax means those tax which directly implied on the individual & corporates like income tax,wealth tax,corporate tax and indirect tax are those which are imposed on goods & services like stamp duty,entertainment tax,service tax,custom duty,vat,road tax,central sales
Interviewer- excise tax is direct or indirect tax?
Me-it is indirect tax.
Interviewer- if you selected as an po in bank how you can build a team buliding amoung employees & meaning of team ?
Me- team means group of people who work together to achive common goal & team building is build by motivating them,by providing incentives,by creating proper working environment in work place & little aggressiveness is also required otherwise employees friendly ho jayenge or goal nahi achieve ho payega.
Interviewer- you also score very good score in management 75 tell me something about this ?
Me- it includes planning,organizing,staffing,directing,controlling. planning means what to do,when to do & how to do.& motivation means encouraging employees to achieve desired goal.
Interviewer-How you can set a price for a product ?
Me- by including advertisement cost & tax rates also.
Interviewer- there are other many things like direct & indirect material tell us something about that ?
Me- yes sir direct material means like raw material which directly involved in manufacturing of a product,machinery equipments,direct labour means human efforts directly involved in manufacturing,direct expences means expenses which are directly included in manufacturing process.& indirect material example is thread for tailoring a shirt which cannot be measured in quantitative terms,indirect exapenses means like salary to driver of delivery van of company.
Interviwer- what topics you studied in banking and insurance in
Me-what is bank,how many types of banks,rbi & its functions.
Interviwer-so tell me how many types of banks?
Me-commercial banks,foreign banks cooperative banks,private banks & specialized banks.
Interviewer- but humne toh sirf schedule or non schedule hi sunae the?
Me-sir apex bank is rbi & non schedule banks includes only cooperative banks,& others are scheduled.
Interviewer-what is the function of rrb ?
Me-providing loans to rural peoples.
Intereviewer-but rrb banks toh cities mein bhi hote hain?
Me-sir mujhe rrb banks ke bare mein sirf itna hi knowledge hai.
Interviwer- ok give me one example of specialized bank which you tell?
Me-like idbi which provide loans to industries only.
Interviewer-what is Indian economy?
Me-it is mixed economy it include both private & public sectors.
Interviewer-do u think you are risk taker or do want to play it safe ?
Me- the biggest risk of life is not taking any risk,jab tak aap risk nahi loga tab tak aapka growth kaise hoga,development kaise hoga.
Interviwer-how you can handle a work pressure ?
Me-working under pressure is always a learning experience for me it helps me to grow & I don’t get panic,I do my work with utmost concentration & I never deviates from my work.ek example deta hun aapko thoda funny hai ek baar ek maa apne bête ko study karta dekh bolti hai beta tum pura saal study nahi karte par last mein hi kyun karte ho jab itna pressure hota hai,toh beta answer deta hai lehroon ka sukun toh sabhi ko pasand hai par tufano se kasti nikal kar le jane ka apna hi ek alag maza hai.
Interviewer-hahahahaha( they all are laughing )what is income sources under income tax ?
Me-income from salaries,income from house property,capital gains,profit & income from business or professions and income from other sources.
Interviwer-ok pankaj that’s all & best of luck.
Me-thank you sir


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