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"It is the day, For the last few years I have been mentally preparing, I know it is tough to digest, I know it is the Order of the game, But I never thought it could happen this early. At some point of time Retirement has to happen, and It happened Now. Will miss cricket from hereon"
These are the words we often hear from any cricketer who retires, But it is entirely different if you go through it once again from the angle of a fan who admires Tendulkar, it will give you a meaning of missing him in Cricket especially in ODIs hereafter.

Like millions of Indians I have also switched of my Television Set when Sachin's wicket is lost in the early and mid 90's. Still now the games which he has won single handedly for India and those games he fought and beaten by the opponent team were Flashing on mind. And in modern era also when he posted a mammoth 175 and setup a mere Win against Aussies, India could not able to cross the line and lost the game by 2 runs.

Is there anybody who can smash the mighty Australians all over the park in an all important game that too on a trot in two games.? Obviously Sachin did it in 1998 Sharjah Cup, For those who have missed it Sachin Showed his Skillfull, Matured, Mastery Match winning knocks once again in Australia in the CB Series 2008 by scoring a century and a ninety in back to back Finals.

The Saga of Tendulkar came to an End now, It is interesting that when India entered into Liberalized World(1991), Cricket got Colors(1992), Day Night games, Technological Improvements (Sachin, First to go after referred to 3rd Umpire) He has entered into the World of Cricket. He along with Players Like Jayasuriya have changed the face of the Game and hit back at the Bowlers from the right beginning of an innings. Usually The best player of a team will come after 2-3 wickets fallen, But Tendulkar always wanted to take the Risky Opening job along side bringing the team's Total goes well and par to the expectation.

Every time he walks in, he carried a billion people's expectation. His Longevity in the game is phenomenal. No Cricketer can live on high for a period of 23 years, of course there were situations Sachin did not played upto the mark. But If you closely look, He himself set such high standards for him, thst is the reason for those things. For me, When Sachin is not scoring a 60+  he is not playing well. Is that the way we look at others, Definitely not. We always love to get maximum of him in any form of the game. but unfortunately even though he has played well we stand and shout This is not upto the (Tendulkar) Mark.

The Evening Sachin Rolled back The Pakistanis Speedsters and ruled them out of the tournament in 2003 World Cup by scoring a Quick fire 98 still Occupies a large place in my Heart, the shot he played late and style to the fence on off side was a Classy example how different he has approached the game. His Century after attending his father's demise against Kenya in 99 World cup showed his love to the game.

It took the Cricketing World to see a Double Hundred for more than 3000 ODIs and at last who else is the best option to deliver it other than Sachin, He scored a sparkling Double Hundred against the Strong pace attack of South Africa in 2011.

Sachin is a Handy bowler also, The only captain utilized Tendulkar's Bowling skills was Azharuddin, I have seen a number of matches where tendulkar bowled 10 overs in a ODI game, not many part timers did it. His last over against South africa in 1993 Coca-Cola Cup semi Final turned them down in the series, When Australia going on to win a match at Kochi '98 he came and picked a Five wicket haul and spoiled the party of Aussies. The googly he bowled to Pakistani wicket keeper Moin Khan on a last ball of a day in a Test Match is unpredictable by any batsman. Tendulkar always known for breaking the torturing Partnerships of the opponent teams, and he loved to bowl against Players like Inzamam, Lara and interesrtingly he got them out more than any other bowlers.

Even though he has  So many Records and so many series wins, trophies, Like a child he always wanted to be a part of The World cup winning team, and the desire went on almost to be fulfill in 2003, But it happened only in 2011.

Yes, it is true that Sachin has lost his form for the past few months, He smashed back at the Media many a times in the past not by his mouth, by his willow. But the aging factor might have played an important role in the Decision of Sachin Tendulkar.

But it is misery that after The 2011 World Cup Sachin did not played par to his level may be because his dream of lifting a world cup trophy came true.
Whatever it may be the reason The Master Blaster has took a call and quit ODIs, and we are all blessed to see him for the past several years (I could not say 23 years, As I born after his arrival to the International Cricket only). The so called Run machine stopped his functioning at ODIs at 463 matches, 18426 Runs, 49 Centuries, 96 Fifties. These figures will remain forever at the top, I dont think anyone can cross these in near future.

But like all of you I have also wanted to see him in a Last ODI.

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