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State Bank of Hyderabad --interview at Hyderabad on 31.1.2013

This boy is  from Vizianagaram -- completed his B Tech.  .  --expressive candidate.  he was kind enough ti share the information about interview over phone and submitted his report as follows:

hi friends, done my interview _- Sblc Hyd
in Hyderabad 6 panels. mine Panel-2 total 3 members(2 female n 1 male)
I was the last member in my panel

1)family background ?

2)about my dad organisation?

3)about my district ?(vizianagaram)

4)Hobbies ?


6)why choosing banking after your B tech?

7)you completed your graduation in a reputed college then why u 
appearing bank exams??why not go for s/w ??

8)again asked tell ur dist history and  why it is named so?

9)about my social service activities?  (blood donation...)

10)TG issue??(Telengana issue)

11)if i am posted in Hyderabad am I  ready to work ??

my interview happened around 10-12 mins.

this is all about my interview. im surprised about my interview they didn't ask banking terms,current affairs and recent issue i.e monetary policy.

Hope for Best

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