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Banking and finance 

  • What is a bank?
  • What is banking?
  • What is cheque?
  • What is CBS?
  • What is the difference between paid up capital and authorized capital?
  • What do you know about New India Assurance Corporation limited?
  • What is Balance-sheet?
  • Who was founder of PNB?
  • What is balance of trade?
  • What is the theory of rent?
  • What is LIC?
  • What is export/import finance?
  • Tell me about banking system in India?
  • Are you satisfied with today banking facility?
  • How you open an account in a bank?
  • What is Direct tax?
  • What is Indirect?
  • If the capital is negative, how it will affect the company?
  • What is the public sector bank?
  • What is the section 80(c)?
  • At which side of the balance sheet liabilities show?
  • How many banks are there in your village?
  • Do you have any bank account?
  • Tell me the types of account?
  • Do you use ATM?
  • Do you perform money transfer through ATM?
  • What is bank insurance?
  • What is debit card?
  • What is credit card?
  • What is the difference between current account and savings account?
  • What do you know about corporation banking?
  • What is your account no. and ATM no.?
  • What is the process of collective bargaining?
  • Tell me about your work profile for home loan?
  • Who is governor of RBI?
  • What is sub prime crisis?
  • Which bank recently merged in HDFC and why?
  • What is money laundering?
  • What is black money?
  • What is mutual fund?
  • What is bancassuarance?
  • What is difference between cheque and Demand Draft?
  • What is PLR?
  • What is basel Norms?
  • What is NPA?
  • What do you know about citi bank?
  • What is bank reconciliation?
  • What is RTGS?
  • How many public sector banks in India?
  • Is corporation bank a public sector?
  • What is Debt security Equity ratio?
  • What is RE ratio?
  • Tell us types of capital?
  • What are the types of reserve?
  • What is quasi capital?
  • Do you know how to make bank’s consultation statement?
  • What is repo rate?
  • What is reverse repo rate?
  • What is bank rate?
  • What is the use of chemistry in banking?
  • How will you use your subject in banking?
  • Describe RBI?
  • How many notes are issued by RBI?
  • 1 Rs/- is not issued by RBI?
  • Why bank lend loan?
  • What is CRR? What are the reasons behind decreasing CRR?
  • What are the assets and liabilities?
  • Name the subsidiaries of SBI?
  • What is final A/c?
  • What is partnership deed?
  • What is partnership letter?
  • Have you heard about the loan waiver?
  • Describe NABARD?
  • Describe SBI?
  • Tell about depreciation?
  • What are the pillars of BASAL-II?
  • What is the difference between private and public?
  • What is the use of computer in banking?
  • Why bank are increasing or decreasing the interest rate?
  • What is financial inclusion?
  • Who is the chairman of SEBI?
  • Who is the head of SEBI?
  • What is interest rate in SHG?
  • Can one got loan on SHG?
  • What is BSE and NSE?
  • Who is the chairman of BSE?
  • What is finance?
  • What is the strategy you will follow in selling of SBI products in a capital?
  • What is stock market?
  • What is NFCL?
  • What is operation cycle?
  • What are the alternative forms of banking?
  • What is cross-selling?
  • What is social banking?
  • What is PIN? Where it is used? How it is different from PIN code of postal Department?
  • Tell us the types of insurance?
  • What is the work of SIDBI?
  • What is consumer surplus?
  • What is the regulatory role of RBI?
  • What is monetary policy of RBI?
  • What is plastic money?
  • What are the uses of ATM?
  • what are bonus shares? Where they are recorded?
  • What are fictitious assets?
  • What is break-even point?
  • What is goodwill? Where it is recorded in balance sheet?
  • Which bank is better between….and…?
  • How banks are contributing to the economy of India?
  • What is the definition of hypothecation?
  • What is promissory note?
  • What is bill of exchange?
  • What are the rights of banker when there is no limitation?
  • What is the role of NABARD over RRBs?
  • What do you mean by tangible and intangible asset?
  • What is a foreign reserve?
  • What will you do if your cash drawer is reminded open?
  • How we know that all transaction of the branch is successfully done?
  • What will you do if a customer comes to you and said that this transaction is not made by him?
  • If customer forgets the passbook then is the withdrawal possible? how?

General awareness

·         What do you know about jhansi rani laxmi bai?
·         Tell me about heat? What is good conductor and what is bad conductor?
·         What do you know about computer and internet?
·         What is going on with river ganga?
·         What do you know about acharya narendra deo as it you father’s name also?
·         What do you know about late haribansh rai bacchan?
·         How will you measure velocity of body when falling on earth?
·         What do you know about cricket?
·         How many hundreds sachin has scored in test cricket?
·         What is the difference between national and international business?
·         Which is world’s international Airport?
·         Why the signals always made red?
·         Why sun is red?
·         In which the name mandavi was famous?what is its historic relevance?
·         From which district you belong to? Why is it famous?
·         At which side slip appear in the cricket?
·         What is the other name of chess?
·         On which date we observe world literacy day?
·         When we celebrate teacher’s day?”
·         What is the ancient time period of ancient Indian history?
·         Who invented x-ray?
·         Who was Rutherford?
·         What is Archimedes theorem?
·         What is nautical mile?
·         What are the Newton”s law?
·         What is the currency of china, Bangladesh, UK and Russia?
·         What is the unit of power and its dimension?
·         What is benzene ring?
·         What is mean median, mode?
·         What is HTML?
·         Who is the present HR minister?
·         What is the role of HR minister in our organization?
·         Why disputes occur in an organization?
·         Who is the governor of……?
·         Who is the finance minister of…?
·         What is hacking?
·         Which is the highest gallantry award for armed forces?
·         Name the commissioned ranks of army from top to bottom?
·         Name some gallantry awards?
·         Name any satellite launching station in India?
·         What is mixed economy?
·         Who is the first citizen in India?
·         From which state our president belongs?
·         What do you understand by PSUs?
·         What is the present inflation rate?
·         How many districts are in your state?
·         Which newspaper do you read?
·         What is today’s news?
·         At the time of  cutting onion why tears come in our eyes?
·         What do you think about the separation of states?
·         Name the glaciers that are getting affected due to global warming?
·         Name few green house gases and tell about their effect in atmosphere?
·         What do you know about Gulf of Panama, explain its use?
·         What is the effect of global warning in our economy?
·         What is economy?
·         What is entomology?
·         What is polygamy?
·         What is the definition of photosynthesis?
·         At which place volcano is in great numbers?
·         What is earthquake?
·         What is the scientific name of human being?
·         What is the difference between volcano and hurricane?
·         What is groundnut?
·         What is the difference between rich and poor? What is good?
·         Define the state of woman in India?
·         Who is the speaker of lok sabha?
·         Who was Dr.Rajendra Prasad? In which year he became president of India?
·         How many sticks are there in ashoka chakra?
·         Which color appears on the top of the Indian flag?
·         What is GDP?
·         What is the GDP growth rate of India?
·         Name the tell all-rounder captains of India?
·         What is the difference between mass and weight?
·         What is the difference between compound and mixture?
·         What is the molecule?
·         Who discovered atom?
·         What is the specific density?
·         What is the density of water?
·         Describe Indian economy?
·         What is the role of government in economy?
·         Who is the chief minister of your state?
·         What is inflation? How does it happen?
·         Why was Indus civilization famous?
·         In computer, Mother Board is a hardware or software?
·         What type of newspaper you like most?
·         What do you know about kalpana chawla, where was she from?
·         What type of gas is used in cooking?
·         What is weight of household & commercial gas cylinder?
·         What is the importance of hygiene in cooking?
·         What is the difference between prime & sub prime customers?
·         What is MS-DOS?
·         Name any two private insurance companies?
·         Tell us something about the principle of management?
·         Who is the foreign minister of US?
·         Who was the first PM of India?
·         What is prime number?
·         Who got noble prize for physics in this year?
·         What is going now a days in American economy?
·         Who is the head of planning commission in India?
·         What is operation flood?
·         What is q8?
·         What is global warming?
·         What are the fossil fuels?
·         What is bello bajao andolan?
·         What is the role of government in controlling population?
·         What is social inclusion?
·         Name any one cartoonist?
·         Tell me name of some freedom fighters?
·         Tell me the name of movies based on freedom fighters?
·         What are the schemes of employment for youth in rural areas?
·         What is the difference between marketing and sales?
·         What is NCC?
·         What is elasticity demand?
·         Who is the captain of hockey team?
·         Who were akbar ke navaratan?
·         What is internet?
·          Who is the chairman of election commission?
·         What is http and ftp?
·         How do you search a topic on computer/internet?
·         Tell us about mother Theresa?
·         What is photoelectric effect?
·         Tell us something about 6th pay commission recommendation?
·         What is essential for customer service?
·         What is doosra in cricket?
·         Why mahatma Gandhi famous from the last four five years?
·         What is the use of flower in gandhigiri?
·         What is the present social problem in front of India?
·         Who was jagjit singh?
·         What is the difference between communication and talking?
·         What is communication skill?
·         What is excel?
·         What is operating system?
·         Who got booker prize this year?
·         What is RTI?
·         Who is head of infosys?
·         Tell names of three presidents in India?
·         Who is the head of UNO?
·         Why we celebrate vijaya dashmi?
·         Where is the Kohinoor diamond?
·         Who is the vice president of India?
·         How can government control inflation?
·         Have you seen lagan movie? what is lagan?
·         What is the zoological name of human?
·         What do you see on TV?
·         What is the importance of October 2nd?
·         What is census?
·         What is recession?
·         What is the difference between economics and applied economics?
·         Who has won noble prize in economics in this year?
·         Kucchipudi related with which state?
·         Bharathanatiyam related to which state?
·         Which dance hema malini famous for?
·         What are fundamental rights?
·         What is shlesh alankar?
·         What is yamal alankar?
·         Tell me the type of energy? can it be converted?
·         Who wrote sahib bibi aur galam?
·         What is the difference between hardware and software?
·         What is the type of device?
·         What is telangana issue?
·         How do you make formula in MS-EXCEL?
·         Tell us about naxalite movement in India?
·         What is the difference between naxalite problem in India and Nepal?
·         What do you know about dudhawa national park?
·         What is the importance of national parks?
·         What is the definition of marriage?
·         How many types of marriage are there in our society?
·         What is the importance of national parks?
·         What is muslim marriage? Expess your views on it?
·         What is family?
·         What is definition of family?
·         What is CBI?
·         What is IB?
·         What is RAW?
·         What is SAARC? Why it was established and what were the problems of its establishment?
·         What is the role of Kashmir in indo-pak relation?
·         Who is the father of jurisprudence?
·         What is the shoonya-sanvida from the starting?
·         What is section 306 IPC?
·         What is the difference between culpable homicide and murder?
·         What is mortgage and mortgagee in possession in transfer of property act?
·         What is human right? Tell us about its origin and development?
·         On which day India signed on human right paper of UN?
·         What is magna carta?
·         What is UNO? How many parts are of UNO?
·         What is WHO? Tell us about its work?
·         What is UNICEF? How it differs from WHO?
·         What is WTO? How it is related to UNO?
·         What is tort?
·         What is the difference between tort and contract?
·         What would be the profit and loss if telangana is awarded with the state status?
·         What is the jurisdiction of SARFAESI act & RDDBFI act?
·         What is tissue?
·         What is xylem and phloem?
·         How many colors are there in sun light?
·         Why any object look as blue?
·         Why the river karamansha got the name karamansha?
·         What is the meaning of tri color which is appeared in Indian flag?
·         What is Malthusian theory?
·         Who is adam smith?
·         Who was the first person climbed Mt.Everest?

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