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Banking related general awareness--2013/2


1.         The seventh East Asia Summit (EAS) was held at Peace Pal­ace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on 19 November, 2012. Which of the following other summits did not place at the Peace Pal­ace in November 2012?
       a) 4th ASEAN-U.S. Leaders' Meeting                   b) 15th ASEAN-ROK Summit
       c) ASEAN Plus Three Com­memorative Summit
d) 10th ASEAN-China Sum­mit
2.         With reference to the seventh East Asia Summit (EAS) held in November, 2012, which of the following was/were not identified as priority area(s) at the summit?
a) Environment and energy          b) Global health issues and pandemic diseases
c) Man-made disaster mitiga­tion  d) ASEAN connectivity
3.         China recently blocked access to the English as well as Chi­nese-language website of which newspaper after the website published article on the Prime Minister Wen Jiabao with a claim that he and his family had created a total asset of at least $ 2.7 million?
a) New York Times         b) Guardian       c) The Sunday Times     d) The Observer
4.         The tenth ASEAN-India Summit, held at Peace Palace, nom Penh, Cambodia conclud­ed on 19 November, 2012. In which city did the ASEAN-In­dia Summit was observed for the first time in the year 2002?
a) Jakarta          b) Manila           c) Phnom Penh              d) Vientiane
5.         The Central Television (main state broadcaster) of which country in the month of No­vember 2012 raised a record US$2.5 billion by selling prime-time advertising spots for year 2013?
            a) India         b) China     c) USA              d) Britain
6.         Which country opted out of the key summit known as D-8 Summit in Pakistan in Novem­ber 2012 owing to "historical reasons"?
            a) Bangladesh               b) India              c) Russia          d) Britain
7.         The Japanese Lower House of Parliament-the House of Rep­resentatives- was dissolved on 16 November, 2012. Which of the following statements is/are correct in this regard?
            a) The imperial decree signed by Emperor Akihito to parliament proclaimed the dissolution of the government.
            b) The Lower House or the House of Representatives in Japan has 480 seats.
Select the correct answer us­ing the codes given below:
           A) Only a            B) Only b          C) Both a and b             D) Neither a nor b
8.         Which country recognized the new Syrian Opposition coali­tion on 13 November, 2012 be­coming the first major nation to recognise the newly formed Syrian National Coalition of opposition and Revolutionar­ies as the legitimate represen­tative of the Syrian people?
           a) Britain            b) The Netherlands         c) France          d) Russia
9.       In a step aimed at establish­ing deeper and strengthened links with India and other na­tions with booming economies of the world, which country on 28 October, 2012 revealed plans to include Hindi and Mandarin as languages to be taught in its schools?
          a) USA              b) Britain           c) China            d) Australia
10.        As per a forecast made by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in November 2012, which country would takeover Saudi Arabia as world's biggest oil producing nation by 2017?
          a) Russia          b) Kuwait           c) United States of America        d) Venezuela
11.        The Cabinet of which country on 31 October, 2012 ratified some recent agreements with India, including the visa pact aimed at facilitating restric­tions on several categories of travellers?
a) Afghanistan   b) China            c) Pakistan        d) Sri Lanka
12.        In a hews which hogged inter­natit5nal limelight recently, In­dian origin dentist Savita Hal­appanavar died in which coun­try after the doctors refused her abortion despite hers body be­ing sick and weak due to 17 weeks of pregnancy?
a) Denmark       b) Ireland           c) Britain           d) Spain
13.        Barack Obama was, on 7 No­vember, 2012 re-elected as the President of USA. This presi­dential election on which of the following issues?
a) Sluggishness in economic growth witnessed by the America in past few years
b) Health and Women's Right      c)Tax, Environment and Same Sex Marriage
d) All of the above
14.        The decade old ban on most of the imports from which coun­try was scrapped by the Unit­ed States in November 2012 ahead of the landmark visit of the U.S. President Barack. Obama?
a) Venezuela     b) Cuba             c) Myanmar       d) North Korea
15.        The Indian Government added which commodities in the list of items for border trade with Myanmar in November 2012 to boost the two-way commerce between the neighbours?
            a) Agricultural tools        b) Bicycle          c) Coal and garments     d) All of the above
16.        Nepal was elected on 8 Novem­ber, 2012 as a board member of the United Nations Eco­nomic and Social Council (ECOSOC) for a three year term starting from January 2013. What is the strength of this body?
            a) 54                 c) 85                 c) 122               d) 156
17.         Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director David Petraeus, on 9 November, 2012 resigned as head of the leading US spy agency shocking the intelli­gence community. What was the reason behind his resigna­tion?
           a) Conduct of US forces in Af­ghanistan     b) Spy Drone attacks in Paki­stan
      c) An extra-marital affair  
      d) Dealing of the crisis raised by the film 'Innocence of Muslims'
18.        India was one among the 39 other countries that voted on 20 November, 2012 against the non-binding draft resolution of UN General Assembly that pro­posed for putting an end to death penalty. Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding this resolu­tion?
a) The resolution called the na­tions not to impose death pen­alty for offences which are com­mitted by pregnant women or people below 18 years of age.
            b) The resolution is non-binding. Select the correct answer us­ing the codes given below:
            A) Only a    B) Only b     c) Both a and b              d) Neither a nor b
19.        In which country did security forces crack down on protest­ers occupying the Letpadaung 2012, the latest major exam­ple of increased activism by cit­izens since an elected govern­ment took over in 2011 follow­ing almost five decades of re­pressive military rule?
            a) Libya        b) Cambodia          c) Myanmar       d) North Korea
20.        Pakistan on November 27, 2012 announced the successful training launch of the Medi­um Range Ballistic Missile, Hatf V. Which of the following statements is/are not correct regarding this missile?
            a) It can carry both conventional and nuclear war‑heads to a distance of 1,300km
            b) It is also known as Babur missile         c) It is a "liquid fuel" missile
            d) The National Command Authority of Pakistan con­trols the country's nuclear arsenal.


21.        The Union Coal Ministry in No­vember 2012 decided to de-al­locate some coal blocks allot­ted to 15 firms. Which of the following is/are those coal blocks?
a) Gourangdih ABC coal block in West Bengal
b) New Patrapara coal block in Odisha     c) Lalgarh coal block in Jharkhand
d) All of the above
22.        The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) ap­proved the disinvestment of 9.5 percent Government Stake in the Maharatna PSU-Na­tional Thermal Power Corpo­ration (NTPC) on 22 November, 2012 from its holding of 84.50 percent. With this disinvest­ment the governments holding on NTPC would fall down, which will adhere to the mini­mum public shareholding norms that was stipulated by
a) Planning Commission of India              b) Department of Economic Affairs
c) Securities and Exchange Board of India
d) Reserve Bank of India
23.        The government, on 22 Novem­ber, 2012 signed a Karnataka- specific 70-million US Dollar loan agreement with World Bank. The fund will be used for financing which of the follow­ing Works in Karnataka?
a) Improvisation of public-pri­vate collaboration       b) Health services delivery
c) Financial aid for vulnera­ble groups and underserved
d) All of the above
24.        The Reserve Bank of India, in its notification released on 19 November, 2012 directed banks not to provide loans to its cus­tomers for purchase of all types of gold, which includes
            a) Primary gold, jewellery and bullion
          b) Gold coins and units of Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
c) Units of gold mutual funds       d) All of the above
25.        As a result of the fall in oil pric­es in the International Market, petrol prices were slashed by 95 paise per litre on November 15, 2012. In this context, which of the following state­ments is/are not correct?
a) Global Gasoline Rates helps in creating a benchmark in fix­ing the price of petrol in the domestic market.
b) The Union Government of In­dia in June 2010 deregulated the prices of petrol by offering freedom to the oil companies for fixing the petrol rates fol­lowing the costs prevalent in the international market. Select the correct answer us­ing the codes given below:
            A) Only a          B) Only b          C) Both a and b             D) Neither a nor b
26.        This country is the biggest egg export market of India, but it issued the ban on the import of eggs and chicken from India in November 2012 following the recommendations of the World Organisation for Animal Health about the outbreak of bird-flu. Which country is it?
            a) Qatar            b) Saudi Arabia              c) Oman            d) United Arab Emirates
27.        The Union Government of India, in November 2012, decid­ed to raise cap on the annual income, which is required for qualification for the benefits under the present housing schemes for the
     a) Low Income Groups (LIG)                     b) Economically Weaker Sec­tions (EWS)
     c) Other Backward Classes (OBC)            d) Only a and b
28.        The Union Cabinet of India on 8 November, 2012 approved a levy as one-time spectrum charge to be implemented on all incumbent telecom opera­tors like Bharati Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and others. What is the size of this levy?
           a) Rs. 1,000 crore           b) Rs. 22,000 crore        c) Rs. 31000 crore
            d) Rs. 44,000 crore
29.        The data on retail inflation was released by the Government of India on 11 November, 2012. With reference to it, which of the following statements is/are correct?
a) The retail inflation in India rose above 10 per cent mark percent in the month of Octo­ber 2012 after being measured on the scale of Consumer Price Index (CPI).
b) The inflation in urban India was recorded to be less than 10 per cent in October 2012. Select the correct answer us­ing the codes given below:
            A) Only a                      B) Only b          C) Both a and b             D) Neither a nor b
30.        The Civil Aviation Ministry in November 2012 approved new traffic rights to Indian carri­ers for the next three seasons to expand international air travel out of the country. Which of the following cities come under as destination(s) after this approval?
            a) Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, and Sydney
            b) Melbourne, Nairobi, Al Na­jaf in Iraq, and Moscow
            c) Zurich, Macau, Tashkent and Ho Chi Minh City d) All of the above
31.        The General Motors on 17 No­vember, 2012 announced its plans of expanding its annual commissioning capacity at Hallo Plant in
            a) Gujarat          b) Maharashtra  c) Punjab          d) Haryana
32.        The Union Government of In­dia on 6 November, 2012 launched the second phase of digitization in the country which has to be accomplished by March 2013. Which of the following statements is/are not correct in this regard?
           a) 38 cities will be digitized in this phase   b) 15 states will be covered in this phase
           c) Digitization has been com­pleted in 8 metropolitan cit­ies of the country so far under the first phase of dig­itization
           d) The second phase has to be accomplished by March 31, 2013
33.        The GAIL Gas Limited and the State Petroleum Corporation Limited of which state signed an agreement of Joint Venture on 5 November, 2012 to lay down the natural gas supply pipeline in the state?
            a) Gujarat          b) Rajasthan      c) Punjab                      d) Maharashtra
34.        The Northern Railways, in Oc­tober 2012, introduced co­loured forms for Tatkal reser­vation which would be made available with a printed warn­ing column at the booking counters itself. What will be the color of these forms?
            a) Blue              b) Saffron          c) Pink              d) Red
35.        The Finance Ministry on No­vember 21, 2012 raised the cap on investment by Life Insur­ance Corporation (LIC) to 30 per cent of a company's paid- up capital from the earlier ceil­ing of
a) 5 per cent      b) 10 per cent    c) 16 per cent    d) 20 per cent
36.        Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and the Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), in November 2012, decided to fully subscribe to the Rs.7,400 crore bond issue of Air India, thus giving a life­line to the national carrier. Which of the following state­ments is/are correct in this re­gard?
a) The proceeds will be paid out to the banks and it will reduce short-term loans.
b) The issue has a span of 19 years.
          Select the correct answer us­ing the codes given below:
            A) Only a          B) Only b          C) Both a and b             D) Neither a nor b
37.        According to the data on indi­rect collections, released in November 2012, which of the following statements is not correct?
            a) Economic slowdown is im­pacting revenue realisation
                b) Indirect tax collections have shown a robust growth of 17 per cent in the April-October period
            c) The annual growth target of indirect collections is 27 per cent
            d) The government in the cur­rent fiscal had proposed to collect from customs, ex­cise and services tax an in­crease of 27 per cent over realisation in the previous fiscal
38.        Fitch, the rating agency in No­vember 2012 downgraded the debt rating of Japan's Sony Corp and Panasonic Corp to Junk status. The ranking of the two corporations were downgraded because, of the
            a) Weakness me9,sured in their TV Operations
          b) Weakness measured in their Consumer-Electronics
            c) Low demand that these brands suffered due to the tough competition faced by the competing brands
            d) All of the above
39.        Bharti Airtel, a leading tele­communications services pro­vider with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Af­rica, in the month. of Novem­ber 2012 announced to have completed a network transformation programme, across its mobile operations in 16 Afri­can countries in partnership with
            a) BSNL                        b) Vodafone India,          c) Ericsson        d) Nokia
40.        The Airlines of which country in November 201,2. signed a pact with the Chennai-head­quartered Apollo Hospitals to give discounts to ;each others' clients?
a) Mauritius   b) Maldives    c) Nepal            d) Afghanistan
41.        The President and Chief Exec­utive Officer of Volvo Group Olof Persson on 15 November, 2012 announced that the Volvo Group is going to invest Rs. 2000 crore in India over the next couple of years. to expand its business. In which business is Volvo in?
            a) Truck            b) Bus               c) Construction equipment          d) All of the above,
42.        Vodafone India on:8;November, 2012 signed an agreement with which bank to launch a mo­bile payment service initially in Eastern region of the country which includes West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand, followed by a phased rollout in other parts of the country?
            a) State Bank of India     b) ICICI Bank     c) Axis Bank     d) Corporation Bank
43.     Which Indian state govern­ment, in November 2012, slapped a fine of about 6000 crore Rupees on Tata Steel for its alleged involvement in ille­gal and excess mining at its captive mines?
a) Karnataka      b) Goa              c) Odisha          d) Jharkhand
44.     The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 16 November, 2012 signed a Memorandum of Un­derstanding (MoU) with the State Bank of which country for promoting greater co-Oper­ation and sharing supervisory information, between the two supervisors?
a) Myanmar       b) Vietnam        c) Kenya           d) Afghanistan
45.        Inpex Corp acquired 26 percent stake of Krishna Godavari ba­sin of deep-sea block of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) on 5 November, 2012. It is the largest oil firm of
            a) Mexico          b) Brazil            c) Japan            d) South Africa
46.        Thomas Cook (India), the in­tegrated travel and travel-relat­ed financial services company on 1 November, 2012 launched prepaid foreign exchange bor­derless prepaid card in collab­oration with MasterCard Worldwide, a global payments and technology company. In which of the following curren­cies will not be loadable on a single card?
            a) Swiss Francs b) Singapore Dollars       c) United Arab Emirates' Di­nar
            d) Japanese Yen
47.        U.S. market regulator, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Com­mission (SEC) on November 27, 2012 charged Indian bro­kerages for violating registra­tion rules and they have agreed to pay over $1.8 million to set­tle the charges. Those brokerage(s) is/are
a) Ambit Capital                                     b) Edelweiss Financial Servic­es 
c) JM Financial and Motilal Oswal           d) All of the above
48.     In its 'Credit analysis on In­dia,: released on November 26, 2012 rating agency Moody's, on Tuesday, pegged India's credit outlook as 'stable' on account of its strong economic growth and high savings and invest­ment rates. Which of the fol­lowing statements is/are not correct in this context?
a) It cautioned against the chal­lenges of high fiscal deficit and persistent inflationary pressure facing the economy.   
b) India's fiscal position has been a rating constraint for long, even as the government has geared up to contain the fiscal deficit to 5.3 per cent of the GDP.
Select the correct answer us­ing the codes given below:
            A) Only a          B) Only b          C) Both a and b             D) Neither a nor b
49.        Buoyed up by the customer re­sponse to its cash deposit ma­chines, which bank of India in November 2012 placed orders to procure an additional 600 such machines that would help take, the network to more lo­cations across the country?
a) Punjab National Bank             b) ICICI Bank     c) State Bank of India
d) Axis Bank
50.        Which company on November 26, 2012 became the country's most valued company, push­ing IT major TCS to second spot in the domestic market capitalization chart?
a) Reliance Industries     b) ITC                c) Coal India      d) ONGC


1.d       2.c       3.a       4.c       5.b       6.a       7.c       8.c       9.d       10.c    

11.c     12.b     13.d     14.c     15.d     16.a     17.c     18.c     19.c     20.b

21.d     22.c     23.d     24.d     25.d     26.c     27.d     28.c     29.b     30.d

31.a     32.c     33.b     34.c     35.b     36.c     37.b     38.d     39.c     40.b

41.d     42.b     43.c     44.b     45.c     46.c     47.d     48.d     49.c     50.a 

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