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1.   Name the chairman of the 14th Finance Commission           Y. V. Reddy
Union Government on January 2 constituted the 14th Finance Commission under former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Y. Venugopal Reddy.
2.   Name the person who launched Piot Project of Crime and Criminal Tracking System
Sushil Kumar Shinde
Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde on January 4 launched Pilot Project of Crime and Criminal Tracking systems to make use of technology in bringing greater transparency and accountability into government functioning.
3.   Cochin shipyard launched the first Fast Patrol Vessel for Coast Guard named   Adesh
Cochin Shipyard Ltd.(CSL) on January 8 launched the first fast patrol vessel built for the Indian Coast Guard, which is named Adesh. The vessel is the first in a series of 20 number fast patrol vessel contracted by CSL for the Indian Coast Guard.
4.   National Data Centre for UIDAI is being established in    Gurgaon
The Chief Misister of Haryana, Byupinder Singh Hooda on January 7 laid foundation stone of state-of-the-art National Data Centre of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) at Maneshar, Gurgaon.           
5. CJI Altamas Kabir constituted special Branch   To hear Crimes against Women
Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir on January 10 set up a Special Bench of Justice A. K. Patnaik and Gyan Sudha Mishra to hear cases of crimes against women.
6. Parliametary Standing Committee recommended entitlement of food for---67 per cent population
The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Food and Consumer Affairs in January suggested the entitlement of the food under the National Food Security Act to the 67 per cent population leaving behind the 33 percent people who are tam payers and have pucca houses of their own.
7.  President Pranab Mukherjee imposed President’s rule in   Jharkhand
President Pranab Mukherjee on January 18 imposed President’s rule in Jharkhand. This decision came as a follow up of the recommendation made by the Union Cabinet on January 17 and fall of the state machinery in the form of Government on January 8.
8.     Supreme Court banned Tourists entry in   Jarawa tribe habitat of Andamans
The Supremen Court of India on January 21 banned the tourists to pass from Andaman Nicobar Trunk Road which passes thorough an area which is Jarawas habitat.
9.     Union Government lifted ban on   Exports of processed foods
Union Government on January 17 lifted ban on exports of processed foods and value added agricultural products in order to facilitate uninterrupted supply.
10.  Name the country where War Crimes Tribunal pronounced its first verdict of death sentence.
The war Crimes Tribnunal of Bangladesh constituted for conducting trials against those who committed atrocities during the Bangladesh Liberation War (1971), on January 21 pronounced its first verdict and ordered death sentence against Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the Jamaat-e- Islamic leader.
11.  Name the person who has been appointed Chinese ambassador to India.  ---Wei Wei
Chinese President Hi Jintao on January 16 appointed the career diplomat and its current envoy to Singapore Wei Wei as its new Ambassador to India.
12.  Name the country which economy grew 7.8 percent in 2012, hitting 13 years low.--China
According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), China’s economy grew just 7.8 per cent in 2012 which is the 13 year low.
13.  Name the Sri Lankan first Women Chief Justice who has been kicked out
Shirani Bandarnayake
Sri Lankan President Mahindra Rajapaksa on January 13 kicked out the first woman Chief Justice of the country Shirani Bandarnayake after endorsing her impeachment by the Parliament that found her guilty on the corruption charges.
14.  The first mixed race President of the US, who has been sworn in as the President for the second term------Barak Obama
The first mixed race President of the United States Barack Obama was on January 20 sworn in as the President of the country for the second term,
15.  With which country, Indian signed MoU to strengthen MSME---Vietnam
India and Vietnam on January 15 signed MoU, which directly meant for building capacity and developing institutional framework for MSMEs in Vietnam.
16.  Name the country which became first in Asia to order chemical castration of child rapist
South Korea
South Korea became the first country in Asia to order the first ever chemical castration of child rapist in its landmark ruling on January 3.
17.  Name the person who recently sentenced to 35 year in jail by a U. S. Court.
David Coleman Headley
Pakistani-American David Coleman Headley was on January 24 sentenced to 35 years in prison by a U.S. Court for masterminding the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

18.  Name the player who made history to win the Ballon D’ Award and thus became the first player to win this prestigious award four times in succession.-----Lionel Messi
Argentine Footballer Lionel Messi in January won FIFA Ballon d’ or award and thus became the first player to win this prestigious award four times in succession.
19.  Name the person who became the first woman speaker of Singapore,---Halimah  Yacob
Halimah binte Yacob became the first woman speaker of Singapore. A member of People’s Action Party  madam Halimah assumed the office on January 14.

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