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General Awareness—SSC GRADUATE LEVEL

1.         Who among the following Indians was on April 27, 2012 elected to the post of Judge of the International court of Justice in the elections held in New York, United States?
            a) Justice AS Anand      b) Justice KG Balakrishnan         c) Justice AK Ganguly
            d) Justice Dalveer Bhandari
2.         The ‘break-even point’ is where
            a) marginal revenue equals marginal cost
b) average revenue equals average cost    c) total revenue equals total cost
d) None of these
3.         South-South dialogue is associated with
            a) Co-operation among developing nations            b) Arms conference
            c) Summit meeting between developed and developing countries
            d) All of the above
4.         Who among the following received the Bihari Puraskar for 2010 on April 28, 2012 in Jaipur?
            a) Gulab Kothari             b) Arjun Deo Charan       c) Satyavrat Shastri
            d) Girdhar Rathi
5.         Rate of interest is determined by
            a) The rate of return on the capital invested           b) Central Government
            c) Liquidity preference                                        d) Commercial Banks
6.         Which of the following has not been a component of the agricultural strategy that brought about the Green Revolution?
            a) Greater intensity of cropping                b) Guaranteed maximum prices
            c) New agricultural technology                 d) Package of inputs
7.         Which of the following makes the skin layer impervious to water?
            a) Collagen                    b) Melanin         c) Keratin          d) Chitin
8.         Generally, the soil of the northern plains of India has been formed by
            a) degradation                b) aggradation                c) weathereing in situ
            d) erosion
9.         Two richest known sources of edible protein are
            a) meat and eggs           b) milk and vegetables    c) soyabean and groundnut
            d) some type of algae and other micro –organisms
10.        Which of the following weeds has been found useful to check water pollution caused by industrial affluents?
            a) Parthenium                b) Elephant grass           c) Water hyacinth
            d) Both (a) and (b) above
11.        Cloud is a colloidal dispersion of
            a) Air in a dispersion medium of water      b) Fog in a dispersion medium of water
            c) Mist in a dispersion medium of air        d) Water drops in a dispersion medium of air
12.        The fourth state of matter is known as
            a) Gas              b) Vapour          c) Plasma         d) Electrons
13.        Lamberts law is related to
            a) Reflection      b) Refraction      c) Interference    d) IIIumination
14.        Which of the following laws validates the statement that matter can neither be created nor destroyed?
            a) Law of conservation of energy b) Le Chatelier’s Principle
            c) Law of conservation of mass                d) Law of osmosis
15.        Decibel is the unit used for
            a) Speed of light             b) Intensity of heat         c) Intensity of sound
            d) Radio wave frequency
16.        Conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy occurs in
            a) dynamos       b) electric heaters          c) battery          d) atomic bombs
17.        Which of the following is the petroleum wax?
            a) Bees wax      b) Carnauba wax            c) Paraffin wax   d) Jojoba wax
18.        Which variety of coal contains recognizable trace of the original plant material?
            a) Anthracite      b) Lignite           c) Peat              d) Bitumen
19.        Which is the purest form of iron?
            a) Steel             b) Cast iron       c) Pig iron         d) Wrought iron
20.        Which of the following metals from an amalgam with other metals?
            a) Lead             b) Tin                c) Zinc              d) Mercury
21.        The ideology of fascism developed in
            a) Germany       b) Japan            c) Italy              d) Russia
22.        Which of the following missiles was test-fired on April 19, 2012 by India from the Wheeler Is land, off the Odisha coast?
            a) Agni-III           b) Prithvi-II         c) Agni-V           d) Prithvi-IV
23.        Which Article of the Consitution of India accords special status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir?
            a) 324               b) 311               c) 370               d) 356
24.        In order to be recognized as an official opposition Group in the Parliament how many seats should it have?
            a) 1                                                       b) 1
    3 rd of the total strength                          4th of the total strength
c) 1                                                       d) 1
    6th of the total strength                           10th of the total strength
25.        What does the “Judicial Review” function of the Supreme Court mean?
            a) Review its own judgement       b) Review the functioning of judiciary in the country
            c) Examine the constitutional validity of the laws
            d) Undertake periodic review of the Constitution
26.        The Indian Constitution recognizes minorities on the basis of
            a) Religion         b) Caste           
c) Percentage of the population of the Group to the total population
d) Colour
27.        Which of the following domesticated animals was absent in the terracottas of the Indus civilisation?
            a) Buffalo           b) Sheep           c) Cow              d) Pig
28.        Which among the following is the sacred book of the Buddhists?
            a) Upanishad     b) Vedas           c) Tripitaka        d) Jatakas
29.        The greatest development in the Kushana period was in the field of
            a) religion          b) art                 c) literature        d) architecture
30.        Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer:
            List – I
            A) Lord Clive      B) Lord Wellesley          C) Lord Dalhousie          D) Lord Curzon
            List – II
            a) Subsidiary Alliance     b) Indian Universities Act            c) Doctrine of Lapse
            d) Dual Government in Bengal
            a) A-b, B-c, C-d, D-a      b) A-d, B-a, C-c, D-b      c) A-d, B-c, C-b, D-a
            d) A-a, B-d, C-b, D-c
31.        Mughal presence in the Red Ford ceased with the fall of
            a) Aurangzeb     b) Muhammad Shah       c) Shah Alam    d) Bahadur Shah ‘Zafar’
32.        Who was the first known Gupta ruler?
            a) Sri Gupta       b) Chandragupta I           c) Ghatotkacha              d) Kumaragupta I
33.        Which of the following international prizes/awards is given for outstanding contribution in the field of journalism?
            a) Booker Prize              b) Pulitzer Prize             c) Sakharov Prize
            d) Sullivan Award
34.        Who is recognized as the Father of Geometry?
            a) Pythagoras    b) Euclid           c) Johann Kepler            d) Rene Descartes
35.        With which of the following fields is Ben Kingsley associated?
            a) Sports           b) Medical Science        c) Motion Picture           d) Social Service
36.        Who from the following leaders was not assassinated?
            a) Mahatma Gandhi        b) Liaqat Ali Khan          c) Muhammed Ali Jinnah           
            d) Lord Louis Mountbatten
37.        When was colour TV transmission introduced in India?
            a) 1980             b) 1981             c) 1982             d) 194
38.        Who was the founder Director of the TIFR?
            a) S.S. Bhatnagar          b) H.J.Bhabha                c) M.N.Saha
            d) Vikram Sarabhai
39.        When was ISRO set up?
            a) 1965             b) 1969             c) 1971             d) 1976
40.        How many countries have exploded the atom bomb before India?
            a) 5                   b) 6                   c) 4                   d) 3
41.        ‘Khalsa’ was founded by
            a) Guru Gobind Singh                 b) Guru Ramdas            c) Guru Nanak
            d) Arjun Dev
42.        Which of the following books was authored by Mulk Raj Anand?
            a) The Village                b) A Stranger Called I                 c) Dark Room
            d) My God Died Young
43.        Who among the following will succeed Robert Zoellick as President of the World Bank in July 2012?
            a) Paul Wolfowitz           b) James Wolfensohn     c) Rodrigo De Rato
            d) Jim Yong Kim
44.        Which is not included in the private income arising in a country?
            a) Factor income from net domestic product
            b) Net factor income from abroad             c) Current transfers from Government
            d) Current payments on foreign loans
45.        Which of the following pairs is incorrect?
            a) Isohytes – Humidity    b) Isobars – Pressure     c) Isohels – Sunshine
            d) Isotherms – Temperature
46.        The term ‘Isoneph’ indicated the lines of equal
            a) cloudiness     b) salinity          c) rainfall           d) pressure
47.        The soil which originate under tall-grass prairie vegetation is called
            a) Black soils    b) Chestnut soils            c) Chernozem soils
            d) Terra rosa soils
48.        Which one of the following is the highest gravity dam in the world?
            a) Beas Dam     b) Nangal Dam               c) Bhakra Dam              d) Hirakud Dam
49.        Which is the world’s largest desert?
            a) Sahara          b) Gobi              c) Thar              d) Takala Makan
50.        “Climate is extreme, rainfall is scanty, and the people used to be nomadic hoarders”. For which region is this statement correct?
            a) African Savanna         b) Central Asian Steppes            c) Siberian Tundra
            d) North American Prairies

1.D      2.B      3.A      4.D      5.C      6.B      7.D      8.B      9.C      10.D

11.D    12.C    13.D    14.C    15.C    16.C    17.C    18.C    19.D    20.D

21.C    22.C    23.C    24.D    25.C    26.C    27.A    28.C    29.D    30.B

31.D    32.A    33.B    34.B    35.C    36.C    37.C    38.B    39.B    40.A

41.A    42.A    43.D    44.D    45.A    46.A    47.C    48.C    49.A    50.C



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