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Making preferences of banks IBPS PO-MT2

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Ahove link will give you the site wherein you have to make preferences.  You have to choose the place of bank for for all the banks given in the list.

many candidates are writing to me for guidance regarding selection of banks.

a mail from a candidate:

Thanks for your guidance and blog which helped me lot in cracking IBPS PO/MT 2 interview and had gain good total marks for final allotment.
My result after interview is as follow..
Category: SC
Total Marks: 55.96 

I need your little help more, now I have to give preference to all 21 bank and I am totally confused to which bank I should give highest preference and to which lowest.
Although   I am ready to work any where in India but my first preference would be to join some bank in NORTH INDIA.

Sir please help me out.

Please reply to mail as soon as possible.


Another candidate wants south India.  

My suggestion to candidates -- You want North India posting -- there is no guarantee you will be posted in North India when you join a north Indian bank.  probably they need more people in south and they may post in south.  Reverse is also true.

Now all the candidates will be aiming to get selected in a bank as PO.  That too some candidates have scored less than 60% and may not be eligible for selection from next time when the minimum marks becomes 60%.

So --

Choose the bank having more vancancies in your category --SC or ST or OBC or General  in order and then in the fifth or sixthe place choose the bank of your choice -- daddy;s bank/mummy's bank/uncle's bank/neighbors' bank/...etc.  

blessings and best wishes


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