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1 The use of telecommunications and a personal computer is(are)
(a)   “download” free public domain programs
(b)   Send letters to be printed and delivered by the post office
(c)   Order goods at a substantial discount
(d)   All of these

2 To begin telecomputing
(a)   personal computer must be connected via cables to a larger computer
(b)   communications software on personal computer must be set to use the protocol used by the other computer
(c)   both (a) and (b)
(d)   none of these

3 All the parts of a computer talk to each other by sending
(a)   digital signals
(b)   analog signals
(c)   smoothly varying wave signals
(d)   both (b) and (c)

4 compared to analog signals ,digital signals
(a)    allow faster transmission
(b)    are more accurate
(c)    both(a) and (c)
(d)    none of these

5 A device that can convert digital signals to analog signals is a/an
(a)    packet
(b)    modem
(c)    emulator
(d)    none of these

6 The cheapest modems can transmit

(a)    300 bps
(b)    1200 bps
(c)    2400 bps
(d)    None of these

7 Terminal emulation allows

(a)    a dumb terminal to pretend that it is a personal computer
(b)    a personal computer to pretend that it is computer terminal
(c)    a dumb terminal to produce a local echo
(d)    both (a) and (c)

8 Sending a file from personal computer’s primary memory disk to another computer is called
(a)    uploading
(b)    downloading
(c)    logging on
(d)    none of these

9 Auto dialing allows

(a)    to dial a phone numbers by typing them on the keyboard
(b)    a personal computer to answer in-coming calls without human assistance
(c)    both (a) and (b)
(d)    none of these

10.  If   we get both local and remote echoes, every character we type will appear on the screen
(a)  Once
(b)  Twice
(c)  Thrice
(d)  None of these

11. Synchronous protocols

(a)    Transmit character one at a time
(b)    Allow faster transmission than asynchronous protocols do
(c)    Are generally used by personal computers
(d)    All of these

12. . . . To avoid transmission errors, a check figure is calculated by

(a)    transmitting computer
(b)    receiving computer
(c)    personal computer
(d)    all of these

13. To set up a bulletin board system we need a

(a)    smart modem with auto answer capabilities
(b)    telephone line
(c)    personal computer
(d)    all of these

14. Information utilities

(a)   are usually free
(b)   can be used to send e-mail
(c)   are run by companies that sell time on their time shared mainframe computers
(d)   both (b) and (c)

15. An information utility can offer a user

(a)   instant bond and stock quotations
(b)   news stories from wire services
(c)   complete airline schedules for all domestic flights
(d)   all of these 


1.D       2.B       3.A       4.C       5.B       6.A       7.B       8.A       9.A       10.B

11.B     12.C     13.D     14.D     15.D


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