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General Awareness

1.         Cost of production of the producer is given by:
            a) sum of wages paid to labourers
            b) sum of wages and interest paid on capital
            c) sum of wages, interest, rent and supernormal profit.
            d) sum of wages, interest, rent and normal profit.
2.         ‘Kesari’, the Newspaper was started by:
            a) G.K. Gokhale             b) B.G. Tilak      c) Sardar Patel d) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
3.         When was the Indian Constitution adopted?
            a) 15th August, 1947                   b) 26th November, 1949
            c) 26th January, 1950                  d) 2nd October, 1952
4.         Which one of the following is the smallest endocrine gland in human body?
            a) Adrenal                     b) Thyroid          c) Pituitary                    d) Pancreas
5.         Double is a _______ data type.
            a) Primitive                    b) user defined               c) system defined          d) local
6.         Yellow spots on citrus leaves is due to the deficiency of:
            a) Zinc              b) Magnesium                c) Boron            d) Iron
7.         Rangaswami Cup is associated with
            a) Wrestling       b) Football         c) Hockey         d) Golf
8.         The working of a rocket is based on the principle of:
            a) Conservation of momentum                 b) Conservation of mass
            c) Conservation of energy                        d) Conservation of angular momentum
9.         Which of the following is a Wild Life Sanctuary?
            a) Jaldapara       b) Garumara      c) Corbett          d) Chapramari
10.        The river which is used for in land waterways in India is ____.
            a) Ganga           b) Cauveri          c) Mahi                         d) Luni
11.        The atmospheric layer closest to the earth is:
            a) Mesosphere               b) Hydrosphere              c) Troposphere
            d) Ionosphere
12.        ‘Yellow Revolution’ is associated with the production of:
            a) Poultry                      b) Gold              c) Sunflower      d) Oil seeds
13.        Under the “Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme”, the amount of pension for those above 80 years has been increased per month from  200 to:
            a)  300           b) 400            c) 500            d) 1000
14.        The state which has recently overtaken Karnataka for the top rank in the production of bio-fertilisers is:
            a) Tamil Nadu                b) Gujarat          c) Maharashtra
            d) Punjab
15.        The upper house of the State Legislature in India is called:
            a) Legislative Council                  b) Legislative Assembly
            c) Executive Council                   d) Governor - in - Council
16.        Maximum number of sugar factories are located in:
            a) Uttar Pradesh            b) Tamil Nadu    c) Bihar             d) Assam
17.        The All Women Expedition Team of the Indian Air Force which scaled the Mount Everest some time back was headed by:
            a) Sqn. Ldr.D.Panda                   b) Sqn.Ldr.Nirupama Pandey
            c) Flt. Lt. Nivedita Choudhary      d) Flt. Lt. Rajika Sharma
18.        While computing national in come estimates, which of the following is required to be observed?
            a) The value of exports to be added and the value of imports to be subtracted
            b) The value of exports to be subtracted and the value of imports to be added.
            c) The value of both exports and imports to be added
            d) The value of both exports and imports to be subtracted
19.        If the Prime Minister of India submits his resignation to the President, it will mean the resignation of the:
            a) Prime Minister only                b) Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers
            c) Entire Council of Ministers      d) Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and the Speaker
20.        A fuse wire is made of:
            a) an alloy of tin and copper                    b) an alloy of tin and lead
            c) an alloy of tin and aluminum                d) an alloy of nickel and chromium
21.        IItutmish established a centre of learning at:
            a) Multan           b) Kolkata         c) Alwar            d) Patna
22.        The energy that can harness heat stored below the earth’s surface is known as:
            a) thermal energy           b) nuclear energy           c) tidal energy
            d) geo-thermal energy
23.        The temperature of boiling water in a steam engine may be high because:
            a) there are dissolved sub-stances in water
            b) there is low pressure inside the boiler  
            c) there is high pressure inside the boiler             d) the fire is at very high temperature
24.        Konark which has famous ‘Sun God Temple’ with wonderful specimens of Hindu ar-chitecture lies in the state of:
            a) Orissa                       b) Gujarat                      c) Karnataka
            d) Madhya Pradesh
25.        AGMARK is a guarantee of standard:
            a) quality           b) quantity         c) weight           d) size
26.        Vector of Kala-azar is:
            a) Anopheles mosquito   b) Culex mosquito          c) Tse-Tsefly      d) Sand fly
27.        The World Day to Combat Desertification is observed every, year on:
            a) 4th May          b) 17th June        c) 14th August    d) 3rd October
28.        In case no party enjoys absolute majority in the Legislative Assembly of a state, the Governor will go by:
            a) the advice of former Chief Minister        b) the advice of the Prime Minister          
c) the advice of the President of India       d) his own discretion
29.        The planet that takes 88 days to make one revolution of the sun is:
            a) Mercury         b) Saturn           c) Jupiter           d) Mars
30.        The chief raw material used for manufacturing Rayon is:
            a) Nylon            b) Cellulose       c) Silicon           d) Radium and Argon
31.        ‘Giddha’ is a form of dance associated with the state of:
            a) Punjab          b) Himachal Pradesh      c) Haryana        d) Rajasthan
32.        The gas used to dilute oxygen for breathing by deep sea divers is:
            a) Neon             b) Argon            c) Nitrogen        d) Helium
33.        An instrument used to measure humidity is:
            a) Anemometer              b) Hygrometer                c) Thermometer
            d) Pyrheliometer           
34.        Fat can be separated from milk in a cream separator because of:
            a) Cohesive force           b) Gravitational force       c) Centripetal force
            d) Centrifugal force
35.        The market price is related to:
            a) Very short period        b) short period               c) long period     d) very long period
36.        The airways company acquired by South India’s ‘Sun Group’ is:
            a) Go Air           b) IndiGo           c) Spice Jet       d) Jet Airways
37.        India is a secular state because in our country:
            a) state has no religion                           b) religion has been abolished
            c) state patronises a particular religion     d) None of these
38.        Who was the mother of Mahavira?
            a) Yashoda        b) Trishala         c) Jameli           d) Mahamaya
39.        Equilibrium price is the price when:
            a) supply is greater than demand             b) supply is less than demand
            c) demand is very high                            d) supply is equal to demand
40.        The third battle of Panipat was fought in the year:
            a) 1526 A.D       b) 1556 A.D       c) 1761 A.D       d) 1776 A.D
41.        Which of the following years has been ranked as one of the three warmest years/
            a) 2006             b) 2008             c) 2009             d) 2010
42.        Cadmium pollution is associated with:
            a) Minamata disease      b) Black foot disease      c) Dyslexia        d) Itai - itai
43.        The Great Bath of Indus Valey Civilization is found at;
            a) Harappa        b) Mohenjodaro c) Ropar            d) Kalibangan
44.        Who invented ‘Helicopter’?
            a) Cockrell         b) Brequet         c) Otis              d) Frank Whittle
45.        Most of the computers available today are:
            a) 3rd generation computers         b) 4th generation computers        
            c) 5th generation computers         d) 6th generation computers
46.        Bleaching powder is prepared by passing:
            a) Chlorine over slaked lime                    b) Oxygen over slaked lime        
            c) Carbon dioxide over slaked lime           d) Chlorine over quick lime
47.        Gas released during Bhopal tragedy was:
            a) Sodium isothiocyanate           b) Potassium isothiocyanate
            c) Ethyl isothiocyanate               d) Methyl isothiocyanate
48.        ‘National Botanical Garden’ is located at:
            a) Shimla          b) Kolkata         c) Lucknow        d) Bengaluru
49.        October and November moths give more rainfall to:
            a) Malwa Plateau           b) Chota Nagpur Plateau             c) Eastern Hills
            d) Coromandal Coast
50.        Which one of the following is considered as nature’s radar?
            a) Hippopotamus            b) Pigeon          c) Vulture          d) Owl


1.d        2.b        3.b        4.c        5.a        6.b        7.c        8.a        9.c        10.a

11.c      12.d      13.c      14.a      15.a      16.a      17.b      18.a      19.c      20.b

21.d      22.d      23.c      24.a      25.a      26.d      27.b      28.d      29.a      30.b

31.a      32.d      33.b      34.d      35.a      36.c      37.a      38.b      39.d      40.c

41.d      42.d      43.b      44.b      45.b      46.a      47.d      48.b      49.d      50.b

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