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Test-IV: Computer Knowledge

1.         The main function of a CPU is to
            a) carry out program instructions             b) store data/information for future use
            c) process data and information               d) Both a and c              e) None of these
2.         A repair for a known software bug, usually available at no charge on the Internet, is called a(n)
            a) version          b) patch            c) tutorial           d) FAQ              e) None of these
3.         Use the ________ to choose a slide layout.
            a) Quick Styles gallery   b) Format gallery            c) Layout gallery
            d) Layout collection        e) None of these
4.         In DOS, which of the following commands is used to delete all the files as well as sub-directories of a directory?
            a) Delete           b) Del                c) Deltree          d) Move             e) None of these
5.         IN programming, you use the following keys:
            a) Arrow keys                b) Function keys            c) Alpha keys   
d) Page up and Page Down keys                         e) None of these
6.         In the information systems concept, the output function involves.
            a) Capturing and assembling elements that enter the system to be processed
            b) Transformation processes that covert input into output
            c) Transferring elements that have been produced by a transformation process to their ultimate destination.
            d) Monitoring and evaluating feedback to determine of its goal
            e) None of these
7.         A Website address is a unique name that identifies a specific ______ on the Web.
            a) Web browser             b) Web site       c) PDA              d) link
            e) None of these
8.         A disk’s content that is recorded at the time of manufacture and that cannot be changed or erased by the user is
            a) read-only       b) memory - only            c) run-only         d) write-only
            e) None of these
9.         If you are going to a site you use often, instead of having to type in the address every time, you should
            a) save it as a file           b) make a copy of it       c) bookmark it              
            d) delete it                     e) None of the above
10.        Two different files can have the same name if
            a) they are in different folders      b) they are on different drives       c) Never !
            d) the names are capitalized differently    e) None of the above
11.        Programs designed specifically to address general purpose applications and special-purpose applications are called
            a) operating system       b) system software         c) application software
            d) management information system                     e) None of these
12.        Memory unit is one part of
            a) Control unit    b) Central Processing Unit          c) Input device
            d) Output device                                                 e) None of these
13.        The central processing unit contains which of the following as a component?
            a) Memory Regulation Unit          b) Flow Control Unit
            c) Arithmetic Logic Unit              d) Instruction Manipulation Unit
            e) None of these
14.        An ad hoc query is a
            a) pre-planned question              b) pre-scheduled question
            c) spur-of-the - moment question             d) question that will not return any results
            e) None of these
15.        _________ is an access method in which collisions are entirely avoided.
            a) CSMA           b) CSMA/CD     c) CSMA/CA     d) All of the above         
e) None of these
16.        A (n) ________ camera is a peripheral device used to capture still images in a digital format that can be easily transferred into a computer and manipulated using graphics software.
            a) digital            b) analog           c) classic         d) film               e) None of these
17.        In a spreadsheet, a cell is defined as the
            a) intersection of a table and a tuplet       b) intersection of a table and a database
            c) intersection of a row and a column       d) intersection of a field and a record
            e) None of these
18.        What is the process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to the hard disk called?
            a) configuration              b) download       c) storage          d) upload
            e) installation
19.        The effect of the ROLLBACK command in a transaction is the following:
            a) Undo all changes to the database resulting from the execution of the transaction
            b) Unto the effects of the last UPDATE command
            c) Restore the content of the database to its state at the end of the previous day
            d) Make sure that all changes to the database are in effect            e) None of these
20.        The motherboard is the
            a) circuit board that houses peripheral devices
            b) same as the CPU chip           
            c) the first chip that is accessed when the computer is turned on
            d) circuit board that contains a CPU and other chips         e) None of these
21.        Which is the best definition of a software package?
            a) An add-on for your computer such as additional memory
            b) A set of computer programs used for a certain function such as word processing
            c) A protection you can buy for a computer
            d) The box, manual and licence agreement that accompany commercial software
            e) None of these
22.        Which of the following statements is not true about two-tier client -server database architecture?
            a) SQL statements are processed on the server
            b) SQL statements may be processed on some of the clients
            c) Business logic is mostly processed on clients.
            d) Business logic may be processed on the server.           e) None of these
23.        What characteristic of read-only memory (ROM) makes it useful?
            a) ROM information can be easily updated
            b) ROM provides very large amounts of inexpensive data storage
            c) Data in ROM is nonvolatile, that is, it remains there even without electrical power.
            d) ROM chips are easily swapped between different brands of computer
            e) None of these
24.        Which of the following switching methods provides the greatest frame throughput?
            a) Store-and-forward switching     b) Frame-tag switching   c) Cut-through switching
            d) ISL switching                         e) Store-and-backward switching
25.        ___________ represents raw facts whereas ____is data made meaningful.
            a) Information, reporting b) Data, information        c) Information, bits
            d) Records, bytes                      e) Bits, bytes
26.        When you save in the ____ the data would remain intact even after turning off computer.
            a) RAM             b) Motherboard              c) Secondary Storage Device
            d) Primary Storage Device                      e) None of these
27.        SMPT, FTP and DNS are applications of the ________ layer
            a) Data link        b) Network         c) Transport       d) Application
            e) None of these
28.        The trend in computer systems is towards the use of graphical user interfaces (GUIs). In these operating systems, a track ball is described as
            a) a roller ball which moves the cursor     
            b) a pen - shaped device which allows data to be entered through the CRT screen
            c) a figure which resembles a familiar office device
            d) an outdated input device         e) None of these
29.        The Assistant is
            a) an application that allows you to take notes and save them in a file
            b) an animated character that provides help and suggestions
            c) a button on the standard Toolbar that executes the Print command
            d) a collection of frequently misspelled words in a dictionary file
            e) None of these
30.        A CPU contains
            a) a card reader and a printing device       b) an analytical engine and a control unit
            c) a control unit and an arithmetic logic unit         
            d) an arithmetic logic unit and a card reader         e) None of these
31.        Which of the following is true?
            a) Byte is a single digit in a binary number          
b) Bit represents a grouping of digital numbers
c) An eight - digit binary number is called a byte.
d) An eight - digit binary number is called a bit.     e) None of these
32.        A MODEM is connected is connected in between a telephone line and a
            a) network         b) computer       c) communication adapter           d) serial port
            e) All of these
33.        Which of the following combination of keys is used to cut the selected text?
            a) Ctrl + X          b) Ctrl + Y         c) Ctrl + Z          d) Ctrl + F         e) Ctrl + P
34.        What is ISL used for?
            a) To allow an Ethernet interface to understand frame tags
            b) To make two Ethernet interfaces appear as one.
            c) To connect an Ethernet switch with a high - speed core switch such as ATM
            d) To allow simultaneous routing and switching                 e) None f these
35.        What does storage unit provide?
            a) Place for typing data               b) Storage for information and instruction
            c) Place for printing information   d) All the above              e) None of these
36.        How can a user determine what programs are available on a computer?
            a) By checking the hard-disk properties
            b) By viewing the installed programs during the booting process
            c) By checking the operating system for a list of installed programs
            d) By checking the existing files saved on the disk                        e) None of these
37.        Software for organizing storage and retrieval of information is called a(n)
            a) operating system       b) database       c) database program
            d) data warehouse          e) None of these
38.        A set of step-by-step procedures for accomplishing a task is known as a(n)
            a) algorithm       b) hardware program       c) software bug              d) firmware program
            e) None of these
39.        Main memory works in conjunction with
            a) special function cards             b) RAM             c) CPU              d) Intel
            e) All the above
40.        Device drivers are
            a) the tiny power cords for external storage devices
            b) experts who know how to maximize the performance of devices.
            c) small, special - purpose programs       d) the innermost part of the operating system
            e) the substitutes for operating systems
41.        ______________ helps in capturing row data and entering into computer system.
            a) CPU              b) Integrated circuit        c) Input device               d) Motherboard
            e) None of these
42.        Which of the following is not the function of the control unit?
            a) Read instructions       b) Execute instructions   c) Interpret instructions
            d) Direct operations        e) None of these
43.        Microcomputer hardware consists of three basic categories of physical equipment:
            a) keyboard, monitor, hard drive   b) system unit, input/output, memory
            c) system unit, input/output, secondary storage
            d) system unit, primary storage, secondary storage          e) None of these
44.        Which of the following is not the major function of a computer?
            a) Processing data into information          b) Storing data or information
            c) Modifying data                                   d) Analysing data or information
            e) None of these
45.        The disk in a computer is put
            a) In the hard drive          b) In the disk drive          c) In the CPU    
            d) In the modern             e) None of these
46.        Buffering in printers is necessary because
            a) the computer is faster in generating data for printing than the printer can print it.
            b) there is not enough memory provided with the printers.
            c) it makes the printer work for a greater number of years
            d) Both a and b              e) None of these
47.        Assembly instructions are in the form of
            a) binary digits               b) digits and numbers                 c) general English
            d) a new format different from all the above                       e) None of these
48.        In the URL, the portion labeled http is the
            a) host              b) name of domain         c) protocol         d) top-level domain
            e) None of these
49.        The Factor which makes Windows popular is its
            a) multi-tasking capacity             b) desktop features        c) user-friendly GUI features
            d) being inexpensive                   e) None of these
50.        A series of to-be-viewed specially designed documents, which are all linked on Internet, is called:
            a) World Wide Web        b) Web Serve     c) Search Engine           d) Both b and c
            e) None of these

ANSWERS--3 of 2013

1.d       2.b       3.b       4.a       5.b       6.a       7.d       8.a       9.c       10.a

11.c     12.b     13.c     14.c     15.e     16.a     17.c     18.c     19.a     20.d

21.b     22.c     23.e     24.c     25.b     26.c     27.d     28.a     29.b     30.c

31.c     32.b     33.a     34.a     35.b     36.c     37.d     38.a     39.c     40.c

41.c     42.d     43.b     44.d     45.b     46.d     47.e     48.c     49.c     50.a

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